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May 31 in Mahone Bay

May 31 in Mahone Bay

I’ll be back at the Kitch’Inn in Mahone Bay for another Group Regression session on May 31, 10:30 am.

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Healing from Sexual Assault

Healing from Sexual Assault

The Higher Self explains that women must have sovereignty over their own sexuality, and describes the harm done by sexual assault. And then it heals. Part of a powerful QHHT session.

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The Dance of the Light

Reflections on reflections in a Yucatan Cenote.  The stone steps led down into the earth. We entered silently, senses wide open. Eyes adjusting….

From The General Akashic Record for Gaia

“There will be a re-enactment of the covenant between humans and the Earth, individually and collectively. You have to be responsible to the Earth. Each one of you is responsible. You’ve been so disempowered, most of you. You always thought politicians would take care of it, the church will take care of it, your parents will take care of it, your bosses will take care of it. It’s no longer the case.”

Carriers of the Light

In this excerpt from a QHHT session, the client’s Council, a group of high guides who advise us between lives, is speaking. At first they are observing the soul who became known as Jesus. They Council explain that while in the past, individuals who carried that Light were few, today there are many, and awakening to embody the Light is available to all, without regard to religious doctrine.

Singing a song to Gaia

A charming excerpt from a session with a first-timer on Earth who met a spirit who encouraged him to come to Earth and showed him how, and later became an important person in his life.

Pleiadian Attunements

Life in an Earth body can be a challenge for someone whose soul did not evolve here. Many channeled sources say that there are many souls on Earth today whose “home” world is in the Pleiades. This client got a Pleiadian tune-up during her session.

Repairing the Fabric of the Universe

Quantum healing of the future! A spiritual medical team mends epigenetic damage which had created a vulnerability at the base of the client’s brainstem. The original trauma was experienced by her father during World War II during a bombing. The actual surgery was performed on the Lightbody. Repair work goes as deep as the quantum field.