During a quantum healing session with a longtime student of spiritual healing and mediumship, a remarkable procedure took place. Much fascinating information came through, and we feel it should be shared with those who might understand the information, to plant seeds for the future when such work may be done more widely.

Science has learned how trauma can be passed on through the genes in ways that do not alter the DNA sequence itself, but rather by changes on the genes that affect how the DNA is expressed. This mechanism is called epigenetics.

In this session, a spiritual medical team was available to mend epigenetic damage which had created a vulnerability at the base of the client’s brainstem. The original trauma was experienced by her father during World War II when he survived a bombing. Besides negatively affecting his character, damage was passed down to his offspring through his genes.

We also learn how the percussive effect of such explosions impacts the natural world.

The actual surgery, narrated by the client’s Council of guides, was performed on the Lightbody. The client had participated in such a procedure herself once at the end of a 6-day healing mediumship training when the participants were able to form a mindmeld and operate on a suspended Lightbody in this manner. Needless to say, humanity has a long way to go before such work becomes common.

Later, to close the wound, the team dives deep down to the edge of the quantum field where matter and consciousness meet. Talk about quantum healing!

So stretch your mind a bit and listen to the video or read the transcript beneath it. I’ve reduced the audio to half its length by cutting out the blank spaces, which alters the rhythm a bit, but increases the chance that you’ll stick it out to the end and hear what Dolores Cannon thought about the whole thing!


J: The attention is being returned to the head, the brain, the energy field that holds the brain integrity. The impact in the brain is in part genetic in nature, and in the – yes – ah hah (as if consulting another source of information) – the element here is in some way an aspect of Blueprint. There is on the one hand a direct transference of DNA material which created this physical body. The experiences of the male and female genetic contributions forming this body carried with them, on the DNA sequence, distortions as it is now known to be in the scientific knowledge of the present time.

H: Epigenetics.

J: Ahh (meaning ‘yes’). The trauma as such experienced by the father in a time of human warfare…

H: World War Two.

J: That is correct. The father experienced an event, as the story was told, in a train station in the country of England, in which he was present during a bombing. The percussive power of the explosions killed many people but did not kill the father. He physically recovered with very few injuries but received deep wounding in his psyche. Particularly at the base of the brain stem. That imprint imprinted itself on the growing fetus which then became J [full name, removed]. And because of the percussive nature of the event, there was a tear, a hole, in the Blueprint which allowed or facilitated a connection to the genetic line, and whenever there was involvement in war situations, for many generations, on the genetic line, it lodged or created a space for distortion of blueprint. It was the Second World War in its immediacy, however the echos further out along the genetic lines can be heard and resonated and attracted to that spot.

H: Does that go backwards as well as forwards? In the genetic line?

J: One can see it very clearly in the backwards vision [backwards from the client, I think, rather than backwards from the father], one can also see it in the present form, as that each percussion upon the planet Earth of a warlike nature reverberates through that placement in the nervous system, the brain. In a forward timeline motion, there is potential to receive further reverberations and damage, however, the choice is available to – ah, the wording, let us scan for the wording please – remove from the frequency of the blueprint and the genetic and the cellular information holding aspects, that which could be in resonance with warlike percussive events. In simple terms, one can change the channel.

H: (chuckling at the pun) And would the healing reverberate through the genetic line forwards and backwards, as well as sideways?

J: The message will travel in the directions mentioned, and the events already recorded on a timeline do not change in their history – histography. One does not change the facts and agreements of former battles. But one changes the channel away from the frequencies. There are lessons in this for all of humanity.

H: I have a question regarding something that my husband learned when he was being introduced to the Akashic Records. That there was a layer, he called it an emotional layer on top of each record. And you could see the record with or without the emotional layer. Is this similar – that you don’t change the facts of what happened, but the meaning given to it.

J: It could be said that that observation comes from one with great discernment. And it is a, from our perspective, a very accurate perception, as on the Earth plane, the purpose of coming to the Earth plane, as it is understood, is to experience the full palette of human emotion, and therefore actions upon the planet Earth are interspersed with emotional overlays and aspects. To be able to discern the connections – connecting points between the emotional layer and the events, allows one to, if one desires, enter the emotional field and with intention unsnap, as it were, the connecting points of emotion to the physical events.

H: Thank you. So if this is for the good of all humanity, then can we snap those connections between percussive incidents and the emotional impact of them?

J: It is in the awareness of some people already working on Earth, as also in J’s awareness, that one can snap in or snap out, as is appropriate, the various layers of energy fields in the process of aiding people to wholeness and functioning at a level more closely aligned with their soul’s purpose in each life.

H: Very good. So, how would you suggest that we proceed with this, starting with J herself, or can we approach it with her father – can we heal her father’s experience of that event first – what would you recommend?

J:  The healing comes through the intention of the individual whose consciousness is seeking a change, which is saying, there is no healing without a change in consciousness. Therefore, it is only possible to change the consciousness of one’s self. So the beginning point, therefore, is to address the consciousness of J and her entirety, in relation to another consciousness, who would be therefore her physical father.

H: So therefore, on J’s behalf, I would ask that this be done.

J: This process being of a most delicate nature, it is appropriate to request the assistance of those beings, consciousnesses, who in fact, have the knowledge of the procedure to do so.

H: A psychic medical team?

J: Indeed. And those people who – not people as such – those beings who – ah, now here is a new piece of information. We do not leave the problem; we open the door to a new piece of observation. There are teams, one would say, with knowledge of such alterations in consciousness, who are free to transit between places of occupation, therefore planetary, Pleiadian system, Arcturian system, and places not necessarily named as such at this time. But they are free to travel, and are accepted where they go because they have knowledge of – one would call healing, one would call recalibration, learning – but it is a change in a – shift in consciousness, which all societies, all collectives in whatever form require in their development.

H: Well, then, may we call upon these teams?

J: I believe that one is ready and has already been called in.

H: Is J’s grandfather in attendance: the doctor?

J: Ah, now he is with also the one who was his father, and they seem, even with their stiff collars, quite delighted, because it seems to be that this is the first time that the barrier, the veil that has separated them has come down, and they can share their knowledge as equals in a team. They are delighted to participate and to observe.

H: Excellent. Thank you so much. They are most welcome. If you could describe the procedure as it takes place.

J: Yes. [The Higher Self told me later that the narration of the procedure was done mostly by J’s Council. Indeed the rhythm changed; more fluid, less pedantic.] The suspension of the lightbody on what would seem to be cords as such, like being in sort of a sling with various parts and cords, so that the lightbody would be facing downward, so the availability of the back of the head and spine would be facing upward. (Deep breath.) Hmm. There is a … the group, the collective team, arrays itself around in a ring. And – the wording comes that there is a mind meld, so each of the aspects of the team, although they are separate entities as such, they are melded as one mind, so that their collective intelligence is amplified exponentially in relation to the manoeuvres. The grandfathers are asked to keep to the outside of the circle and observe, as their excitement is a little bit…they are excited. Yes. And the great-grandfather, now understands that his abilities as a medical intuitive come from that collective. And he is grateful.

H: Wonderful.

J: And through the collective sight, it appears that in the texture of the brainstem, there is what would appear, if one would describe a tiny – a sliver of glass. If one can imagine the history that is known to the local area as the Halifax Explosion [a munitions ship exploded in Halifax Harbour in 1917, the largest man-made explosion before the atomic bomb], much glass shattered and flew. And this is in a metaphorical sense. But it takes the shape of a sliver of fractured and flying glass. Razor sharp and razor thin.

Hmm. (Deep breath.) So the team is perceiving that the elements of the Earth, that would be the literal minerals of the Earth, that have been and are continued to be used by human hands to create structures and tools and shelters, are still connected to their elemental selves, that would be iron and silicon – anything of the Earth in their primary state. And when they are used in a warlike state, the percussive nature of their use ricochets out and disturbs the domains, the kingdoms, the mineral domain, the domain of the wood, each natural domain is damaged by the percussive nature. And yet the mineral domain and the wood domain and the elements as such, hold their original state of being and their original integrity. And the mindmeld condition communicates with the original integrity of the elements embedded in the sliver, and asks that it withdraw its consciousness and return that consciousness back into the domain, whether it be mineral or wood or whatever. And that is the procedure used. It’s a matter of communicating with frequency.

Once the extraction process has been complete, because they do know what they’re doing, the site of the extraction is examined, to determine the extent of the cellular injury or damage held within the physical form. When the assessment of the injury and damage is complete, consultation as to the most appropriate actions, treatment, is held within the melded minds. Ideas are exchanged. Examined for veracity, for effectiveness, for longevity and permanency of the restoration. And the ripple effects of any actions taken.

It is decided that an open wound is not appropriate to be maintained. Therefore a communication with the internal aspects of the cells at the site of the opening. Therefore the perception and the vision draws itself into what one would call passing through the atomic level of the cells, and into the subatomic level of the cells, and reaching to the very edge of the quantum field that each of those cells is in contact. Ah – the repair begins in the quantum field. (Deep breath) which it appears would be a contact point of the Blueprint. So repair is being asked for at the Blueprint level where it meets the quantum field. [40 sec silence]

It is a procedure not often undertaken. And refers to a question heard about a future aspect, in the nature of contact with the future. This procedure is from, or exists in, what would appear on a timeline as part of the future aspect. (Deep breath, long silence)

H: Does this experience serve to hasten the advance of such procedures onto our timeline?

J: It is a time – now there a correction for the verb: The introduction of such procedures on a timeline has already begun. [J told me later that she had participated in a procedure with mindmeld and suspension of the lightbody on the last day of an extraordinary mediumship workshop.]  It is fair to say that the nature of this procedure is of interest to certain humans upon the planet, and that once it is shared it will be comprehended by a growing number of individuals upon the planet. However, in the measurement of time, in years and centuries, the current point in time is not openly conducive to deep and wide sharing. There are souls who remain in spirit at this time, for some time, who are actively assisting others in spirit and those upon the Earth in bringing this knowledge. The feeling of them is that they have very light hearts. It is, in a way, repairing the fabric of the universe, where it may be damaged or torn. (Deep breath, silence)

H: How is the procedure going now?

J: It is now in a time of rest. One would observe that the consciousness that is observing this, and the consciousness that is receiving this, is now as if they can no longer see it; it’s past even their abilities to observe and see. However it is like being in a place of no longer needing to know, because it is done, and there is a time of almost unconscious rest.

H: Would it be possible to ask more questions then, at this time, leave that subject – would it disturb the procedure if we asked questions? Or do we need to let it rest?

J: I believe that – yes, it is to thank those who came together to do the procedure and to observe, and that we remove our state of attention to other matters, yes.

H: Very good. Well I would like to thank very deeply the assembled team who have been working on this procedure, and the grandfathers for being part of this, and I hope that it will reverberate very widely, the consequences and the impact of this procedure, and result in a real contribution to the shift on this planet. So I thank you very deeply.

H: Is that going to have an impact on J’s nervous system?

J: We – hmm – pull back our attention and awareness to take what one would call a wider scope, as if one opens the aperture in a camera and looks through a wider scope. And the view in that scope would suggest that in the timeline, there is a marker of a 6 month timeline for an integration in the physical cells of the nervous system. A healing, as it were. As all changes on the energetic levels although in some cases can be rapid, are in most cases in accordance with the physical nature of a body. Therefore healing, although excellent in its nature, is measured in time. And measurement in time is an aspect of allowing the integration of emotional and psychological aspects of the being to adjust their outlooks to the new physical arrangement.

H: So we will look ahead in six months and see how things have changed. Thank you very much.

H (after a few other questions not included in the video): I’m wondering, is that something that would be worth sharing, at least to the quantum healing community?

J: Again, I’m asking for clarification of the question please?

H: Well, we’re using here a technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis, and I’m part of a forum of people who are doing this kind of work and similar kinds of work. It’s called “Quantum” – it’s a little different than … we would hope to repair the tears in the fabric of the universe, but other practitioners of hypnosis, deep healing hypnosis.

J: Ah, so. The question is if I may reiterate, that the procedure that was observed,

H: Or knowledge of it…

J: Indeed. Indeed. It would be one of the open and receptive avenues for which such knowledge and information can enter the human earth plane at this time, and be received for careful consideration.

H: Very good. And Dolores Cannon, who’s probably listening, is involved with that forum.

J: Indeed. And we can feel her smiling. Her smile is on J’s face as she (J is smiling, H laughs). Dolores is smiling and holding herself and pulling her jacket over and twitching in her chair (J demonstrated), and she is very pleased.

H: (laughs) Well thank you Dolores for being here. I very much appreciate your continued work, and being able to do this work myself; it’s a great privilege.