From a QHHT session in 2018, this segment describes a soul from a high-dimensional civilization who came to Earth and got stuck in the density, stuck on the wheel of Karma, and has worked their way out and up.

You may wish to read the post on the higher self being like a parachute that stays in a higher dimension, connected to us as we dive into the dense Earth environment by cords of light which sometimes become cut.

In this part of the session, I’m talking with the client’s higher self.

H: So she’s had some challenges in her life. Did some of those cords [of light, connecting her to her higher self] get cut?

C: Yes, for sure.

H: What happened?

C: Well – she knows this herself. She had a dream in which she was in a state like Lemuria on Earth, and she was a nature sprite. She was disembodied, or she was in the fairy realm or whatever, except you wouldn’t have fairies; she was a tree spirit. She lived in the leaves, but as an energetic entity. And over the course of time in this dream she realized – well sort of a dream, it was a teaching that she got, that she had one single negative thought one day and that immediately precipitated her into greater density. And then because it’s sticky, it attracted more dense thoughts and like that, she just – it’s like water evaporating away from clay. The disembodied part evaporated away and the clay was left, and then she was stuck. And she was sticky and then that brought a whole cycle of karmic lives that were just, some of them, pretty awful, and she had to learn about hate, and she had to learn about resentment, and she had to learn about all these things, and then she had to learn about giving them up gradually. And yeah, it’s been a very, very long journey.

H: How many lives?

C: It’s not thousands, it’s probably hundreds. Starting in Lemuria, there were lives in Atlantis and then all the way through. Really, this lifetime has been time of tying up loose ends. She’s mostly out of it, but there are some loose ends to tie up.

H: So what about the implant that she had?

C:  There was a war, long, long ago. And that’s when it happened. So it’s been there for a long, long time.

H: So it’s been there for lifetimes and lifetimes.

C: Yeah. It was an implant for enslavement and it was put in by off-world entities that had a control agenda. And because of the higher self, because of the knowledge or gifts or whatever that I had, they didn’t want people like me with knowledge and ability around. We were too dangerous. So it was a way – like a collar.

H: So are those entities still active?

C: Oh yeah. But without the implant they can’t find her.

H: Very good. Does she need any other protection?

C: She’s doing just fine with the protection that she’s giving herself. And she knows that she mustn’t dwell on any kind of dark thoughts, but she’s known that for a long time now. She consciously knows it, and why.

H: The troubles that she had making changes in her life, are those part of that?

C: Yes. It was all a suppression thing.  

H: General suppression of the will?

C: Yeah, these entities are into keeping people really depressed and kind of a little bit desperate, because it lowers their light. It lowers their ability. It lowers their ability to work in the world and be effective and so they can bring about hardship.

In her personal life it grabbed hold when she was a fetus, and created this programming that was extremely difficult and hard to overcome, and she had to work with it. It was part of the density that she had to work with. She also learned a great deal about forgiveness and all the qualities of heart that the light brings to the density, and how to latch onto those to drag yourself out of the mud, basically. So little by little through this lifetime, in her personal life, she has had to learn a great deal about compassion and open-heartedness. Just gradually pulling herself out of the swamp.

H: She’s had some very dramatic experiences of beings of light with her.

C: Yeah, those were sent to remind her of her true self, of her higher self. And they were like more of these little blessings that got through the muck and gave her a clue about who she really was, and started her journey of remembering so that she could grab more and more of those opportunities and come into her full knowing of herself.

H: At the end of this life, will she be able to go back home?

C: Yes.

H: Very good. So the shafts of light she found herself in, laser beams of light, is that like the path to her higher self? The parachute?

C: Yes, it was it was her true essence self. Again it was a reminder. This is who you are, this is what you’re about. It was like a lighthouse in the storm. Like, you can’t ignore this; this is who you really are, and this is why you’re here so this is what you’re aiming for.

H: Great. She wonders, does she have any more karma to work out, or could she have a peaceful death when she passes this time?

C: She doesn’t have any more karma to work out if she can keep herself from creating more, and I think she’s pretty aware and probably won’t do that, even though there are still the temptations that there always are on Earth to go to a denser level, but she’s been really good at saying ‘No, no, I’m not doing that.’ Her death can definitely be peaceful because she’s learned a lot. And she’s dropped so much density in this lifetime, I don’t see any blockages, I don’t see any impediments. She will continue to work with the usual ups and downs of life that come along but she knows the path to take: the path of forgiveness, the path of love. At times it may be challenging, she may experience annoyance, but the pattern that she’s established in her life of working with everything that comes up and letting it go and moving towards forgiveness, towards forgiving herself and forgiving the other person, all lead her in the direction that she wants to go.

H: Very good. So what is her purpose now? She’s wondering what’s her sense of purpose for the rest of her life?

C: What first comes to mind is joy. To really find and to enjoy joy – that it’s really here that it’s really a part of Earth that she has not ever remembered for a long long time, because of being so caught in the density. But it really is a vibration that is actually here on earth, and one that you can participate in so it’s just to fully imbue yourself with that, and to have fun!

H: Oh that sounds good. She’s earned it, eh? [laughter]

C: Yeah she has definitely earned it yeah.

H: And the other thing is about having a conscious death which is something that she wants – to die consciously and peacefully. Does that require a certain level of consciousness that she has yet to   attain or is she there?

C: She knows how to die.

H: She’s done it before.

C: Yeah. She knows how to die and will have that opportunity.  

H: For a conscious death with going home. Which we would call ascension too, would we not?

C: Yeah. I mean she’s learned in her healing work to travel up and down the energetic   frequencies, so she knows how to just let the body go.

H: She knows the route.

C: She knows the route.

Her soul’s journey beyond Earth

H: Has she lived on other 3d environments? Other three-dimensional like earth dense environments before coming to earth?

C: I think so. I think so, but they weren’t at all like earth. They were dense but they weren’t – it doesn’t serve me to go there.

H: All right. Is there anything more you’d like to tell her about the origins of her spirit? Where she’s been – her path on her way to earth?

C: I’m just getting – I’m not getting words, I’m getting an image of just crystalline bright, bright, bright, bright light, just like a shower of bright, bright light. It’s just very shimmery and very, very bright, that’s all I can say, like diamonds. And that feels as high removed from my higher self as I do from – yeah. It’s sort of like I almost can’t believe it, but that really is.

H: Is that Source?

C: Yeah.

H: Okay, just hold that image in your mind so you can remember it. When you listen to the recording it’ll come back, the memory of that.

C: Yeah it’s beautiful. So I guess that my higher self wants me to know that I’ve really done it. I’ve really climbed out of the clay and learned the full process of being embodied on earth and taken down to the worst low densities and climbed out again. It has been a very long journey but I’ve made it. And yes, I well deserve this rest, and to know that it can exist on Earth, and it can exist for me.