After personal inquiries in the Akashic Records, as channeled by Steve, I asked for a more general message. The Records team moved to another area where the “General Record for Gaia” is kept.

The Earth will go through drastic changes that will take humans by surprise. Scary at first then reassuring after that. It will show that the Earth knows what it’s doing. The Earth is an intelligent entity and knows what to do to fix things. It has resources. Not the ones we plunder. Its own resources that it uses for itself. It wants the Event. Tectonic shifts. So expect tectonic shifts.

We [people] think the problem right now is politics. The problem is not politics at all. It [politics] is nothing. It’s childish stuff. It’s stupid. The main thing is: how do we as humans pull together to prepare for a new life on this planet? That is what’s going to bring us together. We’re going to be faced with new realities so big that none of our experts or politicians will know what to do with it.

Each citizen, young and old, will have to take part in discussions and thinking about the future. And that’s the only way. And each one of us will have to make a covenant with Gaia. Each person on Earth will have to make a covenant.

The problem on Earth right now is that citizens, young and old, of any country, do not have any real sense of responsibility towards the earth, even though they feel sorry for what’s happening for the Earth. They don’t have a sense of responsibility because they feel disempowered.

What’s going to happen to Gaia and the [energy] waves we’re going to receive, the waves of love that are going to come, plus the manifestations of tectonic shifts of Gaia, is going to force us to come together as a people and take responsibility for our own lives and the way we conduct ourselves with Gaia. Do we use Gaia and her resources and how do we deal with each other?

Each one of us – and this is how proper politics should always be – each one of us will be responsible for themselves. And society will be structured accordingly. Governments, the economy, education, the arts, our culture, everything, will be structured to emphasize that each one of us will be responsible for the safekeeping of Gaia and ourselves. We will no longer leave it to experts. We will no longer farm it out. We will not look at the news then go back to our own little amusements. We will feel engaged by that process.

(I asked about specifics.) No specifics. This is just a general introduction. They can confirm that Gaia’s about to throw a fit. But a positive one. It’s not to destroy us. It’s to put us in charge. Gaia cannot have a proper relationship with Earthlings who cannot assume [i.e. take charge of] themselves. And it has nothing to do with politics. Don’t pay attention to rich and poor, smart and stupid, educated/uneducated, good vs bad politicians. Gaia needs your engagement, your commitment. No politics. It’s come down to that. They don’t give me dates or places. They just say that the general turmoil right now points in that direction. Gaia has the capability or know-how to clean her act. The mess she got into because of you guys. Except this time she will not do it on her own. She’s tired of it.

There will be a re-enactment of the covenant between humans and the Earth, individually and collectively. There’s going to be a symbolic re-enactment that involves birth. And now they keep saying the same things again. You have to be responsible to the Earth. Each one of you is responsible. You’ve been so disempowered, most of you. You always wait for others to take care of those problems, not you. You always thought politicians would take care of it, the church will take care of it, your parents will take care of it. Your bosses will take care of it. It’s no longer the case. We live in a society where people shrug off problems and pass them along. Like you shovel snow and toss it somewhere else.  (Q: Like we shovel snow onto the street and wait for the plough to fill your driveway with it.) There’s no more plough for the earth’s problems.

The re-enactment, the birth process with Gaia is a celebration of our partnership. By partnership it means being responsible to act, not just to think. We’ll have to know each one of us will be aware of how much they’re depleting the resources around them. Not in the negative sense that they should feel guilty or bad, just so that they know whether they’re in safe limits or not. (Q: Sounds like everyone needs to take a Permaculture course.)

We’ve got a few centuries to go before the universe will complain again. The next complaint will come from the Solar System about the overuse of nature’s resources. It will point out how people on Earth are depleting the resources of the solar system. By that time they will have learned to protect Gaia as their safe haven. They’re going to tap into the Sun’s energy to solve all their problems of energy, cause they’re such energy users. They will learn to live with the existing levels of energy of Earth, on Gaia, and will start colonizing space, the solar system. And there’s going to be some harm done to the solar system by Earth explorers.

The problem that remains in 5d is complacency. That will not be wiped out with the disappearance of 3d (i.e. the shift of the planet and her people to a higher level of consciousness). And complacency means – you can guess. People will become comfortable with their way of being and will have a hard time predicting the effects of their conduct on what’s around them. They’ll think everything is just tickity-poo until problems arise. It’s an internal struggle for the maintenance of awareness. Once things get too easy for intelligent beings, they try to follow the path of least resistance and just go on autopilot. And that’s when mistakes are made. And 5d does not preclude that, unfortunately not yet. Despite the fact that we will have our act together for living on Gaia. But humans cannot expand as a race unless we expand to other planets.

April 22, 2018 (Earth Day, as I realized much later!)