Talking to a wise spirit guide, a known ancestor:

She’s laughing. It’s funny. When you’re alive you can’t get enough help from spirits across the veil, and when you’re in spirit, you cannot give enough help to people who are incarnated. It’s frustrating on both sides.

She has to learn to be hands off, even though she would like to fix everything.

Incarnated people who want help often don’t recognize the resources that they do have. Meanwhile, those on the spirit side who want to give help have to respect the free will of those they would guide on Earth.

I asked her, “Can you tell me if I’m straying off my path?”

She cannot answer that question in such clear yes-or-no terms. I have to discover it for myself in order for that awareness to be instilled in me.

There are things you have to experience yourself, not through others. That’s where awareness comes from.

And that’s where our freedom is, the freedom that she has to respect in incarnated people. They have to find out for themselves. It takes time.

So spirits can’t help us to the point where it bypasses our need to work on our own awareness.

You have to own your awareness. It can’t be imposed by outside forces.

The only awareness that’s imposed on physically incarnated people is that physicality is limited in time and space. That’s the only given. It’s the wall we hit our nose against.

As long as we’re incarnate we cannot escape that.