The price (energy exchange) of a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with me, which runs from 4-6 hours, is $333.

Payment accepted by:

  • cash (in person)
  • e-transfer (if you have a bank account in Canada)
  • cheque (USD or CAD, mailed in advance)
  • Credit card or PayPal.

For clients in Canada, I will deduct the appropriate amount of GST/HST, depending on the province you live in, from the $333, which will show on my invoice. The total price with GST/HST remains $333.

I live in a part of Canada where a lot of people are earning minimum wage, are unwaged or precariously self-employed, and I know this seems like a lot of money. I’ve been there. If you are truly ready to do this work, I want you to do it, so contact me anyway. 

On the other hand, if you are able to contribute to the spiritual health of the community by sponsoring someone else’s session, please let me know as I have a fund for such purposes.

Sessions take place online or in my home near Mahone Bay (depending on current circumstances).

Online sessions can be just as good as in-person sessions for various reasons. Read more….

For online sessions, I will send you the recording after the session.

For in-person sessions, it’s actually easier for me to email you the recording afterwards. That way I can improve the audio quality first. Alternatively you can bring a USB key (8 GB or more) for the audio and video files. I also have some available for $10 (my cost).

Please note: Any healing that happens in a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session is done by you. I am only your guide in exploring this process. I am not a psychotherapist, medical professional, or licensed in any way. Legally, I cannot diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions, or make any health claims. This service is not coverable by any insurance policy.

Heather Holm

Heather Holm

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