For centuries or probably for millennia, many of us have wondered just what happened to this beautiful planet to make human societies get so difficult and often dark. What went wrong? Was it a germ that arrived on a meteor? Malevolent ETs? Eating forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden?

Now the Time Weaver has given us her answer. On October 14 and 15, 2020, Dawn Schwarz posted two YouTube videos with channellings about “The Consortium”.

“The head has been chopped off,” we are told. But there is still a lot of mopping up to do, as the philosophies and modus operandi of The Consortium have permeated many cultures on Earth and elsewhere: hierarchy, the gold connection, exploitation, clandestine operations, secret societies, service to self….

My last session showed me how we quantum healers contribute to the mopping-up. We relish the work.

Below are my slightly edited transcripts from both videos. They tell the same story, but the first one is more concise so I’ll start with it. The two videos themselves are at the bottom of the page.

As always with channelling, take what resonates for you, and leave the rest. – HH

I call in the Great Father, the Great Mother, Light, and God the Source of all Light. I am standing before the throne of God, in the throne of God.

It is moving forward like a rippling effect, moving fast, going at speed. They have been found out.

[Light language] That is Light. Light is moving with purpose. We always have understood that that which is of God is compared to Light. Light moves, and is.

We have found those ones. From the perspective of those of the Universe of the Souls [that’s us], there was a dark pocket that was created by those from more than one universe.

Previously I spoke of the Multiverse and what the Multiverse was, from the perspective of the Universe of the Souls. It was also discussed how what is happening in the Universe of the Souls is affecting the All, even though the All may not be aware of it.

It was explained how there have been cultures that existed in the Universe of the Souls that have kept some in the darkest of the dark. But these cultures have been influenced by this “consortium”. They are six consciousnesses from three different universes. From the experience of souls, they would be considered to be powerful.

Long ago, these in stealth formed a connection to each other. They still remained in their own universes. but they found a means of connection and created from their consciousness a separate pocket existence that they shielded and darkened. They have it in a space which was not noticed. It was small. There’s only six of them. It was a small space that did not attract attention. And if ever anyone were to become curious about this space, this pocket, it’s just the tiniest pocket of space. But within this pocket these consciousnesses could convene and view and influence. They influenced through thoughts and intentions. The six formed a secret consortium that created influence over many.

As representatives of their own universes they were held in high regard, but not necessarily of the highest. That would cause too much attention. They were considered to be wise. And their opinions were valued and respected.

They have been influencing matters subtly, very subtly, a slight nudge here and a slight nudge there, to help to keep the darkest of the dark as the darkest of the dark and to move it to their means. They have been sowing discord subtly. They have been taking thoughts and expressions, and distorting just the edges of them so that things were interpreted in inaccurate manners. They have been bringing about and influencing the distortion of the souls. They have been particularly strong in influencing those of religions. Not just on Earth. Not just religions but philosophies.

Also with individuals. You would think they would just work on a big scale, but they don’t. They work in big scales but they also work in small scales. They see souls the way the Divine sees souls. They see them as gyroscopes of Divine light, and as soon as they notice a slight wobble here and there, they target that, and amplify the wobble, distorting it more and more. By distorting the wobble of one soul, it causes those around them to begin to wobble. It looks almost like what in the movies you would consider a force field. It forms a cohesive unit of discord that keeps things off kilter.

There was a strong influence being brought in that was keeping things off kilter. They are trying to destabilize everything, and in that destabilization, assert themselves slowly, quietly. They are finding pleasure in the manipulating of others to their own ends, in ways that are not directly realized.

But the pocket has been found. The Time Weaver recognized there was an influence coming in. They followed the path of the influence back and found them in their convening. And Light immediately came in and completely filled everything with Light and everyone else became aware of them and what they have done. Their influences and paths became like threads of fire, both seen, aware, and disintegrated.

Those of their universes have become aware. Those of all universes are becoming aware of how they have been coming in and influencing so very much.

They were very cocky. As God had made the decision to come in, and to move into all space and all time, their distortions were being realigned, and they had become so addicted to this influence and power that rather than just sneaking off and quietly disappearing, they wanted to try to reassert it. And in the attempt to circumvent God, they became noticed, and came to the fore.

Nothing secret is going to remain secret. Everything is coming out. It was going to come out anyway. In what they were doing, they were proving themselves to be in opposition to God, and their influence throughout the Multiverse, some areas more strongly than others, is being recognized. Light is taking care of it – Light is really pulling into this one. Light is flowing, moving, darting, filling, illuminating all of this. Light is no gushy squishy [i.e. wimp]. Truth is very strong with Light. So he’s pouring in and through and finding every little speck everywhere.

They had a dark web. It was a web they had created of dark influences that were subtle and hidden. They had worked hard to keep things shielded and hidden. They thought themselves very powerful and wise, because of the extent [of it].

It is being taken care of; it is being addressed. There are individuals that seek to influence others in the darkness. They are merely puppets of these six, or the six that did exist. They don’t exist anymore. They have been dissipated into the singularity. Their cultures, their universes are experiencing shock and there is much cleaning to be done in their universes because that is where they began this. And there is much realigning.

If God knows everything, how did he not know these things?

Their truest and fullest intentions were clouded by philosophies that were put forward. They had intricate, full philosophies and behind it a hidden agenda. They had purposely worked to shield and create something and because it was only the six of them, they kept it small enough that it didn’t attract too much attention.

The nature of Divinity is that it always shines. A little bit of this, a little bit of that [digression from Divinity], is allowed to follow its path, knowing it will return to Divinity.

They purposely kept it [their secret pocket] small enough, so that they did not bring in others. They consciously knew what was going on, so that it could not be clearly seen. They had others that they were influencing that were the more showy controllers, who did not understand or recognize that they were actually being controlled. They thought that they were the ones that were coming up with the ideas and the thoughts and the plans. And they went along with them, but they were not the originators.

The originators have now been found out. And Light has come in.

For a while, as things are cleaning and clearing out, there will still be those who they have influenced for so long, who believe that these were their thoughts. They have the patterns of these thoughts, and will continue on the paths of those thoughts because they believed those thoughts were their own. New influences from the originators of this consortium will not be coming in, but there are many other tiers that this existed in.

This is where the idea, the concept of hierarchy began. It was those of the secret ones that influenced others who did not know they were being influenced. Those ones who they were influencing copied their pattern, though they did not know they were copying this pattern, and they instituted hierarchal thoughts. Those that have existed within this hierarchy have co-opted the philosophies of this consortium. And so they will still remain on the thought patterns that they had been on.

But God is going to come, and he is going to realign them back to Divinity and clear out all this tangled mess. He will assess how much was outside influence and how much can be realigned. It is happening. It has already happened.

First video

[Dawn was experiencing] thoughts and feelings coming in – guilt, anxious, it was totally overwhelming – where was this coming from? She couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. We [Time Weaver] connected and realized that something was still coming through despite everything we’ve been trying to do, and we’re talking about what’s twisting, influencing, making you feel defensive, why is this happening? And so I had Time Weaver – it was like threads, and she found the threads that were causing the problems and the intrusive thoughts. She followed the threads and the first image that I got was – imagine when you put your wrists together and you hold your hands like you’re going to hold something. So the inside of your wrists are together. It was like that, and it was a goldish kind of thing. (A side point: there is something about gold I do not like.)

And amidst this thing there was a sphere. And there were six consciousnesses. They are not souls, they are from other universes. From three separate other universes, a total of 6 individual consciousnesses that were around – not them personally, imagine like those zoom things or those shows like holographic things – their consciousness where they were aware of each other as though they were around there but it was not actually them present. It was like the consciousness of them were around the sphere.

These are very capable consciousnesses. They are from other universes in the Multiverse that are from our perspective of the Universe of the Souls very old and very wise. They have lots of philosophical ideas and like a religion, philosophy and grandness to them, and these other universes and cultures that are very highly respected throughout the All. But they are individuals that were considered to be like a guru or a professor would be here, very educated, highly respected, teacher type ones. They have strong philosophies and ideas, and because of who they are they have connected with others of similar types from other universes.

Imagine there was a conference of physicists or psychologists. They had those, and they met each other and they realized that they had a common thread amongst them so they were going to interact with each other. And somewhere along the line they did a masking. They created a pocket, not another universe, just a little pocket, small, so it was not noticeable. They shielded the pocket. Think of those philosophies like songs. They had certain vibrations and songs and movements, and because these were professor-philosophy-guru types, they could sometimes seem sort of long-winded, and many times others would just sort of tune them out, and they knew that they would be tuned out, so they created like an algorithm that surrounded their conferences that masked what they were really thinking and intending and doing by having the edges of it all be these their philosophy-type back-and-forth debates and interactions which everyone else just didn’t want to get involved in It was made to look annoying on purpose to keep everyone away.

They created a dark nexus point of influence. They’ve been very subliminal in the way they’ve done it so as to not ever attract attention to themselves. They have been influencing many other universes and their own to better their situation and their places in their universes and the way they are seen and viewed and their situations. They have been manoeuvring others in a way that’s manipulative. It would be considered as intrusive thoughts and inclinations that would not be in line with Divinity.

When these of the consortium would view the Universe of the Souls, they would see the souls the way those of the Divine see souls, as gyroscopes of light that are balanced. If they would see a little wobble, they would take advantage of the wobble and they would put in a thought, maybe not to that one directly but to someone around them, that would aggravate the wobble. And as they became more wobbly, they became more disconnected from what was Divine and what was obviously balanced, and as they became unbalanced, they could put in more intrusive thoughts that the soul would believe was coming from themselves. And they would be able to manipulate them. And they started doing this lots of places throughout the Multiverse. Not the whole Multiverse but through an area of it that strengthen their part, to seem to have a better footing, or be more respected, or take advantage.

Gold was always involved. They used the gold connection a lot. They use that in amplifying the manipulation. (OK, that’s why I don’t like gold.) But they don’t usually interact directly with the soul. They usually do it multi-layered, and then they have arranged for there to be something like mimicking of their own consortium by other consortiums.

Hierarchy comes from them. They are the architects of the idea of hierarchy. They sit up looking good and grand and wise without anyone knowing that they had this dark interlacing occurring. They manoeuvred others to be the ones who are actually doing the dirty work. But the original intentions came from them, and they were able to see it on a grander scale. A small intrusive thought here or there that would seem to be unconnected, would be able to work in the web to create an outcome they were looking for.

So what has happened has happened. God coming through all of creation and realigning all to Divinity undermines everything they have created and done. Because as everything gets realigned, and he has re-established it through his own network of light, they had to cut off their own dark connections before this occured because otherwise it would become apparent. And they became desperate about what they were seeing happen, because they have been doing this for so long, from our perspective. For eons upon eons they have been doing this quietly in the background. And creations did not recognize what was actually going on. And their pocket was always hidden. No one realized what was actually going on there. Most just thought: It’s a really annoying place; we don’t want to go anywhere near it.

They tried to influence through others, but they didn’t do it through the large web because it would be too easily found out. So desperately, they did a more direct influencing of thoughts. When I as the Time Weaver was looking at the path that was affecting the thoughts, I was able to go back and to see them, what they had created, and their pathways. All of them.

Light came in, and immediately lit up the whole thing and suddenly all creation saw them and what they were, what they’ve been doing. And God came in and has taken this in hand. Light is very strongly aligned with what we would call Truth-Justice, and he has brought the light through the dark webbings that they have created and it is disintegrating.

Now those who have been influenced by them, or through their lackeys – those who have been in the many different levels, if they have been influenced for a long time, their societies and their cultures have been designed actually by these ones, of this consortium. That is why their cultures have to come down too. They would say, “We have good things here!” Yes, but the underlying frameworks of many of the cultures have a dark weave through them.

So Divinity has to go through and realign. As it does, it will realign or morph it into Divine. What we have known as cultures which were of their design is going to come down, but the individual souls and or beings that were parts of these cultures have been influenced for so long it is going to take a little while. They’re going to still try to do what they’ve always done because that is what they’re comfortable with and that is what they’ve known for so long, not realizing what it was. It’s going to be a little delicate at times, and at times it’s going to be very straightforward, because there were also within these hierarchical groups and cultures some that had a more direct connection with the consortium, and they would mimic it as in secret societies. All secret societies have connections, maybe not directly, but maybe 2, 3, 4, 5 levels down from the consortium because they’re mimicking the consortium in their manner, without consciously realizing what they are doing.

You can say: the head has been chopped off. It is having a strong effect throughout the all because these ones were very respected in their philosophies and ideas. They had influence with creation, and what we thought was beautiful, but we did not realize that under the beauty – you know you can have a song but under the song you have a secret message being played and you just hear the song? They had just a note here and there that was off that we did not realize was important, but they were interconnecting to it. We just heard the overall beauty of the songs, not realizing the secret, hidden notes with their information and messages therein.

So it has to be God who goes through, because he will recognize immediately every note that is not in line with divinity, and help to realign all who have been influenced in intrusive thoughts.

Be aware of an intrusive thought. An intrusive thought of guilt, fear, a desire for power, a sense of pleasure at finding the demeaning of another [Schadenfreude] – if you find those things and you recognize them immediately, encase them in light and ask for God to come and take care of them. to speed up the process.

There is still throughout the All a bit of a shock. There are so many who had revered, respected, loved and admired them.

When God comes through the All, nothing can be hidden. Even that which has been hidden since before the creation of the souls of the universe, anything that’s been done is going to be revealed and seen for all to see. Nothing is going to be hidden. If there is something that you have thought you were hiding, or maybe if you thought you were proud of your ability of being able to hide this, fall on your knees and beg for God’s help, because all of this is being taken out. and morphed. It’s going to be unsettling. Not bad, but there is an unsettling, a reassessing of everything that has been said and done, and how.

It’s going to be ok.

Now we understand why it went on for so long. It was not accidental. It’s going to be cleared up now. Everything’s coming out.

We needed this. This is a big cleaning house. We’re not just cleaning house in the Universe of the Souls, it’s cleaning house for all of creation. The more we start to clean, the more we realize, Oh, we need to clean over there too. Let’s just clean everything. Just relax, breathe, connect to that which you know is divine, and let everything settle and morph.