Although I’ve been reading books on reincarnation and karma since the late ’70s, I’ve only started to learn about ancestral karma in the last few years.

I’ve come to think of karma as a fluid spiritual substance that pools in places. It’s a bit like gravity; a force of nature that must be dealt with.

Painting of St. Sebastian by Andrea Manetegna, c. 1506

What follows is a partial transcript of a session in August 2018 in which St. Sebastian showed up, speaking through the client. You may have seen old paintings of him tied to a post, his torso pierced with many arrows which did not kill him. (His martyrdom came later.)

The client, who I’ll call “F”, had long felt that way, and wanted to know why. What Shakespeare’s Hamlet called “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” had plagued his life. None would ever kill him, but it made him wonder: were these trials the result of his own misdeeds or his personal karma? Or did it have something to do with the actions of some of his ancestors, who had been involved in dealings that had caused harm to others in a situation I’ll call “X”?

St. Sebastian came through, referring to himself lightly as “the pins and needles guy.”

It was quite the history lesson, among other things. St. Sebastian came across as very knowledgeable about human history, considering he lived in the third century A.D. Clearly, the spirit essence of St. Sebastian has continues to work closely with humans.

Details have been omitted for privacy, leaving only information that may be useful for others.

H: So how many of these arrows had to do with ancestral karma in F’s case?

S: That’s a good question. It’s a timely one. Right now there’s a lot of ancestral karma being cleared in different family lines, ancestral lines, because there’s been an over-accumulation of ancestral karma in the world, due to the fact that each generation has been unable to process the karma from previous generations – has refused to, or been unable to, or did not understand the need to process the karma. And they just kept going, making more mistakes from generation to generation, without clearing the air.

H: We’ve been told that many of the lightworkers who’ve been born into families carrying heavy karma are at the receiving end of a lot of arrows, so to speak.

S: That’s true. You probably have met a few already, and you’re going to meet some more. You’re going to meet some people wondering why they feel they have to take on so much karma, and once they understand the benefit of it, they’ll be happy to do it.

H: So how does that actually work then, when a person is on the receiving end of these arrows? How does it work to clear the karma?

S: Well, the arrows are an invitation to pay attention to karma, if you cannot find anything in yourself.

H: People will often blame themselves for the problems, rather than look at their family karma.

S: Yes.

H: So what can a person do, who finds themselves in that situation, to clear it faster?

S: When you feel those pins and needles that karma brings, that are symbolized by arrows, pay attention to them. You can look down the ancestral line.

H: That’s right. So in F’s case, for example, he’s been reading about X, and the relationship of his ancestors to X. So by looking into that is he helping to clear the ancestral karma?

S: Well, once he realizes what happened, he has to ask for the karma to be cleared. And it will be cleared if we find that he is aware of it. He cannot ask for something to be cleared that he’s not aware of. You cannot ask for blanket clearing.

H: So what about karma that might stem from the Crusades, for example, long ago?

S: That has been cleared through other interventions. Upheavals in history. The French Revolution…

H: That was clearing karma from the Crusades?

S: In part. The French Revolution was a carryover from the Age of Enlightenment which went partly wrong because it was monopolized by intelligencia. The French Revolution came later to take on the benefits of Enlightenment for the population in general. So the population in general could be educated, and have access to the benefits of Enlightenment. And this is what happened after the French Revolution; public education became priority number one for the state. So that helped a lot.

H: Interesting. So what about the American Revolution? Was it clearing karma for …

S: … Europe. They came to the States, these immigrants, fleeing impossible living conditions in Europe, to try a new life in North America. So their constitution was merely to avoid the constitutional mistakes of Europe. It had nothing to do with clearing karma from past abuse against Natives, for the land. Crimes against Gaia.

H: So what about the Native people, and the crimes against the land – that’s still outstanding?

S: Still outstanding.

H: So to clear that karma, is it up to the settlers, the white people, to learn about it?

S: Yes, this is going on as we speak.

H: And to re-establish a better relationship with Gaia?

S: Oh yes. Gaia started to hurt in the Industrial Revolution, and mechanization, and the use of heavy earth-moving equipment and rock blasting. It defaced the earth with their big machinery, and use of explosive powder and chemical products.

H: And so how will we clear that karma?

S: It is being cleared. You don’t need to know; it is being cleared as we speak. People are right now making efforts to clear it. In Canada they have the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. And in the US, they are pulling themselves together to get to the same point that Canada got, to clear karma. It’s only the beginning. So right now, hope is permitted, that karma will be cleared, because attempts are being made to clear it. The results are slow in coming, but it will come. It will come before 5d. It has to be.

H: Going back to X then …

S: F has learned enough about X that he can clear family karma in X. He knows enough.

H: So, does he need to ask, then?

S: In due time, he should ask, yes, through repetitive meditation, and a karma clearing session. You can look that up and see how it works. Much of it has to do with apologies on behalf of ancestors. It’s a process. It’s a protocol. It’s a spiritual protocol. Like what you call a ritual. You have to make the effort to familiarize yourself with the protocol. We cannot hand you everything on a silver platter. It has to come from you.

H: Is F the one who can best do that?

S: No, but he’s the only one available right now, who’s close enough to the people involved.

H: Is this a job that the incarnated must do?

S: Yes. This is a problem that was developed on earth by incarnated people and those who have passed away in the last seven generations. But those who have passed away that made it into the spirit world without difficulty, those cannot be expected to clear the karma, because they have done the work personally on themselves, so we look for spiritually strong individuals who are still incarnate in that family to try and do it. And if F can’t do it, maybe his children years later might be able to do it, or his grandchildren. We hope it will be done sooner, but if it’s delayed it will be passed on to other generations.

H: Now, I understand that children born past a certain time [the year 2000, I’d been told] will not be carrying ancestral karma anymore?

S: That’s right. They don’t feel it personally, but they can address it. But they don’t suffer the karma personally. Unlike F who feels the karma physically and mentally. This is why I came to help, because it does feel like a thousand arrows.

H: Is F’s [relative] able to help with this?

S: Yeah, but not as a prime mover. For now, we see F as the prime mover. We’re sorry for him, but he is the closest one.

By clearing karma, you’ll find that F’s ego will become more compliant. Because karma in a family will agitate your ego. It just makes you an agitated person, prone to overthinking. Busybodies. People who have a hard time sitting still. They’re always talking. Always churning up business. They can’t stay still. It’s karma doing that, in part. And greed too, mind you, but karma’s doing it. It’s this busybody attitude towards life. [The idea that] a life where you’re not always busy is not a full life – that’s a very wrong concept.

H: What about [another branch of his] family? Is there karma there?

S: Some, but he doesn’t need to address it; it’s taken care of by other relatives who were much closer to that.

H: Very good. And what about [a third branch]?

S: It has been taken care of already by [someone else].

First he has to separate himself from the family karma. Then he will see himself for what he truly is. A very good person. And the pins and needles he feels has nothing to do with anything he did. He has to separate himself from family karma – by clearing it. And stop feeling guilty for all those pins and needles that he doesn’t know what they were for. He probably thinks – old reflexes – that they were sins he’s committed in the past. It’s not that at all.