K’s Monastery friends at the Cosmic Wiki said:

K: It is the quiet masses that will transform your world.

H: The quiet masses.

K: They are also transmitting. It is real.

H: They are transmitting to…

K: … into the world. Their contentment, their gratefulness, their enoughness, their acceptance, moment to moment to moment. [But] that is not what is driving your world at this time. What is driving your world is “not enough”, “inadequate”, “insufficient”, “I need more”. “I am not enough; I need more.” And when you create institutions based on that vibration, they cannot contribute to the raising of humanity. It will happen from the inside, not the outside. It is happening from the inside, not the outside.

H: Do you have any way of measuring the acceleration of awakening of light on the planet? Do you have any kind of way to describe a trend that would satisfy my scientific, graph-oriented mind?

K: What I heard was, Not in a way that that you would understand. We see more like pulsations and waves and frequency, and they are constantly changing. Up and down, and in dimensions. When you use your earthly measuring devices, they cannot encompass what we see. [You measure] speed, height, depth. What we see is quantities of light, quantities of darkness. We perceive, we don’t measure. We perceive lightness, and we see much variation, we see sometimes regional – on a global –

(K commented, “Maybe this isn’t something I can get; I don’t know.”)

H: Well my question as you were going into that, I could sort of see, looking at the planet, that there might be areas where the light is strongest.

K (her own comment, not channelling): I was seeing like flashes, like something starts to grow here, then maybe something gets dark here and it’s very dynamic.

H: Fluctuating all the time. If I asked about particular area, say if I asked about the continent of Africa, can you see a pattern there? Can you see patterns?

K: There are there are African societies who are striving to create more self-sufficiency, less reliance. And yet there are remnants of past, huge indiscretions. I use the word loosely. Scar tissue holds some down and inspires others to rise. All continents, all countries are subject to the whims of their leaders until a sufficient number of inhabitants rejects the leader, or the leaders, and then it may change. When it changes, is it permanent? Ha. That is why if you wish to create more harmony and cooperation on your planet, the form of governance must be radically altered. Even countries perpetuate the same discrepancies between the haves and the have-nots. Until you see your responsibility as human beings for other human beings without legislation, when it becomes a natural, heart based, ‘I wish to see my neighbor as myself; I wish to see this person’s needs met as mine are met;’ until that comes not from legislation but from the heart, war will continue.

H: How do we get there?

K: (in a whisper) One individual at a time. And enlightened leaders who are not attached to being leaders. Leaders who see it as service to humanity and not severance from humanity.

H: You’ve seen the trends of other societies on other planets that have ascended and got through this stage, I suppose. Are there lessons that can be applied from from those situations to Earth’s?

K: There were some civilizations where they eliminated themselves. The ones that – we use the word “succeeded” loosely – the ones where there is more stability, more sustainability, are ones where the government tends to be more global, where there is a shared sense of responsibility for the entire planet and not this spot and this spot and this spot.

But as we said you cannot legislate compassion. You cannot legislate. It has to come from and it can be embodied by the leaders which can inspire the inhabitants.

H: There’s a big resistance to the idea of global government. (I was referring to the idea of a “New World Order” corporate-controlled dictatorship that many people think we’re headed for. That’s not what they had in mind.)

K: A global government does not mean unlimited power. It means shared power. It means shared responsibility. It would be conceived in such a way that no one could hijack it. The resistance is coming from people who cannot conceive of, much less embody, the very qualities which would make it work. The people who are pushing back are not putting humanity’s interest above their own. For the time being it is beyond the comprehension of many of your inhabitants.