Skeptics, you can believe this or not, but here goes:

Many channeled sources say that there are many souls on Earth today whose “home” world is in the Pleiades, or they have significant experience there.

It is also said that the Pleiadian system has more skin in the game than any other star race, as it has contributed more DNA to our species in this garden that is Earth (read Dolores Cannon’s books for more on this), so our bodies are genetically more compatible with the Pleiadian type soul than with those from any other star system.

Still, it is not a perfect fit. Life in an Earth body is a challenge for someone whose soul did not evolve here, especially if they have had no or few previous lives on this planet.

Two people I know, one a client in a Quantum Healing session between lives, and the other spontaneously during a life crisis, while in meditation, have recalled experiences of being in a crystal healing chamber receiving an “attunement” to help them with their lives on planet Earth. The client knew she was in the Pleiades, and received detailed information, as the being operating the chamber was a higher aspect of a guide she had been consciously working with for a long time.

I got these two people to compare notes, and they were amazed that they seemed to have experienced the same place, down to the details of the “lounge chair” they were seated in.

So in my session with J in January 2018, I had some context for asking questions when the following occurred.

The first thing J heard as the “past life” part of the session got underway was a voice commenting on astronauts’ moon rover. “What are they up to now?” The consciousness speaking was a collective, projecting itself to see what was happening on the moon, and she was part of that collective.  I asked her to follow the consciousness back to its origin, and a new voice came in, saying:

J: The part that was mentioned as being Pleiadian (in our talk before the hypnosis session), has been temporarily sent back to the Pleiadian system for recovery.

H: And who am I speaking with now?

J: The name is not translatable.

H: Well, who are you in relation to the part that was sent back to the Pleiadian system?

J: We have different talents and strengths that we draw together …. Now … she … it comes out as the word “she” …

H: Yes, she’s female on planet Earth.

J: Wasn’t enjoying many aspects of that stay there. But it was (sigh) very tiring.

H: Very tiring? So what’s happening with her? Is she going back for healing?

J: She has gone back for rest and recuperation.

H: Very interesting. So can you tell me what is she experiencing there, and will she remember it?

J: Those who work with the ones who return for rest and recuperation, I feel like they were also part of – the word “Atlantian” comes to mind, and there have been what one would call “failed experiments” on Earth. Not failed in the true sense, but they drew to a close, as some Pleiadian teams chose to stay on the Earth plane, and integrate into the human form. And others chose to return to the Pleiadian civilization, which is not a single one but also evolves in its own time measurement.

H: So J who you are speaking through, she is one of the ones who chose to stay?

J: The Pleiadian part still wishes to return to the Earth timeframe.

H: Is she getting some healing as she…

J: The Atlantean collective in the Pleiadian complex provides those of us who need to return for rest with frequency changes, and to sink into a state of quietude in which it’s possible to extract those – sharp and discordant sound tones in a very gentle manner. And – yes – to further improve the frequency connection between Pleiadian energy and the Earth body energy.

H: Now, I have heard of crystalline chambers in the Pleiades where people have experienced attunements, healings I think. Is that what she will be experiencing now?

J: Hmm… it is the attunements and it is done to bring the frequencies closer together, of the Pleiadian aspect and the Earth aspect, so those who work within that structure are skilled at entering the crystalline structure. There’s something in the brain, the physical brain, the Earth brain, there are crystals in the Earth brain which are appropriate to be there.

H: What is the role of those crystals?

J: There is, one would call, a dual purpose, in that there is on the physical level, silica and other minerals that are appropriate to be contained within the physical structure, and with which harmonize with those mineral structures in the Earth and within the physical body itself, and which facilitate the movement of a flow of subtle energy through the body structure and through the energy channels and help to hold together the molecular structure. It gives integrity to the physical body. Holds the integrity of the physical body in its appropriate form and function.  And then the other aspect of the physical crystals that provides the purpose of being, one would say, senders and receivers, of subtle energies from frequencies further outside the physical realm, yet the physical realm is close and passes through and is held in the other frequencies. So it facilitates communication.

H: Between dimensions and distant…

J: That is correct.

H: So the attunements that she is getting right now will help her with these communications, and will also help attune her physical body and her Pleiadian parts…

J: So Pleiadian … one would call physicality, is one that can and is able to blend with the physicality of the planet Earth. There is a close resonance, but it is not exact resonance, and so visits to the physical planet Earth do become a physical challenge to a Pleiadian physicality.

H: She has wondered about this, to the extent that her nervous system and her endocrine system and her immune system seem to have trouble dealing with physicality on planet Earth, and she’s wondered if there was something wrong with her blueprint as she incarnated.

J: The problem is not a problem as such, it is a transfer of one form into another form, which is, in fact, a preparation for the collective. It is bringing in a blueprint that in fact sets a blueprint as it were for future energy patterns upon the planet Earth in their linear timeframe.

H: Meaning as we move towards ascension into a 5d way of being?

J: Those words are used, that is correct. It is, however, just one of many alterations which have occurred on that planet, and with each change upon the planet, blueprints have been brought forward which would in fact be what one would describe as a guiding principle. And there is not an exact match with the existing print of the human collective.

H: For individuals such as J, then, for them to bring in a new blueprint and match the Earth frequencies, is that going to help the whole collective of human life on Earth?

J: It brings in, as there are many others to do so, in fact, blueprints which will set a standard, so to speak, and standards shift and change, as is known. The frequency of these blueprints has a marked difference from the mechanical consciousness still existing on the planet.

Pleiadian part returns

About 40 minutes later into the session, during which the Higher Self had answered many questions and initiated some healing on the solar plexus, there was another announcement.

J: There’s a – it’s a retuning – the Pleiadian frequency is now able to return in a condition that can integrate safely with the physical form in a state much strengthened by its sojourn in the home place. 

H: Wonderful.

J: Feeling refreshed and renewed.

H: So now, how will that affect her physical health?

J: In particular, the function of the kidneys will improve, and the ability of the adrenals to renew themselves with be strengthened.

H: Very, very good. Because her endocrine system has been out of whack.

J: And also, there is a beneficial effect upon the pancreatic function.