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Suggested offering for a Quantum Healing session, which runs from 4-6 hours, is $180. Cash only at this time, please.

Subsequent sessions are shorter, reducing the cost to $150.

Two ideas to help you think about cost:

  1. It’s basically a full day’s work for me, and although I love doing these sessions, that time and energy would otherwise be used in my web design business, in my garden, or with my family.
  2. The idea of energy exchange. Your commitment to the process determines how much you benefit from it. An energy exchange in cash or kind is an expression of that commitment.

I don’t want to turn anyone away for lack of funds, so if you are experiencing financial hardship, I’m willing to barter if you have goods or services that my family can use.

Alternatively, if you are able to contribute to the spiritual health of the community by sponsoring someone else’s session, please let me know as I will create a fund for such purposes.

Sessions take place in my home near Mahone Bay or online.

For in-person sessions, please bring a USB key (8 GB or more) for the audio and video files. If you don’t bring one, I have some available for $10 (my cost).

Please note: Any healing that happens in a Quantum Healing session is done by you. I am only your guide in exploring this process. I am not a psychotherapist, medical professional, or licensed in any way. Legally, I cannot diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions, or make any health claims. This service is not coverable by any insurance policy.