It was November 11, 2017, when Steve channelled my old friend M for the third time. I had known her as a spiritual teacher and mentor who had died about 10 years before. The first time I talked to her through Steve, earlier in 2017, she had integrated her previous life as M, a task which we all must do eventually after we leave this life and before we can merge with the Higher Self. M had accomplished this task faster than most, and was eager and excited to incarnate again and “help make 5d a success”.

The second conversation happened, incredibly, just as she was being born. How literally one can take that, I don’t know, but such had been the circumstances and emotions of the conversation.

This third conversation was instructive, but left me with unanswered questions.

As Steve and I settled into another session of spirit communication, I suggested contacting M again. “When you last channelled M, as the baby was being born, she asked me to watch over her and stay in touch, so I wonder if you’re able to check in and see how she is.”

“Can she still talk?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I wonder.”

He went inward, seeking her, then said softly, “Okay, call her. Go ahead.”

“M, you asked me to watch over you. I don’t know where you are but can I contact you in spirit through Steve? Last time we talked, you were about to enter the body of a baby being born. You asked me to watch over you. To stay in touch. Is it possible to do that?”

Steve answered. “She just told me she’s on an accelerated timeline, whatever that means.”

“What is an accelerated timeline?” I wondered aloud.

“I don’t know, but she wanted to talk through me. She is on an accelerated timeline because she’s already six years old right now. She’s a little girl, walking with her parents in Disney World. She’s going to be American again. She’s going to make changes from America.”

“So is she in Disney World in 2017 or is she in Disney World in 2022? How does that work?” I mused. He didn’t understand it either. “Will she be grown up then faster then?”

“She’s on an accelerated timeline so she can be a worker with the Shift. She says she’s only partially incarnate because… what she’s telling sounds complicated. She’s telling me things I don’t understand.”

He then let her speak directly.

“Only part of my consciousness is in that girl. All that needs to be in that girl right now is in that girl. She doesn’t need all of my consciousness. Most of my consciousness, the part that does not fit into the six-year-old girl still lives outside the incarnate body.”

“Is that how we are able to talk to you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” answered Steve. “Because that little girl with her parents cannot hold everything that the consciousness of M holds. And M’s consciousness cannot stop shining. It’s still shining. The full consciousness is what we’re getting messages from right now. But I don’t feel her close, not like last time.”

“So more of you will enter as circumstances require, then?” I asked.

“She says: If you’ve heard of split personalities, you’ll understand split consciousness, and you will find out about this as you read the material for your course.”

“For the QHHT course?” At the time, I was studying QHHT and would start my practice sessions later that month. In fact, some things M had said in my previous conversation with her had made me decide to take the course. “Are you familiar with Dolores Cannon and her work?”

“She’s known,” was the answer.

I got enthusiastic. “I hadn’t read her books before, so I’m glad to be reading them now.” I went on, eager to discuss the course with the M I had known. But it wasn’t appropriate, as she let me know.

“In all fairness to that little girl that I’m going to inhabit fully soon, because she’s growing, I cannot act completely as a spirit. I can let you know I’m here. But in all fairness to her, I need to forget everything when I inhabit her completely, and I have to respect who she is. I have to tame my own consciousness to make it fit in that six-year-old pretty soon. Then you will not be able to reach me.”

“Will you bring in your wisdom when you enter fully into the little girl?”

“That’s the plan. As her body grows I’ll be able to inhabit her fully. Right now it would be too much for her.”

“Is this the way it always is? Or is this unusual?”

“Some people chose to incarnate through a walk-in,” she explained. “Others choose to be reborn in a new body, and others just choose to incarnate, period. Which is what I’m doing too, except that, despite my attempt to be modest, my consciousness has expanded to the point where I have to wait for the body I’m born in to be mature enough for my consciousness to inhabit the body. Meantime the consciousness is fully there, but I cannot advise people freely because I have to prepare myself to inhabit that body. I cannot exercise two functions at the same time, officially. I’m talking to you in an unofficial capacity.”

“Okay,” I said, “I won’t ask any more questions about anything other than what you’re dealing with now. Is the accelerated timeline….” I still couldn’t stop myself asking questions.

“It’s my timeline. Don’t worry about it. You’ll understand one day. I cannot teach you. I don’t have permission to teach. I only have permission to prepare to inhabit that body, and it’s only six years old.”

I had so much to learn. But she went on to share an important piece of information that we all could keep in mind.

“Sometimes when you see children who have what they call a mental handicap until they’re older, who seem to have slower intellectual functions when they’re young, and they’re diagnosed as having some sort of a mental development impediment, it can be a misdiagnosis. If you could see this little six-year-old girl, she looks like she’s not completely there. She doesn’t have a full consciousness yet. People might even say she’s retarded, which she’s not. She just has to function at a slower speed. But she’s growing as she’s supposed to, at her own pace, and she’ll be ready to have my consciousness inhabit her. So just keep in mind that sometimes when children display signs of being slow in growing, they’re actually preparing for something pretty major.”

“Well, that’s very interesting,” I said.

“You’ll find out about it too as you read Dolores. There’s all kinds of reasons for children to be challenged in their mental development, and we haven’t started canvassing all these possibilities yet.”

“Yeah, and we should never judge,” I said.

“No, people will be surprised when they find out.”

“I wonder if we will ever meet again,” I said.

“I don’t know everything, she answered. “I’m not sure I’m supposed to say the things that I say, because I’m not supposed to teach.”

“Right. Maybe it’s hard to help yourself, when you’re speaking with us incarnated beings.”

“Anyway, I heard you call me, but I’m leading a very quiet life right now.”

“Yeah. Are you happy with the parents? Are they good parents, do you think?”

“They’re good parents. But if I was born that family, it’s because I have a lesson to teach them about children who are mentally challenged.”

“Well I hope she’s enjoying Disney World.”

“Oh yes, very much.”

“We wish you much love, and love to the little girl.”

“I’m sorry I’m not much more talkative, but it’s better this way.”

She had been extremely engaging and talkative in the first conversation. But this time, I could feel that her attention was focused away from me and on the child.

“I understand. Thank you very much.”