About Me: My Path To Here

I discovered Quantum Healing Hypnosis in 2017, binge-watching Alba Weinman’s YouTube videos of her sessions. From there I started reading Dolores Cannon’s books and training in QHHT® and other hypnosis modalities.

At the time I was receiving a deep initiation. My husband was withdrawing from many years of overprescribed benzodiazepines and anti-depressants. As the drugs left his body and his frozen psyche thawed, he journeyed through massive struggles and healings. Accompanying him all the way demanded every bit of love, knowledge, strength, patience, courage and resourcefulness I could muster.

My hypnosis training helped enormously, and what I’ve learned with him informs my practice.

I found my vocation for working deeply with people to help them connect with their own inner wisdom, growth and healing.

Earlier life

I was already awake to my “indwelling spirit” as a child, and engaged in internal inquiry that I now recognize as meditation.1

In my late teens, intensely interested in what lay beyond the physical world, I learned to feel “the still, small voice within” which told me that what I was reading rang true. Thus I discovered reincarnation and the evolution of the soul. Thanks to my mother, with whom I shared many of those books over the years, I learned to communicate with my spirit guides in my early 20s.

In my 20s, I did a lot of Re-evaluation Counselling (Co-Counselling), working as both counsellor and client to clear stuck emotional patterns. It gave me a very good grounding in this kind of work. I even used it to access past lives.

In the decades since, I’ve practiced yoga and meditation, lived alone in the woods, explored natural childbirth, palliative care and channelling, kept a garden every chance I had, learned about permaculture, worked and travelled in many countries in Africa, Europe and Central America, made lots of jewellery and built many websites, dabbled as an amateur in herbal medicine and massage, run small businesses, played in bands, and written a Masters thesis on Alternative Community. I have accompanied my parents and my sister in their last days, led family and friends through mourning them, and raised a child.

If you feel called, come and play in this field of consciousness with me!

Read more about my training journey.

1. Particularly the Advaita Vedanta direct path method of spiritual self enquiry expounded by Rupert Spira

QHHT Level 1 certificate
Introspective Hypnosis certificate