Steve got this “download” on the morning of August 21, 2021. It seems to be one of those broadcasted messages that go out to whoever can pick it up, although it also addressed questions he was having. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear other channellers on the same theme within the next few days.

Half an hour later, he got the message that the next step, after people have stepped into their personal awakening and sovereignty, would be to harmonize perspectives to build a collective future. But this will only happen once people are standing in their own power as individuals. Text below.

“Get into your own power. Don’t seek shelter under the power of a huge organization: financial, political, otherwise. They’re not safe.

“Unfortunately, you’re going to see individuals breaking away from large organizations, and you’re going to see organizations chasing away individual members because they don’t conform anymore. But that’s the rule right now. There’ll be fewer and fewer people conforming to anything until the new paradigms are in place. You will not know what to conform to. You will not. You have to go into your own self. If you don’t go inner, inside, you’re going to miss out on major important steps in this shift. There are recovery methods, but they’ll make things look more complex to you.”

“Recovery methods?” I asked.

“People who have a hard time going through the shift – I think this refers to those areas I saw on approaches to 5d, where people were sort of being accepted subject to further – people were being directed for help on the way to 5d cause they needed to have more awareness, to be able to shift.

“You cannot shift as a robot. You cannot shift if you’re asleep. You just can’t. You have to be awake. You have to swim across the river. You don’t swim in your sleep. You have to be awake to swim. And you have to swim. Each person has to swim across the river to get to the new earth. You have to swim. And there’s a current.

“That crossing does not exist to eliminate people. It’s not like an exam. It’s just – if you want to be what 5d is all about, you can’t just go in there with your eyes closed and expect everything to be done for you automatically. Abundance does not go that far for people, not [for] individuals.

“This is all about your individual power. It has to shine to cross that divide into 5d. It seems to be the condition, Heather. You cannot hide under the power of large organizations, saying “I’m Christian, I’m [a] Jew, I’m a member of this, I’m a member of that, all I have to do is wait for the whole organization to go through 5d.” It doesn’t work like that. It’s each person on their own. Go inward. That we know. But what wasn’t said clearly so far is that: Don’t count on any collective agency, other than Spirit.

“And that’s hard for a lot of people. It’s very hard. To feel like they have to own their own self. They’re so used to giving up their power. They’ll have a very hard time taking off their uniforms and feeling naked. Being able to stand, feeling naked in this shift. Naked is who you are! Alone, facing Creator. You have to get to that point. It’s not Judgment Day. It’s you and Creator. Call Creator what you want. You and where you come from, and where you’re going back to.

“5d will not reprogram you for 5d. You have to put things in motion yourself. Individually, accept, surrender. Surrender is a way of accepting. It doesn’t mean going in there with your eyes closed. You go in there with your eyes open, and then accept what you see, what needs to be done, and do it. People who live like automatons are going to have a hard time. They’re the ones who are going to need a lot of help. But the help can only be geared towards buttressing their own individual power, not to do it for them.”