In hypnosis sessions we often find entities attached to a client, usually people who died and for one reason or another did not complete their transition and go to the “light” or higher realms. In such cases, we lovingly help them go to the light so that they can continue their evolution.

In this short segment of a session, however, we worked with a stuck soul who was not attached to the client, but rather “haunting” her property.

The transcript is below, if you prefer to read, but don’t miss the part of the video (around 13:30) where the client’s arm rises up as the boy she is channelling takes Archangel Michael’s hand to go to the light. Afterwards, she did not remember it happening.


H: Here I’m sharing a segment of a hypnosis session that both my client and I found very moving. We were able to help a troubled soul who had committed suicide to go to the light, to what we call heaven, to a place or state of being where he can find healing and continue his evolution.

You see, many or most people who commit suicide find themselves on the other side without their bodies but with the same emotional and mental torment that drove them to take their lives. It can be very hard for them to complete their transition – to take hold of themselves and move on, up to the higher realms where they can meet loved ones, take stock of their lives, and get help from higher beings.

Being able to assist such a soul felt like a great privilege to both my client and myself.

So the backstory, which my client, Carol, told me before the hypnosis part of our session –

Before Carol moved to where she lives now, the previous owners had become foster parents to a teenage boy in trouble. The boy ended up committing suicide by hanging himself in a shed. The shed has since been torn down, and Carol lives in a new house on the property. She has been aware of the spirit of that young boy hanging around. Sometimes he even makes the lights flicker.

She has told him he should go to the light. But as you will see, he needed more persuasion. The client’s connection to him and the fact of the hypnosis session gave us an opportunity to interact more closely with him, learn about his concerns, and bring in helpful energies so that he could finally find his way home.

During the hypnosis session, first we brought through the client’s deceased father who has been a protective energy around the property, and a guide. This is an appropriate role that our ancestors, if they have completed their own transition and gone to the light themselves, often perform for us while we are still in our bodies. I asked him if he was aware of the boy.

C: Young Leggett. I know him.

H: You’ve seen him around.

C: I’ve seen him. He’s troubled. He’s trying to go, but he is not sure of what’s there. What he’s going to.

H: Would you be able to facilitate a connection with us so I could talk to him?

C: Maybe.

H: So I’m calling in young Leggett. Would you like to talk to me?

C: Okay.

H: Hi, thank you so much for talking to me.

C: Sure.

H: What was your first name?

C: John.

H: John Leggett. Okay, would you refer would you prefer I call you John or Leggett?

C: John.

H: So John, I understand you were a foster child on that property and you

C: Yes. Ed and Gloria. Nice people.

H: But then you hung yourself. Is that right?

C: Yeah.

H: I’m so sorry. What was going on in your life that made you want to end it?

C: A lot of trouble. People didn’t want me, my family didn’t want me. I tried some drugs, drunk a lot of booze, nothing helped. I just was lost and I just wanted to get out of there.

H: And you got out of there. Did things get any better?

C: No, because I’m stuck.

H: You’re stuck. Well, would you like some help to get unstuck?

C: I’m not sure I don’t know what it is.

H: Well, it is hard for when you take your own life and you discover that you remain stuck in the same way that you were before, right? That’s what you’ve discovered?

C: Yes.

H: Yeah, and for one thing you you need to recognize what happened, and it sounds like you’re recognizing that this happened, and there you are still stuck on the other side but without a body.

C: Yeah.

H: But there is healing available. There’s help. It’s not punishment at all. There’s no punishment, there’s no hell, it’s all about healing and love.

C: See, I don’t know if I deserve that.

H: Mmm, yeah. Well I can tell you that there are people who who would welcome you so much with open arms. It’s not about deserving. That’s sort of old religious ideas about deserving, and they don’t really apply. Because the only judge we have is ourselves. And we can learn to love ourselves. It might take a little help.

Did you go to church ever when you were a kid?

C: No, not much.

H: Who told you you didn’t deserve?

C: I don’t think anyone told me. I just have always felt or known that I don’t, I’m not deserving.

H: Hmm, but you are, you know? We all contain a spark, a Divine spark within ourselves. It’s pure love. Can you find yours? Look inside your heart.

C: It’s black.

H: Give it a little polish, that spark of consciousness that allows you to speak to me. It’s a little spark of God. We all have it or we wouldn’t have consciousness. And you have consciousness.

I’m going to call in Archangel Michael and his mighty host of angels to come and help you find that spark, let their light shine on the spark until you can see it. Shine the light on you so you can find your spark. Just allow the angels to shine their light.

C: I don’t know angels.

H: How about Archangel Michael?

C: He looks like Jesus.

H: So you know Jesus?

C: I know of him.

H: Well, Jesus loves all of us. Jesus has a beautiful soft loving energy.

C: I remember the song.

H: Jesus Loves Me?

C: Yeah.

H: [Sings:] Jesus loves me this I know / For the Bible tells me so. / Little ones to him belong. / They are weak but he is strong. / Yes, Jesus loves me. / Yes, Jesus loves me. / Yes, Jesus loves me, / The Bible tells me so.

C: Nice.

H: Can you feel that? Look in your heart again. See if you can find that spark respond, in response to the feeling of love from Jesus.

C: I’m not sure.

H: I’m going to call on Jesus to come. Yeshua, Jesus our brother, and shine your love on this John. Help him find his spark. Help him find his Self in the middle of the hard life he had. Help him see the reflection of the love of Ed and Gloria, who were kind. Help him see the spark that responded to that kindness, so that he can know himself to be the child of God that he is. For every life is important, and John Leggett, you are important too. You are part of the universe. You’re no less important than anybody else.

C: Really?

H: Really. We are all a little bit of God here, come to have experiences in this world. Sometimes they’re very hard, and I’m sorry that yours became too hard for you. I’m so sorry. But you’re still a spark of God like I am, like we all are, like Carol is here, all sparks of God having experiences.

C: Carol’s nice. She told me to go. She asked me to go.

H: Yes, because if you go to the light you can heal and continue your evolution and grow and expand. It’s an infinite expansion that’s available to all of us.

C: It’s nice here. Is it nice there?

H: The light is beautiful. Carol just saw it – if you can see in her memories, she just saw herself from another life when she died and she went up to the light. It was so beautiful, so beautiful, you know the life of Mary. [This was earlier in the session when we visited a past life.] Mary had a hard life, but when she died and left her body she went up, drifted up up to the light. It was such a beautiful journey that she wanted it to last longer because the journey was so wonderful. And then she got there and it was so beautiful!

C: Sounds nice, sounds good.

H: You see Archangel Michael there? Do you want to take his hand? He’ll take you there.

C: Now?

H: If you would like.

[After a pause, the client’s right hand starts to move up, as John takes Archangel Michael’s hand! (13:38 – 14:43), then she lays her hand on her heart.]

H: (Whispers:) What do you see?

C: Blue. Soft blue. I hear … a chorus? It’s nice.

H: You want to stay there?

C: Yeah. I like it here.

H: You’ll make friends. You’ll find old friends.

C: I feel loved here. Thank you.

H: You’re so welcome. May the light of the universe always accompany you. We’ll leave you now in the hands of all those beautiful people up there. Bye now.

C: Bye.

H: So I ask for the energy of John Leggett to leave Carol’s body and for her higher self to return….