From my February 2021 session with the 9d Arcturian Council channelled by Daniel Scranton. The topics in this segment follow on the ones in a previous post from a session a few months before.

H: When I was talking to you last time, I was asking about the spirit world around Earth, and you said that it exists in the 7th dimension, but I think that’s the higher levels of it.

AC: Yes, if you’re not leaving behind a fragment of yourself, then you go completely to the 7th dimension. If there is a fragment left behind, the majority of the consciousness can still go to the 7th and you can have these fragments hanging around, or these apparitions, all these different expressions can hang around in the 4th, but not be physical.

H: And I do spirit releasement work and help people out with that, so I’m rather familiar with dealing with those fragments. Are you familiar with the term the ‘summerlands’? A spiritualist term. I wonder if that’s the 5th dimension.

AC: Well, there’s lots of different names for the 5th dimension, depending who you’re talking to. Some people prefer to refer to the density of it rather than the dimensionality of it, so it really depends on who you’re talking to, different perspectives.

H: Different systems of defining.

AC: Exactly. Where is that cutoff point?

H: If the person is incarnated, the higher self is in the 5th dimension, while the person’s in the 3rd or 4th.

AC: Yes.

H: Then when the person dies, talking with [one relative] for example, it took her a while before she reunited with, or surrendered to her higher self. So when a person leaves their 3d body, what does the higher self do if the soul is not ready to absorb into the higher self?

AC: It continues to offer that invitation, continues to offer healing, love, compassion, forgiveness, whatever the soul needs [in order] to feel that it deserves to go to a higher dimensional plane.

H: And does it do that from the 5th? Or does it go higher in the meantime and work from there?

AC: The higher self stays in the 5th.

H: So it’s a structure that’s designed for 5th dimensional existence.

AC: It’s a more collective sense of self than you as an individual. So it’s you, but you with the understanding that you’re more than just you in this lifetime, the full understanding, acknowledgement, the integration of all aspects, the ability to co-exist as a physical being while also knowing yourself as a non-physical being in the truest sense.

H: And then, [the same relative], for example, when we were talking to her, she said, “I’m in my higher self now.” But those parts of her personality that I would attract – she’s sort of leaning towards me more as herself, with those concerns and those memories, relationships from that life.

AC: Yes.

H: But she was in her higher self. And she was still, she said, cross-referencing, cross-indexing her life as my [relative] with all her other lives. Learning from each other.

AC: Yes, indeed. You take all parts of yourself with you.

H: And integrate them all.

AC: Yes.

H: And then the oversoul. Last time you said that you are a collective, but on your way to becoming an oversoul. So oversouls are collective.

AC: Collective of all the physical and non-physical aspects of self.

H: And if I were to be in touch with my oversoul, would it come through to me with a certain flavour that pertains to me, or is it really blended as …

AC: It still has a vibrational signature, it still has a uniqueness, a quality, an essence, so yes, you would be able to feel that very full feeling, very much like if you could imagine yourself on your best day on earth and then spread that out and feel it expanding, and feel that version of you becoming even more whole and complete. That gives you an idea of what your oversoul feels like, and how to tune yourself to it.

H: That’s a nice meditation idea. When people talk about the monad, or the I AM presence, does that make sense within this structure?

AC: Well, it’s the part of you that doesn’t ever really fragment. In other words, there has to be a template, there has to be the whole you that maintains the integrity of the mould through which you were crafted, and so that is also something you return to.

H: Are they part of the oversoul then? Does the oversoul encompass all the monads that join it?

AC: Indeed.

H: And when people refer to the I AM presence, would that be the same?

AC: Yes.

H: Ok, now, bringing this to individuals, I have one Quantum Healing client who has a higher self which she refers to as “She”, and the one that I was talking to in the session was higher than that, but it was still her; it wasn’t going up to an oversoul level. The explanation was that she needs these different levels of herself to relate to more types of people in the kind of [spiritual counselling] work she does. So it makes me wonder, do different people – I know there are so many kinds of beings on the earth now, so I’m curious about that kind of structure, levels or aspects.

AC: Well, it is logical to assume that as you become your 5th dimensional self, that you would then think of your 6th dimensional self as your higher self, your 7th dimensional self as your higher self again, until you get to the oversoul self. Those other selves still do exist in those dimensions and are calling you up into them, just as your higher self is calling you up now.

H: So everybody has all of those – placeholders?

AC: Yes, indeed.