A recent client had read Dolores Cannon’s last book, The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge and felt that it tapped into things she somehow knew.

This woman had grown up in a strict religious environment. After high school, she led a very rebellious life for a few years. When she got pregnant, she turned back to her early conditioning so she could get an education and care for her children.

A year ago, she was overachieving very well by worldly standards, when something unusual happened on a whale-watching tour.

A baby whale had everyone’s attention while its mother lingered close to the boat. Suddenly, my client got a severe headache and nausea (odd for someone who never gets seasick), and vomited all the way back to shore. She felt it was as if the whale was emitting a frequency that split something in her head and made her sick. When she got off the boat, she was surprised to discover that some cysts she’d had on her feet for a long time were gone.

After that, many strange and new things happened that suggested a rapid spiritual awakening. By the time she contacted me, her life had been turned completely upside down, but she was surprised at how little she felt bothered by the material losses and changes.

She was full of questions, way more than the limit of 5 or 20 that some practitioners allow clients to bring to a session. But given her life story, which she helpfully wrote out for me to read in advance, the questions made sense, and flowed from one to the next. The theme was: What happened? What is going on? What parts of my old life should I hang on to, and what should I do now?

As usual, I led her through some visualization exercises during the pre-talk. Things got cosmic very fast. She saw herself as a particle in space at an earlier period in Creation. She had the thought, How could you create a planet where opposites could co-exist? Is there enough overlap for them to exist together? Which scripts can go together? Perceiving her thoughts, other particles and energies gathered around her and over time became enough to embody her intention and become a planet. (I’ve also had clients who were once suns.) This had happened on a whole different timeline from that of Earth.

After I brought her out of that exercise, we agreed that such a cosmic perspective, while interesting, was too “out there” to be useful at this time, given her practical questions and urgent need for guidance and understanding. We made the clear intention to reach a level of her soul or guides who could answer her questions from an appropriate, useful level.

But now we knew why she had resonated with Cannon’s book, The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge.

The main part of the session started the usual way with a past life and a death, after which she was with a “council” which was more like a group of beings who guided each other during and between lives. I asked about her higher self, and was told that she had a lot of different levels of higher self. So I asked to speak to the most appropriate level of her soul to answer her questions.

Her future self (FS) announced itself, with a voice pitched a little higher than the client’s normal speaking voice, and a self-contained, amused little smile.

“What happened last year?” I asked.

FS: I came to assist her because it was taking a long time – an incorrect amount of time, to be non-judgmental about it – to wake up. Others could not intervene in the same way I could. There are rules about interference that I do not have to adhere to as her own future self.

… The whale is how I got here. There’s a mathematical equation that requires you to enter the frequency of Earth at a certain speed in a certain way. So I came in using the energy of the sun, directly into a whale, and then I came here.

H: So that allowed you to anchor to the Earth?

FS: Yes. The whale sound was a frequency she had not heard. They can make sonar sound. Her body had to adjust. None of us could have come into her body the way that it was. The frequency was very low. The vomiting was a reaction to the sound. The shock.

H: Why did the sores on her feet disappear?

FS: Because she was no longer anchored to that frequency.

H: What else happened in that moment?

FS: I had to have a long period of discussion with her ego self and her spiritual self, because it was surprising.

H: Are you integrated into her spiritual self?

FS: They’re independent, but I can come whenever I’m needed. This is fun. I am able to transmute and heal energy, with consent.

One of the client’s questions was about the ringing in her ears, something that a lot of us have experienced.

FS: She’s hearing her own frequency.

H: It changes, higher or lower …

FS: Yes, it depends on her energy. She can request to hear the frequency of anything.

H: Is that the same for everyone?

FS: You can discuss with your self.

H: They call it an ascension symptom. Is that true?

FS: It’s an awakening of consciousness. It’s very likely that you are hearing energy that already existed, probably your whole life. You begin to hear it when your consciousness becomes aware of it. The frequency is not new.

H: Does it help if we pay attention to it?

FS: Yes, why not?

H: Or we can ignore it.

FS: You can walk with your eyes closed. It’s just the same.

H: What about the pressure she feels in her head?

FS: Her current soul is transmuting energy, which is sometimes overpowering. It has to come out of the crown chakra.

H: Her current soul – is there another soul? An expanded soul? Can you explain?

FS: We evolve, but – I am not in this current body all the time. But there is a part of her soul that is in this body all the time. And so, the physical healing or transmuting energy is new to this body. If I transmute energy in a different body, this physical body would not be aware of it.

At the end of the session, the FS remarked, “It’s important for her to hear my voice, then she can recognize the difference between her thoughts and my thoughts. This was fun.”

Knowing something of the client’s life story, I had expected to encounter attached entities, implants and/or cords going back to her religious upbringing and rebellious years. In the body scan, the FS did find some limitation in the root chakra that was healed with energy from her home planet (the planet she was which is no more), and a block in the solar plexus that came from her father’s attempts to control her behaviour. But no entities.

There may well had been some entities dragging her energy down before the incident with the whale when the Future Self came in. The vomiting on the whale-watching boat was the body’s reaction, a physical discharge of low vibrational energy, as the Future Self made its intervention. (It also took the client out of commission while the FS talked with her ego and the part of her soul that was incarnated.)

As the FS said, the vibration of the body was very low at that time, and only the Future Self of the same soul could do what needed to be done for the client to wake up and get on a new timeline.

Whale photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash