In September 2020, I had a reading with Daniel Scranton, who channels a 9th dimensional Arcturian Council daily on YouTube [link to his channel]. I learned some interesting things about dimensions. I’ll share parts of the reading in separate posts, as there are different topics.

H: My first question is my connection with you. 

AC: Yes, we have met before in our system. We have been on an ascension journey for longer than you have. So when we were ascending, you were still on your descension journey, and our star system was one of the final stops for you before going to Earth, and continuing the descension there. So we met, and some of us that were in physical form at that time got to know you in your lifetimes in our system, and we had lovely interactions with you.

H: Can you tell me more about that?

AC: There were lifetimes where you would be a student of ours – we didn’t always operate as this council, in other words there are so many souls here now in this council that we are, but there were some who were incarnate with you at that time who were your teachers in one of your lifetimes, and were students with you in other lifetimes and there’s always a great detail of seeking spiritually that goes on in our star system. That’s what our star system was meant to be, and so the feeling that you get of connecting to us and to our energy is a reminder of what it was like to be able to dedicate so much of yourself to your spirituality.

H: Was that in the 3rd or 5th dimension?

AC: Fifth dimension. Earth is the only place where you [i.e. myself, Heather] have 3d experience. 

There was a time, however, when the fifth dimension was much lower in vibration than it is now. So you have some fifth dimensional experiences in the Orion system that would bring up some of the same types of emotions and played out the same types of battles of us vs them and victim and oppressor that you have on Earth now. 

The 5th dimension you’re moving into now is not the same as the one you descended through all those many, many years ago. So you have a lot that you are changing about it as you co-create your version of the 5th dimension with your fellow humans and your fellow 4th dimensional beings throughout the galaxy and the universe, and this is something that is very interesting and exciting for us to observe: how your version of the 5th dimension will be different from what it was, and what you’ll be bringing to it because of what you’ve been experiencing there in the 3rd and 4th dimensions. You’ve seen enough and you’ve done enough and you’ve been through enough to say, “Enough is enough” of all of this, and we’re ready for something entirely different. We’re ready for a harmonious version of the 5th dimension where there’s only peace, and everyone has enough, and all of that.

H: I’ve wondered about that, because the Orion Wars was a very confrontational situation.

AC: Yes, and yet it did happen on a higher dimensional plane.

H: So the level of vibration and the dimension are not the same thing.

AC: Well, what we are saying is the entire universe has been evolving and expanding since the time of the Orion Wars. So it’s a different version of that frequency range. It’s a higher vibration within the frequency range that the 5th dimension is. And it’s all about experience, so you needed to have those particular experiences then, in that dimension, in order to bring those traumas with you on the descension journey, so you’d have some very big issues to work through on your ascension journey.  

H: They talk about another 3rd dimensional planet that people from Earth who aren’t ready to ascend can go to continue to live in a 3d environment.

AC: Yes, that’s true, but it’s not exactly how people see it. In other words, it’s a choice of the soul to not ascend. It’s not a punishment. It’s not a judgment. There’s no judgment going on that says “You’re not worthy” and “You are.” The other planet will not exist in this solar system. 

H: But in the galaxy?

AC: Yes, in the galaxy. It already is. 

H: Will there always be a 3d planet that people might go to?

AC: Yes. Because there’s always got to be a balance in the universe dimensionally, and with polarities as well. So you can’t just topload all the higher dimensions; you’ve got to have the lower dimensions built in as well. 

H: Even at the later stages?

AC: Yes, even as the universe continues to evolve, expand and ascend as a unit.