I just found this poem on my late sister Pamela’s computer. She wrote it in 2009.

The child looked in his mother’s eyes
Tears streaming down his face
Would that your tears could heal the world
And leave joy in their place.

Another child, his eyes he hides
Behind a sideways glance;
To be relieved of shamefulness
And given half a chance.

But crippled we stumble forward
Feet bruised by awkward stones
Bump blindly ‘gainst each other
While crying for a home.

How can we come together;
Release each other’s pain
Embrace each other’s right to love
Make harmony again?

Come travel through all time and space,
Through lifetimes here and past,
Explore the reason for the pain,
And bring some peace at last.

January 11, 2009 Pamela Holm

At the time of Pamela’s death in 2019, she was studying Guided Imagery and Music, which has similarities to Quantum Healing Hypnosis (read more here).