Parts of a beautiful BQH session in February 2020. First the client saw herself in a life on another planet in which she was a “frequency holder” helping to raise the society from 6th density into 7th. Later in the session, she observed conditions on Planet Earth from a distance and saw why she had chosen to help raise the level of consciousness on this planet by incarnating here.

As the session opened, the client saw herself standing in front of a large, brilliant, light pink, natural rose quartz crystal set at eye level on a metal stand, outdoors in a city surrounded by mountains. The presence of the rose quartz crystal signified to her that such things were important to have in this city.

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I also summarized this entire session in a set of two videos:

I asked her what her body was like. She looked human, Caucasian, with delicate bone structure, very feminine. She was wearing delicate sandals and light, ethereal, flowing robes. A snake-shaped golden bracelet with two brilliant blue gems at either end was woven around her wrist. The stones were a brilliant aquamarine.

Like other buildings in the city, her own home was built of a soft sandstone-like material with a pink hue. Everything had a soft round shape, no sharp edges. There were round archways to the ceiling, and smooth walls. Everything was warm and comfortable. She lived alone, and took her meals in a beautiful garden at the back.

“Let’s find out what you do in the course of a day,” I said.

“It’s very relaxed, life is slow-paced, it’s no rush. Everything is in its proper timing. There’s no grind to the lifestyle. There’s no urgency. There’s abundance. So there isn’t a typical work day, as you would call it. It’s helping raise consciousness. Keep the consciousness raised in this place.”

“How do you do that?” I asked.

“The ability to attune to higher consciousness, the divine consciousness, and to be a beacon for this society, to make sure that it stays high vibrational.”

“Do you do this in interaction with others? Or meditating?”

It is simply a gift that some have, an open dialogue or something. It’s like an ability to tap into Source energy, and for that to affect the consciousness of all who live in the city. Others have other things that they do, they have other functions in the city. My function is keeping the vibration high for everyone. I’m not the only one that does this. There are some others gifted in this way. Everyone’s consciousness is connected, and some are more aware of it or not, but whether or not they are aware, they benefit as a collective consciousness.” 

“Do you get together with the others? Or do you work individually?”

“We feel connected. It doesn’t matter if we see each other physically. There’s a high level of connection. Telepathy.”

“Did you train for this, or is it just part of who you are?”

“It seems both. It seems that some have this complete clarity and connection with Source in their consciousness. The education would be to be like a beacon to anchor that light for the populace. It’s important to keep the vibration high in this place. It is seen as necessary a thing as drinking water for one’s longevity and health. It’s also so that everyone can feel the love of the Infinite One.”

As she felt into this love, she was moved to tears. “It’s just so powerful,” she said. She basked in the feeling, but then spoke in a stronger, confident voice (an indication of the Higher Self or a guide), “It is so high vibrational that this body wouldn’t be able to withstand it. In the same way that I’m able to channel in body, where I anchor the light, there’s something about that body that’s different. And the light that comes in is the brightest white light, it’s so powerful and so pure and so brilliant.”

“What is it about this body that can carry that light? What’s special about it?”

“Much higher vibrational. Less dense, much less dense.”

“What density or dimension, if that makes any sense?” I asked.

“That body would be 7th density.”

“Is the city 7th density?”

“6th to 7th.”

“So she’s keeping it connected with 7th?”

“Yes. It’s approaching 7th.”

“Is this on Gaia (Earth)?” I asked.

“No. I see it like an A – Altaris, something like that. Altari, something like that, starts with an A.” [Antares?]

“And what is the relationship in time to her present life?” I asked.

She – or her higher self – laughed. “She’s repeating the same thing. This society approaches 7th, and Gaia is approaching 5th. She’s knows this on a deeper level, she’s a frequency holder. She’s here to help the push, help the consciousness with ascension in the same way.”

Later in the session, I asked her to go to when she was planning her current life.

“I see myself looking at Earth with others, very concerned, because of how much pain and turmoil and the fact that Gaia’s a living, sentient being and – just very concerned with what’s going on. There’s such a density of energy that you could cut it with a knife, it’s so dense. It’s choked. As if it’s encased in rock, the energy is so dense, compared to other realities. Very concerned with how toxic it is. And the citizens are like walking under dark clouds, breathing polluted air, totally unawake. I’m feeling there’s a role in waking people up. Like the frequency is one thing, but it’s waking people up. Trying to get them to snap out of the sleepwalking state that’s holding Earth in such a low vibration. It’s like crushing density. It’s almost like they look like zombies to us, walking around – they’re so dense. They’re just walking around in circles, getting nowhere. They don’t realize what it’s like to really be alive. It’s hurting Gaia. This also has the potential to affect other places, this density. It’s sort of an anomaly. Like it’s infested. Hijacked, infested. Gaia’s not supposed to be functioning this way, but that’s the way it’s functioning right now.”

“So you’re making the decision to come?”

“For a time.”

“And what’s your mission?”

“To try to wake them up. To try to break through the locked frequency of their consciousness. It’s like they’re tuned into a specific frequency, and everyone is more or less within a limited spectrum of this frequency on the planet. And their consciousness is capable of so much more than this. But they’ve never known what it’s like to be alive on this planet without being broadcast in a limited frequency. And so they just say that’s the way it is. They don’t even consciously say that. It’s just the way it is.”

“Are you able to see from this vantage point what it is that has a hold on the planet?”

“Very nasty beings. Using it as a resource. Using it for their own selfish purposes, and it’s – I can’t see who or what it is. I’m just focused on the people, and on the Earth.”

“Are you aware of beings from other places like yourselves who are coming in, looking at Earth?” I asked.

“Yes, we’re all looking at Earth together. A bunch of us. Different beings, different forms. But all the same collective concerns. Very much concerned about how this could end. How it could affect other civilizations. So we decide to get involved. Life doesn’t have to be this way.”

“Are you aware of a plan?”

“I see myself almost like – oh, the energy’s just so dense. It’s like there’s an energetic smog on the planet.” Her voice strengthened again. “So you can hold frequency, but I see myself more like waking people up. Like I see myself snapping my fingers in front of them, like ‘Wake up, wake up.’ Because collectively, if they’re awake, we can better deal with this situation.”

“You’ve been on Earth before, at this point, you know what it’s like,” I said, as she had visited another past life on Earth during this session, which I’ll describe in another article. “Does it look worse than when you were here before?”

“Yes.  Very dense, very dark.”

“So what’s the collective plan?” I asked.

“To liberate Gaia.”

“And how are you going to play a role in that?”

“Doing my best to bring in the energy of the Infinite Creator, to hold frequency, and to wake others up.”

“Now you’ve been here before,” I said, “and you know you’re going to forget who you are and where you came from. Do you have any plan to help you remember?”

“I’m just drawn toward God. That leads to – I see the lack of love in those around me early on, and I yearn for more. There’s something that I remember. There’s – I don’t know if it’s in dreams, something calms me, draws me to something more beautiful than what I’m experiencing, whether it’s fantasy or reality. I want to recreate that for others, from a place of love.”

“So your natural urge to do that will come through the amnesia of incarnation. Do you have a specific role for her to play, besides holding frequency?” I asked?

There was a pause as a vision took shape. “I see … healing the Earth, healing a river or a forest. But I don’t see anything clearly. Restoring, uplifting, charging it, attuning it with the vibration of the One. Lifting it out of this density. Like my love for Gaia just naturally draws me to want to do this. Energy. Bringing love. Plants already hold the frequency of love. But there’s been a lot of harsh energies.”

This led into the client’s questions about what kind of work she should be looking for. She was encouraged to look for work in a caretaking role, whether of plants, animals or people. Eventually she could learn some energy healing or Eastern medicine.

My client had come with questions about relationships, and why she blocks out other people or puts up walls between herself and them. It turned out that such self-protection was often seen as helpful.

“They’re not a vibrational match. It can lead to isolation, but she needs to be careful about dealing with toxic people.”

“So it’s ok for her to be discerning?”

“Yes, discerning, but not writing people off. There will always be a mismatch, but there are also commonalities that just come with being human. But there will always be a frequency difference. She will always know she’s different.”

“Is she ready to accept that, and accept herself for who she is?” I asked.

“She doesn’t want to think of herself as different. Different has always meant bad, and rejected. She can have meaningful relationships, but she needs to be patient. Don’t let the frequency difference irritate her. She can lower her frequency and bring it back up.”

“Mastering her frequency, being more aware of where she’s vibrating and still be effective waking people up?”

“Yes. Not lowering her frequency so much that it affects her and throws her off balance so that she feels drawn into the despair of the low-vibrational frequency.”

At a later point in the session, her Higher Self advised her to keep quartz crystals around. “Quartz crystals match the frequency that she was familiar with in the life as a frequency holder. Around the work space, large pieces of it. On the body, as an amulet, anything. What is sufficient amount can be felt. It’s sufficiently high-vibration that it will help her remain centered and light.”

I asked, “Should she actively program the crystals?”

The answer: “There’s intelligence in the crystals. She wishes she could program them too. There’s information in the light of the crystal that is sufficient and doesn’t need programming.”

Parting message to the client: “You have come with divine purpose. Stop thinking of yourself as small.”

Parting message to humanity as a whole: “You are loved beyond measure. Please love yourselves beyond measure.”

And a last question: “Will we see an Event coming soon? Or will it be gradual, from our perspective as incarnated beings?”

“Some events will occur in booms in the short term. In the long term, there is greater healing toward ascension. We’re on the cusp of the booms. Shockwaves that will awaken humanity. The future is very bright.”

This session occurred in mid-February, 2020, shortly before COVID-19, and the resulting stay-home order, really hit us here in Canada. We were indeed on the cusp of a boom.

Many other things happened during this eventful session: transforming thoughtforms she had received from her abusive father and internalized; spirit releasement of entities in her solar plexus; discovering another past life that had produced karma to be resolved in this one; and more.

After the session the client slept for 16 hours and the next day reported feeling much lighter and cleansed, and less caught up in negative patterns. It was the kind of session that clears away a buildup of obstacles that we can create for ourselves as we go through life, opening up new paths to choose from with a lighter heart.