In this excerpt from a QHHT session in February 2018, the client’s Council, a group of high guides who advise us between lives, is speaking through her.

It begins right after she had gone through a past life and looked back at it from the spirit world. The Council is observing the soul who became known as Jesus, and it is curious that they refer to that soul as a “she” at first. Souls do not have gender and can incarnate as male or female in any particular life.

The Council explains that while in the past, individuals who carried that Light were few, today there are many, and awakening to embody the Light is available to all, without regard to any religious doctrine.

(Please note that this client speaks exceptionally fluently under hypnosis. If you’re wondering about whether you can be hypnotized, please don’t be intimidated! Much good work and information comes through and whatever happens will be right for you.)