As told by the Time Weaver, channelled by my friend Dawn Schwarz, a BQH practitioner in Georgia. I have transcribed and lightly edited it from the video at the bottom of the page. You may want to read or listen to The Birth of Creation first.

There is a difference between what is being called the Ascension and what is being called the Shift. They are two different things. They coincide and work together. One of the wonders of God is all the complexity and uniqueness, and there’s also an underlying current of cohesion. So it all works together.

The Ascension is a regular, natural process that occurs. It is just growing up! Maturing. Becoming more of ourselves. Growing up is better. It is normal.

There are times when one area may grow up little more – it’s just like different age groups, I guess – not really ages, but we’ll call it that. It’s just a natural process. And planets, solar systems, galaxies, all ascend. Everything that exists ascends. You grow, you mature to the next age level, or whatever you want to call it. On Earth, they tend to go by tens of years once they reach a certain age: the twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, like that, as levels of their maturity. So Ascension is like that, and planets do it.

Gaia, and everything on her, the whole area, is going to ascend. There is an ascension that is overdue. The maturing needed to happen, but it was overdue. It was held back to try to help more people. Because it was overdue, it sort of built up, and so it’s more of a bumph, rather than (say it slowly, with a singsong voice): a threeeeee-foooouuurr-fiiiive.

Earth loves this; she’s a bit impatient, and wants it to go (say it quickly): three-fo-five!

(Earth’s brothers and sisters observe, laconically:) Like, ok, well that is gonna be interesting…

(Gaia, the Earth spirit, says excitedly:) And we’re going to do it with everybody on the planet, everything on the planet, everything around, and the reverberation of this will go through the universe, go whooosh!!!  

(And they’re all going like:) Well, ok, that is an ascension process.

But it is a natural one.

Not just on Earth, but in other pockets of the universe also, a loss of connection to divinity has occurred. There is a stuckness; they have literally become lost in it and can’t get out on their own. There’s so much of the stuckness, and it has affected others and spread everywhere.

The Shift is different from the Ascension, but connected to it. You cannot truly ascend without being in your divinity. We are coming to that point very fast where we’ll not be able to ascend anymore without enough people connecting to their divinity.

So God has made a decision, in collaboration and with much council, much discussion, and I will use the word “debates” but it was not in anger, it was different opinions. I [the Time Weaver] am present in the council, in the debating, and the opinions being shared back and forth. It was many, many opinions and councils of try this, try that, what if we do this, well let’s just wait a little longer….

We don’t have a name for this council, but it includes the archangels, the second generation, the first generation, and even the third generation. We are not a quiet, stoic choir singing the praises of the Most High – we’re not like that. We make voices, we play jokes, we have fun, and all of the conversations and debates related to how to deal with all this have been exhaustive. We have tried everything, done everything, debated everything, and come up with a gazillion different plans. “Let’s try this!” “Well then, let’s try that!” “Well, let’s try this over here!” “Ok, you try that, and you try this, and we’ll see what….” It has been like that.

Q: I’m getting the feeling that the spiritual universe is like a really big family reunion, with kids running all over the place, things flying….

Yes. And very colorful. A happy big family, and you have cliques and quirks, whereas certain ones may like to spend more time with another, but then they’ll walk over and spend more time with this one. Yes, we do have the crazy cousins over in the corner who are really weird. We have those too. I might be that sometimes. But still, that’s beside the point.

(The Great Mother laughed a little bit, but the Great Father rolled his eyes to say, “Yes, she is.” That is my personality. That’s why I’m saying we are fun.)

If you want to know what is the closest that you can connect to, in your dimension, to what is Spirit: babies, and children of small ages, under three, and baby animals. When you watch them, when they have food and shelter and are not suffering, when they feel safe and loved, watch how they act and react to things.

Q: Like when I was covered in leaves and marshmallows.

Yes, this is the true nature of things. Yes, there will always be one over there that’s like really busy, like “Let me do numbers and straight lines….” and others say “Alright, fine, we’re going to have fun.” He says, “This is fun.” It’s like [others then say], “Ok, your thing.”

I know in the experiences that you’ve had, not just in this life but in other lives, there have been lots of walls and rules and harshness and denying of self. That’s not the nature of God.

About the Shift, there is word that she [Dawn] likes to say, because it is fun to say. It’s “haboob”. She loves “haboob”. It is such a fun word to say. She likes the concept of it. It is like a white rainbow light, haboob. It is not filled with painful danger, obscure….

Q: To everyone else listening, a haboob could also be like a dust storm. [Google it and look at the pictures. It’s a wall of dust.]

A dust storm, yes. But it comes in a wall. And everything is affected by it. You don’t go under an umbrella and not be affected by it. It’s not that way. It’s not coming down, it comes from all directions.

Q: It sort of comes through.

Yes, that is why she likes the haboob. There’s going to be a haboob of divinity. A haboob of God’s essence himself. It is going to come through and go through everything, and remind us, everything: every atom, every molecule, every essence of everything, it will remind them of their divinity. That which was lost. And it is going to be wondrous. It is like – sometimes on Earth you have big surprise parties. It is like we are planning a big surprise party for everybody. And they sort of know it’s coming, but they don’t know when. So it is going to be a surprise party. And there’s going to be streamers, and Silly String, and it’s going to be wonderful!

So that is what the difference is between the Ascension and the Shift. If you want to start calling it the Divine Haboob, we like that. That is fun.

Q: “Shift” is vague and sort of ominous.

People do not like – they become afraid with change, because they are so dense and dark they cannot see the future. So change for them is very fearful. “Shift” has a level of uncomfortableness and fear. But this is the Divine Haboob. Though, it is true, for those who are insistent and are so cruel in their darkness, the Divine Haboob will not be comfortable. Because it’s going be calling you back to your divinity. It’s going to be a whooooooooo through everything of your divinity.

But if you are fighting it to your very essence and core, every atom of yours will be fighting against it, and that will not be comfortable. So that’s why I have said it is better, if you are having problems, to just be quiet, wait a second, and then you’ll get it. But for those who love survival of the fittest, powerful hierarchy, who do not want to be of what is divine, who like rules, and walls, they will be uncomfortable.

And it is not just one degree and the other degree [one or the other]. For the majority of the All, it is going to be wonderful, fun and very refreshing. For many it will be like for the first time in their life, breathing fresh air. For someone who’s always lived in a smoggy city, like Hong Kong, born and raised there, and all of a sudden they wake up one morning and they’re in the mountains of the Alps, and the air is fresh and the sky is blue and they can see as far as they want and there’s grass and flowers – it will be like that, the difference before and after the Divine Haboob.

So that is what things are. It is a surprise; it is soon, but it is a surprise.

The difference had to be explained because it will help with the resistance some may have towards the Shift when it occurs, if you have this. When you listen to people talk – and there’s much information that has been brought; there are other cultures outside of Earth that have been trying to help and there’s been messages that have been sent to Earth about the ascension, and there have been good jobs done. But sometimes things get added – not lost, but added in translation, and the anxieties and fears that you experience as a human come into it, and it is time to clarify. It is time, so that you can rest and relax and not be worried.

Ascension is just natural. It will just happen. And the Shift is beautiful and wonderful and you will love it and enjoy it and it is fine. It will go everywhere. There is no place where it does not go. No place. It is not limited to Earth. There is no place it will not go. And when it has come to its fullness, the original Divine plan will be realized. And they say “original” because our nature is never to stay [put], always to expand.

But at that point, like in Star Wars – I do like that movie, maybe because it is in your consciousness so well – when the Emperor no longer had the hold over the people, and they showed the partying in all the different worlds, it will be like that. And all of everything, the partying, the joy, the freshness will just be everywhere. There will be quite a time period of elation and joy. And that will be the realization of the original Divine Plan.

It has been in the making for (oh, that time thing) we will say a very long time. It has always been moving, it has always been creating, it has always been beautiful. We had a bit of a hiccup, when things got a little clogged, but it is going to come, it is going to be. It could not be anything else but this.

So I wanted to bring you this. You could have some settling, and be not worried, and you could relax, because relaxing will be very beneficial. You do not have to be worried, and you do not have to go out and fix everything you see that is broken. If you feel compelled to, do it, but if you do not feel compelled to, just stand in love and light. Grow in love and light, and spread love and light, and that will be enough. That’s all you need to do. Everything is taken care of.

We send you our love. Our complete love. And so now we will stop. Thank you. 

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