About your session

Your session will last 3 or 4 to (rarely) 6 hours, plus some time in the preceding days for you to prepare your questions (see Preparing for your session). The session is completely private; even though those closest to you may want to be with you during the session, you need to feel completely safe and trust that full confidentiality will be observed. Therefore, no one else will be allowed to stay for the session. In the case of online sessions, arrange a time and place when you can have full privacy.

A session consists of an in-depth interview to explore the themes and issues of your life and review of the questions you will have prepared beforehand (about 1 hour), the deep hypnosis session itself (which lasts at least 1.5 hours and takes place on a comfortable bed or couch) and discussion afterwards.

During the hypnosis session you may perhaps explore one or several past/other lives you have lived, learn about their relevance to this life, and connect with your Higher Self (or “Team” or “Oversoul” or what Dolores Cannon called the “Subconscious”) for deeper understanding and healing. Or your attention may be directed to an event in your current life.

At this deep level of hypnosis, your Higher Self is in charge and will show you the most appropriate information. Any healing is done by your Higher Self. My role is of a guide and an asker of questions on your behalf so that you can receive the information and healing.

After the session

After the session, you will be fully alert but deeply relaxed. You will want to ground yourself, so have something to eat, walk barefoot in the grass (weather permitting), etc.


An important part of the Quantum Healing experience is the session recording. You may or may not remember much of the session afterwards. Whether you do or not, listening to the recording afterwards not only reinforces the understanding and the healing obtained in the session, it can help further healing unfold. I encourage you to watch or listen to the recording at least 3 times in the coming months.

For in-person sessions, I record the hypnosis sessions by audio and video (I’m making two recordings in order to ensure a backup), and I will give you a digital copy (MP3 audio and/or video) to watch or listen to later.

I can easily email you a link to download the audio and video files, as they’re too big to email directly. Alternatively, you can bring a USB key (8GB or bigger) and take them home with you.

For online sessions, Zoom records audio and video, and I will send you the digital recording by email after the session.

You can expect complete, professional confidentiality from me. It is your choice whether you want to share anything from the session, and with whom.