My sister, Pamela Holm, who died in 2019, was a music therapist, songwriter, vocalist, and worked with energy sound in healing. We were close in age and shared many interests and experiences throughout our adult lives.

In her last few years, she was studying a modality called Guided Imagery and Music (GIM, the Bonny Method) which has similarities to Quantum Healing Hypnosis. In a GIM session, the client also enters a deep, relaxed state of consciousness, but while listening to pieces of classical music that are carefully chosen by the practitioner, and explores the images and feelings that arise with the help of the therapist. Afterward, the client is given a page with a circle (mandala) drawn on it, and colours, and encouraged to create an image representing the experience.

I experienced one GIM session with Pam, in which I explored a past life that I already knew quite a bit about. Each piece of music brought up another scene in that life and the feelings that came with it. It was rich and beautiful, and the music enhanced the experience, along with Pam’s gentle guidance.

In Ontario where my sister was living, Music Therapists must be members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists. GIM is a recognized modality of Music Therapy. If you have health insurance that allows you to access the services of a Psychotherapist, consider looking for a Music Therapist who is a GIM Fellow, as your insurance may cover it.

I continue to maintain Pam’s website at, where I post her music, poetry and art.