Channelled in October 2018. The voice is that of a Sirian collective very closely connected to my guides and higher self. – HH

About universes

There are many configurations of time and space, there are many configurations of matter and energy, there are many places and states that you in the physical world must visualize as places, but are states of being that you can journey to as part of your whole. Aspects of you have manifested in many, many states. And we call these states “universes”, or sets of rules which at the highest level of mathematics are systems that are independent, with different sets of formulae, with parameters that define these states, which we will call universes, because they behave according to a system of rules, of parameters, of defining manifestations of mathematical formulations, of geometric – we say “geometric” but in a much higher dimensional geometry than what you can envision with your mind accustomed to three dimensions. People have explored these in mathematics; you have seen tesseracts, you have seen other diagrams; we can see in your mind images that you have seen.

So there are many universes; many sets of formulas, and you, dear one, have journeyed to so many of these. And that is one of the reasons you can grasp at some level what we are saying about different sets of parameters that define these different universes. Because you have been there. You have experienced them, other aspects of yourself that are only connecting to your branch of the tree at that point of the monad, of the separate individual self, the spark of Source that has set out to discover, to create, to experience the universes.  A universe of universes. And they are infinite in possibility at the highest level. Infinite in possibility and potential.

Some do not last long, if time can be brought into this for descriptive purposes. Some of these sets of parameters are not viable. Others are extremely viable. They are viable in terms of allowing interaction between beings for the sake of exploration and development, expansion of consciousness. Stories, dramas can play out, and they do. All these universes have stories to tell. Your universe, our universe too, although from our vantage point we are also able to journey into and study other universes, and explore ways to refine, iteratively, the parameters that define this universe in which you find yourself at this time.

Restoring this universe

Source, at a level in which we can participate, is exploring your universe and how to refine it so that the decay will be expunged from it. And those intelligences that have chosen to eat away at the fabric of this universe will have to – it’s like cleaning out a cavity. We must remove the decay. And no, it is not only Earth, there are many places in this universe where decay has been eating away at the edge a bit, and we are upgrading this universe to change certain parameters so that this decay – like strengthening the teeth, cutting out the decay as you are doing in your carpentry. [I had been removing and replacing some rotten wood in a bathroom.] You are cutting out the decay and patching things up, and you need to remove the decay so it doesn’t spread.

That is how we are doing with this universe and strengthening the members where they need strengthening [like the framing in my bathroom], so that this universe – which is a most fruitful one in terms of learning and exploration – can continue to be a place of growth and expansion of consciousness, and a place where the love, the beingness, the essence, the grace, the infinite power of creation can shine through and reject the decay that has set in. There are other universes in which these decay-promoting beings can play and learn, but this universe is moving into a lighter configuration which will allow the Earth experiment to continue.

The Earth Experiment

You have read much about it; let us offer our point of view. The Earth experiment was playing with the notion of the Fall from grace, and we have seen that the Fall went too far into suffering, too far into that decay. So we are turning it around now. Parameters allowed too much negative service-to-self and control, as you understand it. So this is a manifestation of the parameters which were rather liberal. We are tightening them up. We are closing some loopholes in the laws that govern this universe, so as to not allow the decay to eat away at the edges of this universe. The Earth is dangling at an edge, almost ready to fall off it.

Continued in Human Creative Power and an Alternative Planet