Here is a video of a Beyond Quantum Healing session from January 2023. If you prefer to read, the summary is below.

Session Summary/Transcript

I’ve left out a lot of the question-and-answer exchange to make for more concise reading.

Opening Scene – A Radiant Torus of Love and Potential

As we began the session and I asked the client what she was becoming aware of, she said, “I feel my heart beating differently. A little faster than normal, a little stronger than normal. I feel the aliveness of it very, very fully. It’s like there’s more life force in my body. I can feel a torus [a donut-shaped energy field]. I can feel the connection from my heart to my fingertips. It’s all around. It’s like there is the body but there’s no body because that energy is so significant. It’s almost more significant than the body, if there’s a body. Maybe it’s just a ball of energy. A ball of yellow energy. But how could I have a heart if I have no body?”

I said, “Let’s leave that mystery to be resolved later and just feel the mystery of having a heart. Tell me more about this ball of energy, this yellow ball that you are.”

She said, “It’s so good, so much potential vibrating, so much potential of energy that could unleash anywhere and any time at any intensity. It wants nothing. It needs nothing.”

I asked whether she felt that there was a physical limit to her size, to her energy field.

“There is a limit, yes. I don’t feel infinite.”

“Do you feel that there are other beings like you?”


“Tell me more. Are you able to communicate with them, or do you need to?”

“I don’t need to. I think we are all one. The others are me and I am them.”

“Are there spaces between you?”

“Yes, there’s non-light spaces, so they are darker, but they’re just void.”

“So all the beings in the space are light beings, radiating into the void but not completely filling it.”

“No. Time and space are not here.”

“Do you have any memory of it having been any different? Is memory even a meaningful word in this state?”

“I don’t know, I don’t think so; I can’t access any memory. I just feel a lot of potentiality. A lot of radiating. But is a more intense collection of energy in the heart of the ball that is me. It’s not an even distribution.”

“And the others are centered in their hearts? And you feel different from each other, but the same kind of thing, would you say?

“I feel like if I really tune in, I can feel the reverberation of their heart with my heart. Maybe that’s how we communicate, but it feels like there’s a knowing, like it’s a whole, one system, like many, many, many neurons all working together.”

“Do you have a sense of hundreds or thousands or millions or billions?”

“Billions. I felt a wave of strong yellow light coming from my right when I said that about there being so many of us. And I feel a wave of energy sweep through me, as if to say ‘Yes, that’s it.’”

“And if you turn your attention towards the source of that wave of light, what is there?”

“Just pure yellow light. It’s so intense. That is the Father and the Mother. It’s fueling me. It’s fueling all of us. It’s activating us. It’s the same as us, what’s in our core.”

“And as it activates you, what happens?”

“It’s vibrating. I am love. I’m unconditional. It’s making me emotional.”

I encouraged her to allow that feeling to wash through her and purify all feelings and blocks that had been set in the way of you knowing herself as unconditional love, any sense of being small or unworthy or insignificant. “Father-Mother is activating you, always was, always will be connected, however far you journey from that Center, that source of infinite love.”

Emotionally, she said, “It’s beautiful! I want to stay here forever.”

“Well, record it strongly so that you can return to this state. It’s one reason we record the sessions. It’ll help you return to that state, and know that you carry that with you wherever you are. And yet there is more mastery to be had in bringing that energy into dark places. There is mastery to be had in experiences, in creation. So hold that feeling with you now as we journey to another scene or place that is significant to understand the journey of your soul in creation.”

Past Life, Painful Death

She found herself as a male, with tan-coloured skin and black hair, with restraints around his neck and hands, feeling great weight and pain. His clothes were dirty and torn. He was having trouble breathing. There were people in the background, poor, dirty and trying to hide, watching him. They were his people, whom he’d tried to help.

We went back in time to find out how he got into this situation. The client saw him writing a message warning his people to escape, and meet him. But the letter got caught, and he got caught by men from a neighbouring country wearing armour and riding fast horses. He by contrast was a scholar in fabric clothes. Now he was on a platform, with his arms attached to a crucifix at the wrists and neck.

(Note that the Romans routinely used crucifixion as capital punishment, and so did the Persians as far back as six centuries before Jesus. The client was clear that she was NOT Jesus.)

He could see his family crying. His wife and daughter were there. His wife was horrified and so sorry and feeling guilty. Looking into his wife’s eyes, the client saw the spirit of her husband in this life.

“As you’re there attached to this cross, what would you like to say to your wife?”

“It’s okay! You didn’t do anything. You’re gonna be okay. I’m gonna be okay. Remember, we’re eternal. I love you always.”

“Anything else from the scene that you want to take note of?”

“They disemboweled me.”

“While you’re still alive? How does that feel? Go into the experience so we can help heal that. Tell me tell me about your body at the moment that they come to do that. How is your body feeling?”

“They open me, and they took it all out, and they showed it. I feel so fragile and vulnerable and all this fear. I’m marinating in terror. I can’t rise above this fear. I can’t rise above this guilt, shame, I don’t know why I feel shame. I failed. I feel like I failed.”

“What did you feel that you failed to do?”

“I failed to save them and myself.”

“Do you make any promises to yourself? What are your thoughts as your body is dying?”

“Let’s try better, harder.”

“So tell me at what point do you leave your body?”

“I leave my body pretty quickly after. I just have my final thought that I must try harder.”

“As you’re looking at your body from the outside now, what do you see?”

“I see a body that’s being completely mutilated.”

“And what are your thoughts as soon as you leave your body, as you’re outside of it, what are you thinking?

“Deep sorrow, very deep. Helplessness.”

“And then what happens? Do you stay with that body?”

“I move, I go up.”

“Do you leave any part of yourself with that body? Any part of your energy do you leave it in that experience?”

“Some of my energy stayed in my guts, and in my wrists, every time I feel fear, helpless, out of control.”

Temple of Healing

I invited him to pick up all the pieces of energy that he left with that mutilated body, the memory of it all: the guts spilling out, the pain in the wrists, everything it endured, and also the feelings of failure, shame, guilt, sorrow. Also the thought that I have to try harder and harder. And to take it all up to a Temple of Healing up in the higher dimensions, which the soul knows. Then to call in the angels and healers to make him whole again.

After a pause, the client reported: “So they are pulling it out, the pain… I don’t know what they do with it. The pain and the darkness, they change it, yes, that’s what they’re doing. Ooh! This body is so bright now, it’s almost painful, it has so much energy going through it. It’s not used to it. It’s glowing.”

“The light you are is being restored,” I said, referring to the first scene in the session.

“It’s restoring. They changed the dark bits into little diamonds, like charcoal to diamonds. They sprinkle it on me. I feel it’s dissolving all the tension, the blocks.” After a pause, she added, “I feel like a big beefy, meaty, muscley man.” (This was quite the contrast to client’s current body.)

“Wonderful! You got your body back. Body memory. Memory of that healthy body. The blueprint of the healthy body. The original design of the healthy body.”

“Yeah, yeah! Even my temperature is different. It’s hot. Before I would be cold.”

“So there’s fire back in you,” I commented.

“Yeah, and the fire is not trapped in a way that kills me anymore, in my wrists. It’s more like well distributed and just full of crackling potentiality.”

“Like the potential you felt when you were this body of light.”


“So now from this place of strength and wholeness, when you look back on that life that you lived, that ended so painfully, what do you want to keep of that life to carry forward? What lessons or learnings or experiences do you want to keep as part of your soul memory?”

“Humility … love … courage … hope and resilience… patience.”

“Are these energies you can give to Jasmine to help her in her life?”


“I invite you to transfer them to her now, if she’s willing to accept. Jasmine, are you willing to accept these qualities?”

“Yes! I accept. And there is also one more quality, and that is kindness to the self.”

“So allow these qualities to infuse your energy field and welcome them with your heart, into your heart,

with infinite love, and allow them to move to whether wherever they are needed in your energy field.” Then I invited her to bring in the energy of the current body, and ask the angels for healing of it. I listed her physical ailments and asked who could speak about healing them.

“I just hear someone saying, ‘Just love yourself.’”

It was the higher self.

Higher Self

Speaking with the higher self, I asked whether some of her physical issues were related to the past life and painful death that we just looked at.

“Yes…. [She needs to forgive] herself. There’s nothing to forgive. You did nothing wrong. You tried so hard, you did your best, against such odds. You’re not God. And you are God. Stop taking yourself so seriously! It’s not going to work. You cannot lose. You’ll never die. You cannot be hurt. You don’t need to heal; you were never sick. Are you ready to play? Let’s play! It’s time to play. It’s time to create.”

The Sacrifice

I asked, “Jasmine had lost both her parents at a young age and it’s left her feeling kind of insecure in the world. How is she carrying that? What would you like to tell her about that? How she can come to peace?”

“Remember the agreement. Remember you agreed to sacrifice your parents so you can see through the veil of Illusion. This is your greatest anchor to your spirit, seeing through the Veil. This is the greatest gift, losing them. You’ve never lost them. They are you and you are them.”

I asked if either of her parents was available to give her a message directly. They were both there.

Her father said, “Well done. You’re very close. Keep going. I’ll see you on the other side. Thank you for helping me. You’re very close.”

Her mother just said, “I told you so.”

I asked the client if there was something she would like to say to her parents at that point. She said, “Thank you. We did it. Thank you.”

Throat Chakra Clearing

Then I asked the higher self to do a body scan, and a block was identified that made it hard for her throat chakra to fully expand and spin. We identified as a block of fear she had created in childhood, when she was criticized for just being herself. The HS asked me to play a singing bowl while it brought in blue light to dissolve the block.

I asked what difference this would make in her life.

“She can let her light shine. She can be more authentic, and stop worrying about others. She can let them take the responsibility of their own reactions to her. She can let go, and the pain in her wrist will reduce even, from this. I can feel it with the singing bowl vibrations rolling around from the throat to the wrists, round and round.”

I asked whether she should explore using singing bowls, doing sound healing, and even BQH. The HS encouraged her to explore such things, and noted, “She’s worried about wasting time and money and energy doing all these explorations.” But continued, saying, “Time is an illusion, money is energy, and she is God. She can create it. Don’t waste time on a low vibration of worry that will only bring what you don’t want, the scarcity.”

Release of Mother in Hip

Continuing with the body scan, an energy was identified deep inside her left hip. It had been there for a while. It was oval and dark and filled with sorrow and pain. In fact, it was her mother’s energy, carrying the mother’s sorrow, and had entered the client’s body after she had died. The mother had had a difficult life, a difficult death and illness, and a difficult marriage. The child was not ready to let her go, and the mother was not ready to let the child go.

But now the mother was ready to join the rest of her energy in the spirit world, and the client was ready to let her mother go. Loving words were spoken, and I reminded them that they had had a pre-birth agreement that the mother would die young and that it would make her child stronger, and their connection would allow the client to see through the illusion. There was a purpose for setting up that life for Jasmine, and the mother would come to understand as she integrated that part of herself that had got lost in sorrow.

I guided the mother to find the spark of light inside her, and expand it. It felt to her like home, and indeed that is the way home, for all of us.

After the mother left, the client brought in red light to fill the space she had left, while I played a singing bowl. The result was a spaciousness in the left hip.

Wrists: A Pact with Herself

The next block identified was in the wrists. There were blocks like big rocks in both wrists which had been there since after her parents died, when she made a pact with herself that she must always be better and stronger and perfect, according to whatever she thought “perfect” was at the moment. It depleted her energy because she was trying so hard. It was time to let it go. I asked her to visualize that pact written on a piece of paper and tear it up and then burn it in a flame of love for herself just as she is. I played a singing bowl as she did that, reminding her about the first scene of the session when she had seen herself as a bright torus field of light and love and potential.

The Story of her Soul

Speaking to the higher self again, I asked about the story of her soul, which was one of the questions Jasmine had brought to the session.

She had had many lives in other places, but not many on Earth, we were told. “Her soul is dedicated to transformation. It may look like raising consciousness, it may look like finding out and creating a reality that’s closer to Source love. This is the pattern across the lives. Returning home.”

“So what is she here to learn in this life, even as she’s dedicated to returning home?”

“It’s around learning how to surrender every time the veil gets thick, learning how to remember, learning how to override the physiological reactivity, learning how to override the emotions in her fight-or-flight mammal mammalian instincts, learning how to be kind to herself when she fails. It’s okay.”

“Why did she choose a very sensitive body?”

“So she can learn this lesson very well. This lesson of unconditional love. She can deepen this so much with this body.”

A couple of days after the session, the client reported that her symptoms, especially in her wrists, were much reduced. So much gratitude to her for being willing to share her session!