It was June 2021. Steve was feeling a “download” of insight coming in to answer some questions he had been asking the universe. He’d been curious about “grace”, that upward pull toward the divine that he had been experiencing strongly, reminding him where he came from, who he really was, knowing that he mattered and that he was going back to that home when all is done. That pull, he said, was the antidote to despair. It told him there was a reason to be on this Earth now. It was the connection to the enduring part of him, his I AM. It reminded him of the classical story of Homer’s Odyssey, and how after all his adventures, Odysseus remembers where he came from and heads home.

He had also been wondering about meditation teacher Rupert Spira’s assertion that causation, cause and effect – or karma – is only part of our physical experience and doesn’t apply in the spiritual world.

“I kept asking,” he said, “what does it mean that causation is not a factor across the Veil?” And that there’s no time as we know it? How do you establish the linkage between events? Like what things gives rise to? How can you think if there’s no causation? You can’t even say ‘because’. Would they please interpret what it means when they say there is no causation?”

“Well,” I said, “I’ve asked the question with regard to time, too, and the understanding that I’ve been getting is that in the life of spirit beyond the physical, there is such a thing as sequence, even if there is no time. It’s not tied to a schedule, or to the rising and setting of the sun, but there’s a sequence, because consciousness wants to expand. So consciousness has to expand to here before it can go to there. There’s a sequence to it.”

“And the only thing that matters to spirits is expansion,” Steve recalled from previous insights. “Because everything is one big Now. Eternity is one big Now.”

“At the highest level outside of all the dimensions, yeah,” I noted. “But we have these dimensions which help us experience things in different ways. Are you getting a different answer for that?”

“Okay, so let me go back to my images now, the images I was getting in the download,” said Steve, retreating inward. He receives information mainly as visual representations which he then puts into words, though the ideas can be so abstract that I often wonder what the visuals look like. “Give me some time here….” After a pause, he spoke:

“Essentially, the only ‘device’ that spirit uses, meaning something that was not pre-existing, is something that helps them mark which event precedes which in that one big Now they are in, in the absence of time.

“Absence of time is a concept,” he continued. “Once you get into it, you’ll actually feel it. You’ll feel like you’re standing at the bottom of a huge funnel and the funnel expands above your head. It’s quite the diameter, the size of a football field maybe, and it’s like a telescope. It’s catching everything that goes by in the universe. And essentially it tracks the sequence of events, without time.”

I caught the image, or more the feeling, of being aware of a large field of experience at once, held at a higher level than the one I’m living on. Part of the Akashic field, maybe. “But with sequence?” I asked.

“Yeah. I don’t see how they identify events. Maybe it’s because the way you identify events is personal to each spirit, I don’t know.”

I pondered. “It would also depend on the dimension you’re in, or the reality that you’re in. The object or the event wouldn’t look like what we might think, given our 3d lives.”

“Yeah, yeah, thanks. Geez, I think we might do a book on Eternity for Dummies. We can start by quoting the famous proverb, ‘Eternity is long, especially near the end.’”

When our laughter subsided, I tried to get us back on track. “So it’s like a funnel that expands out from your head.”

“What were we talking about?”

“About how the sequence of events is kept track of.”

“Oh, I lost track of it.” He yawned, then paused. “Um, I’m not sure I’m getting a full explanation for the use of that funnel, but some individuals seem to be equipped with it…. Oh I see, I’m being reminded this is a device. In other words, it’s not something that you’re created with necessarily, but it’s an add-on, as you might say in your language. So it’s a device, one of the very, very few devices ever allowed in spirit world, in this part of the galaxy. It’s kind of a limitation in this part of the galaxy that they don’t allow any number of devices to be used as add-ons after creation. As a matter of fact, they’re pretty reticent, you know. Like how far can you drift from creation? So it’s a touchy subject. Ethical issues. Can you tamper with human consciousness? I’m getting off track here, Heather. I don’t want to get into that. So why are we talking about a device?”

“This is a device to keep track of sequence,” I prompted, quelling the questions seeded by his off-topic ramblings.

“Yes, right, so it’s a device attached to consciousness, like a parasite you might say, in case time becomes irrelevant or unavailable. This is a backup. So it’s really recommended as an add-on to consciousness. Sometimes injury can be sustained by souls on the way to expansion through fragmentation.”

I have come to understand that trauma leaves a fragment of one’s consciousness stuck in the moment of the traumatic event. Healing from trauma involves going back to that event and re-integrating that fragment of consciousness into the whole soul, something I often help people do in quantum healing hypnosis sessions. Fragments of consciousness left from a traumatic death can linger in the field and get attached to other living people, causing physical or emotional pain. We release those in sessions as well, sending those energies to continue their evolution and eventually be integrated into their higher selves.

Earth’s history has resulted in large numbers of lost, traumatized soul fragments lingering in the astral plane, rather similar to the physical space junk surrounding the planet. It’s a problem. It weighs the Earth down. So I could see the need for ways to help them return to Source in some wholesale way, rather than one by one as we find them in quantum healing sessions, for example.

Steve continued. “So if the ability of the soul to naturally track sequences of events is affected, it suggests the use of this tracking device, so you will always remember where you’re from – from Source – even if you get really damaged. This is the advertising. This is how it was sold, okay?”

Sold? I wondered. Sold by whom? I thought of the etheric implants that I and other practitioners have discovered in clients, placed there not to guide them back to Source but rather to keep them away. Is this similar technology used for good? After all, the same ability we have to hear the subtle promptings of our spirit guides and higher selves, or to create positive thoughtforms that help us, can be used to lead us into negative actions and habits. Spiritual growth is partly about learning to discern which is which. But the situation on Earth has made it difficult to find one’s way through all the voices, and many have lost their way completely.

“But the real thing,” he went on, “is to allow a consciousness that’s not accountable to Source to monitor the sequence of events in this dimension.”

“So what kind of consciousness would not be accountable to Source?”

“There are broken angels, eh? Fallen angels.” The ones who’ve cut themselves off from their divine connection.

“Okay,” I said, “so consciousnesses that are still directly connected to Source don’t need this device?

“Well, it’s not called a ‘device’ if it’s part of your natural state. It’s just how you’re made, right? So if how you’re made has been damaged through fragmentation or something else, this tracking device can be useful as an add-on. That’s what I was told. Especially in certain areas of the galaxy, especially on planet Earth. It can be useful because they’ll try and break you, break your attention, through torture or whatever.”

Break your attention. Your connection with knowing who you are. We’re made with that, so breaking it can lead to fragmentation.

He added, “And humans call that device ‘Grace’.”

Grace! Amazing Grace, I once was lost and now I’m found, and Grace will lead me Home.

I had learned something about Grace through clients in sessions, and previous downloads and channellings by Steve and others. As we drop down into form, into the density of life on Earth, part of our energy, our higher self, remains in a higher dimension. We are connected to it like a skydiver to a parachute by strings. Sometimes we get so lost in the muck of earthly life that we lose the strings. Much theology has been written about Grace, that mysterious divine gift, mercy, salvation, that comes from God, rather than being earned by us, to reconnect us to God. And now I was hearing it described as a device, from the perspective of the spirit world. It sounded rather mechanical.

“It brings you back like a magnet,” Steve explained. “I’m using the term used in the spirit world. They call it a ‘device’ because they admire Grace, which was something that was demanded would be made unbreakable, especially by the Black slaves. They were in so much despair, Heather, they just begged, ‘Let us never forget who we are, that we were decent souls before these white men came along. We’re not part of them.’ So they wanted to go back Home, spiritually, after death. They have their tracking device.”

“So it was added on for them, if they lost track of their divinity?”

“Exactly. And that – that is the biggest gift Blacks give to North America.” Steve’s voice trembled and tears filled his eyes. It told me that the energy of someone else was coming through him. Someone passionate. “Otherwise, the white population would be lost, after all the crimes they committed! They’d be lost, Heather!”

“So in the white population…”

“Well, you look at the US economics, how it’s run, big corporations and all that, those guys are lost. They’re completely lost. They’ll destroy nature for a buck.”

“So how does it rub off from Black people to the white people who are so damaged?”

“It’s because in their generosity, they asked that that request they made be applicable to everyone in North America.”


“Regardless of colour. That’s who they are. That’s what the Blacks are.”

A generosity of spirit born of intense abuse.

“So the device….” I prompted.

“That Grace device – well, it’s not a ‘device’ when you talk about what you naturally have when you come out of Source. It’s only for when fragmentation occurs. And it’s like a second mooring line, a backup mooring line, you know?”

I knew, because Steve and I had done enough messing around with boats to know that two ropes were better than one in a storm. Whoever was speaking through Steve could search his memory for a suitable metaphor.

“So if a storm comes by and breaks the first one, well maybe it’ll hang on by the second one,” I noted.

“Grace is also like the ‘righting moment’ on a sailboat. The weight of the keel will bring the mast back to vertical even if a strong gust of wind blows it sideways,” he added.

“Huh,” I pondered, as sometimes even sailboats can get bogged down and need outside help.

“This is from Nina Simone, by the way. I asked who’s speaking. And she just said, I’m Nina Simone.”

Portrait of the American singer Nina Simone, 1965. From Wikimedia Foundation. CC0 (No copyright)
Nina Simone, 1965

I had discovered the African-American singer-songwriter-pianist’s recordings when I was 20, hosting a campus radio show.

“She’s not still alive?” I asked.

“I don’t think so, Heather. She’s very spiritual. Believe me, oh yeah, yeah.” He could feel her strongly.

“Well, it’s wonderful to have her supplying answers,” I said.

“She sang that amazing song that I’ve loved since I was a kid: ‘Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux’. She caught the real meaning of the poem, and she sings it beautifully, probably the best. So yes, I was listening to that song the other day. I just threw the question up in the air, ‘What’s the story of Grace?’ But I wasn’t asking her, specifically.”

“Ok, to put the pieces together then,” I said, “we’re talking about a spiritual ‘device’ for people that get so fragmented that they lose their original ability to keep track of where they come from, which is ultimately Source, and where they’ve been. Grace is like a lifeline that gives you the sequence that you need to get back to Source – the sequence of events, of experiences?”

“Tracking by sequence can be applied to areas of attention. I could go into to the philosophical meaning of what being attached to Source is. Or the poetic meaning, like in The Odyssey. But the Blacks, really, their cry was so loud. Like they were denied cemetery plots and all that! It’s like, ‘Who are we? Do you think we’re just dust? And then forgotten?’ It doesn’t make sense.”

I asked about more recent political events and movements.

“I’m not sure she wants to answer that. No, that’s not the poetic mood. It’s not the same frequency. Let’s disengage for now. Thank you.”

It took him a minute to come back to himself. “That’s it for now.”