Through Dawn Schwarz, July 10, 2020, transcribed by Heather.

Light language is interspersed with English throughout this transmission. It is best to listen to the video while reading along so that you hear it all. I’m leaving my timestamps in for convenience. – HH

[The first speaker is “God, Source of all Light”]

Your soul knows the words that I am speaking. We are using this language; it is not a language in the sense of words, the way you put them together. So do not try to decipher them, or say, “Oh, let me find the patterns and try to translate.” They are not translatable into this plane. But they carry with them the – it is not just “frequency”, that is too small. It is not a power. It is of the essence of me, and therefore when I speak these words, that which is the essence of me understands. That which is not of the essence of me – all things are of the essence of me, but that which is separated from me has no influence over it. It is just gibberish. It is beyond its comprehension. So I can talk to the essence of the Divinity in all, including me. Calling it back. I am giving allowances to the oversouls, souls to work on this, to make it a more smooth process.

This is not going to be an ongoing – in that it can be put off, and put off, and allowed to continue – process. The Time Weaver has made the argument that too much has elapsed, [and] to allow it to continue only makes the situation more desperate, and creates much, much, much, much more work, and infects more souls. This is seen as to be true. So we are giving a, from the perspective of your plane, a limited time, though outside of time it is not limited, to bring healing to the souls that have gotten lost in this insanity.

She is not giving a translation of what I am saying. There are dual messages coming forward. There is my direct message, and then the message I am giving to her. One message is going directly to the souls, to the Divinity that is connected directly to me, and is of me. And those souls understand what is being said without having the rationalization awoken. [5:48]

I will be coming forward with messages. They will be of what is called there, “Light language.” But this language is not a Light language, as in a language that is brought forth via other cultures, other dimensions. It is not even a language that is spoken between us at the Divine realm, though it is familiar and can sometimes be understood. The only others that fully get it is going to be the Great Father, the Great Mother and Light, because they are the equal of me, and their language and my language is of the same language, because we are of One.

Those that are souls, which is of the essence of me, no matter what dimension they are in, will understand, but their conscious or ego selves will not. Their collectives will not. They will try to grasp. It is useless. Because I am not allowing a translation to be made. I will be having her at times, the great Weaver of Time, bring forth these messages, but these messages will be broadcast throughout Divinity, which is not through time, it is not through space. It is the direct connection that goes to the All of me and all that exists. It is instantaneous. My messages are being sent forth through the All that is me.

This message that is heard will only be a reinforcement to that, to the doubts that are issuing from the ego self, that did not understand why they are feeling and thinking these thoughts, that are not thoughts, because they are not thoughts, it is beyond thoughts, it is [..] than thoughts. It is soul. I am calling back my soul to its Divinity. I will not allow the rationalizations and dogma concepts that have been built, that have interfered with that which is me.

[Softer voice; the Great Mother comes in.]

I am going to say this, my dears. God, the Father of all Light, has made a determination. We are in agreement and in unison with him in this determination. You have called to the Great Mother, not just there but in all creation. I and the Father and Light are [..] with God the Source of all Light, We are one purpose in this matter. Decisions have been – not “decisions” – it is not a word I am finding. There is a resoluteness and a calmness and a settling of oneself. I know that you will feel unsettled because you have – this will not in any way infringe upon your uniqueness. I know that’s your feeling, because you love your uniqueness. It will allow your uniqueness to flourish more, by allowing your Divinity to flourish.

So we are now bonding with all the souls, in the way of loving – I do not know the expression. It is like cradling. There will be a cradling, and an awakening of Divinity with each soul. The Oversouls of all are also being cradled and encouraged. Each soul knows the souls and is aware of the paths and the “medicines” that are needed. That is just a word I am using; that is not the actual thing. [13:08]

Quiet dear ones. Just quiet, and listen. Quiet dear ones and listen. This speaking throughout all that is you, this speaking throughout all that is this –  to some be with you  … softly spoke like a prayer softly moving through all. To those whose soul see the need for it, it will be a roar. Whatever that soul needs, whenever that soul needs, so that it will work as a medicine and a reconnection for you. Listen dear ones and be quiet. Settle and connect.

[Deeper voice, strongly articulated – it is Light.]

[14:30] I do not speak much. Words are not my thing. I am in unison with God in this agreement. I am Light. I am bringing forth Light throughout. Some will see it as light, some will see it as dark. But I will work in unison with the All throughout all creation in a way I have not done since the birth of creation. We are in unison in this decision and in this path.

[Softer voice. The Great Father.]

Light is not aligned with this kind of communication. It is not his nature. But he felt the need to speak and to come forward in this way so that you understand the unity of this decision. But there is no dissension.

I am also speaking forth. I am the Great Father. I have not spoken because I have been very misrepresented. And the word of the Great Father causes many hearts to be fearful. I nurture and protect you, and I have the pride of a father in the accomplishments of their children. I encourage you and support you.

I have been very misrepresented, and so I have been quiet for fear of pushing some away. I am also in unison, and am sending forth my voice to all cultures that exist, to all creation that feels their alignment to us. So that we will be in unison.

[Singing Light language]

You have heard the songs from the soul (?). And we are reaching to each soul, and we will bring healing, and it will be long, and it will be universal.

[More singing, interspersed with speaking in English:]

Those of you who are artists will paint pictures. Those of you who are storytellers will tell stories. Those of you who are musicians will write songs. And you will soar, and you will dream. And you will see the light, and you will see the beauty, and you will see the Divinity. And you will [view?] Divinity.

Be quiet my children, and you shall hear. Be quiet my children, and you shall be. It will be a lullaby to your souls, bringing you the rest and the beauty, and realizing the dreams. Goodnight my sweet children and have at peace. Be at peace. Be at peace.