Heather is doing what her soul wants her to do. She has a gift, a very beautiful, intuitive gift.

Creator, through a client, March 2023

I am a meditation teacher, full-time as my profession for over 25 years, and have lots of experience with myself and my students’ investigation of the inner world. Heather is a natural skilled and grounded person, with everything necessary to have an authentic experience of your psyche. I recommend her wholeheartedly!


I had tried a different style of hypnosis over a decade ago and had no benefit from it, so I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether it would be useful. I’m happy to say that my session with Heather was a wonderfully supportive and surprising experience. I was able to look into myself in a way that I have not been able to do in any other situation. She created a safe and nurturing environment. I appreciated her clarity about what the session would entail and her openness to my answers and reactions.


This is my first time receiving BQH. I’ve never received QHHT before either. Heather is incredibly skilled, loving, focused, gentle, compassionate in guiding me through the experience. She brings tremendous added value with the integration of singing bowls and her co-counselling expertise into the healing. I felt so well supported with her extremely patient guidance and active listening and questioning skills. I couldn’t think of a more amazing soul to take me through BQH. I highly recommend Heather if you are considering this modality to help you through your journey. Much love, blessings and gratitude to you, dear Heather.


I’m so glad I decided to do this. I feel so much better about myself. The past. Future. Things that would start to bother me when I’d start to think, just go away. Can’t thank you enough for the spiritual guidance. And would like to keep in touch with you. You’re so easy to talk to. Made me feel comfortable so quick. And if I can afford in the future it would be dumb not to go more. The difference, Heather, is this made me feel so good one would think I was taking pills.


Thank you again Heather, it was nice to hear your calming voice in the replay.  I am so grateful for what you do and your presence.

I will never forget this; I got so much more than I could ever have imagined. This brings so many pieces of the puzzle together, it’s incredible. I hope you’re looking for more work! I will recommend you.


This was life altering and you did such an amazing job facilitating it. You prompted with the right questions and called attention to things I would have missed otherwise.


Thank you again for a wonderful session – I’m still buzzing today! What an amazing experience – I feel so much lighter, like a heavy load has been lifted.

I agree – the session was packed with a lot of interesting elements. I was happy to learn I have a strong connection with my higher self I also feel very relieved that we were able to send the attached entity back to Source – I feel this will really help me to step forward on my path without fear.

Thank you again, Heather – you do an amazing job. I’m glad I trusted my intuition and picked you to facilitate my session!


This was my first BQH session and I had a wonderful experience with Heather. She’s very knowledgeable and passionate about her work.

She could create a safe container for me to have my experience and help me through the resistances I had to do this work. She took care in answering all my questions prior and after the session, and adjusted the session to fit my needs.

In all it was a wonderful experience which I’m very grateful for.


I had an amazing experience with Heather. Her calming voice and the singing bowls helped me during the session. She helped me relax and go within myself to seek my truth. She gently guided me to experience my inner world. It was a very different experience and I was not sure what it would lead to but after the session while I was just chilling in my zone, i suddenly had a flash of a beautiful vision giving me the answer to what my soul was seeking. I felt free and full of gratitude. Thank you Heather for this experience!


Thank you for your time. I can’t stress enough how useful I found the session. In my prayers for the last few weeks I have been asking to laugh more as it seems I have forgotten how to. After our session I was watching a show ‘This Is Us’ (if you haven’t watched, please do – it is great) and bizarrely found myself laughing so much after what feels like an eternity.


Yesterday’s experience with you was amazing and very powerful and I’m so grateful. I definitely felt a huge shift and letting go of stagnant energy and blocks. I’m looking forward to listening to my audio file and continuing the process.

Oh, before I forget, as I was leaving your house a truck drove by with a sign saying “freedom”.💕
I feel more free indeed!


I felt a sense of relief, light hearted and more invigorated to embrace my true self.


Today’s hypnosis session with Heather felt like a lifetime of therapy in an afternoon. Deep emotional pain came to surface to be released, limiting patterns let go of, and expansive connection with a guide was possible. I highly recommend Heather to anyone. She is a caring, compassionate listener who lead and held the space for my intentions.


Thank you again for everything! I slept for 8 hours last night, got up today, and went back to bed for another 8 hours, lol. Feeling much better – the entity removal and angelic assistance I suspect helped me a LOT in feeling lighter, cleansed, and like my energy is not tied up in negative patterns – you are very gifted, and I’m so grateful that you have been a part of my journey!

Again, I want to thank you for the work that you’re doing for people like myself who need a little point in the right direction, or just to release things that are not serving us, so that we can get on with our purpose here.


Something that is important to share is that this is a “safe” method of healing. By way of explanation, I have participated in workshops, etc. where doors [to emotional pain] were opened, but not properly closed, and so I was left feeling quite distraught and floundering for a way to deal with what I had experienced within the timeframe of the workshop…. This kind of work needs to be handled properly. There needs to be a beginning, middle and end. It has to be done in a “good way”, in a respectful way, and in a way that acknowledges that it is a spiritual journey. And you do that beautifully.

Also, despite the memories, and the emotions and pain I experienced in our session, I didn’t actually feel that pain. And there was absolutely no uncomfortable residual effect. I feel whole…. Even the acknowledgement of abuse as a very young child didn’t upset me. And it still hasn’t. It just feels good to know.

Another thing is when a child [a spirit attachment which we released to the Light] appeared, the child felt welcomed and safe because of the way you spoke to her. Children by nature are often tentative in front of adults. And I actually felt that. Your laughter and response to the child made her feel more comfortable. You can hear it in the audio track. The voice is timid at first, unsure of herself, but when you speak with such affection, her timid nature disappears and she opens up. I think that is a key piece that may be unique to you and your personality. People can be trained to deal with children but not everyone understands how to speak to them….

The clarity around why I have had such a difficult life is the most valuable piece.


The experience I had with QHHT was very positive and I believe it gave me a chance to explore aspects of myself which do not often get explored in this present consciousness. I came to Heather at a time of trauma and major change in my life. In our session, I experienced some real healing which has helped to provide the strength and a path to continue with the healing on my own. Heather was a compassionate guide in this process and someone whom I could trust implicitly.


I am very grateful for the hypnotherapy session with Heather.

The initial conversation helped me to clarify my own questions as well as giving Heather more background information to draw on for when she would be asking those questions while I was under hypnosis.

With her calming and grounding voice Heather then guided me into hypnosis and skillfully explored the subjects we had broached beforehand. She expanded the questions where necessary and guided me through a process of forgiveness as needed. The information that I gained from this session was very valuable for me. I did not just receive information about a traumatic event in my early childhood that I did not have conscious access to, but was also given the deep origin of this event going far back in time. As a result of this, deep healing occurred – not just emotionally and mentally, but also physically as my body let go of the old memories and trauma.

Another benefit from the session that I noticed is that I am recognizing more clearly how I am receiving the information coming from my higher self/higher guidance and it has helped me to strengthen this connection.


There are so many ways to explore ourselves and the life we are living. Perhaps one of the most interesting and insightful is to be able to interact with aspects of ourselves that we’ve lost touch with, to learn about our journey and why we chose it. The voice I interacted with in my session with Heather sounded familiar like the one that gives me little hints about day to day choices. Heather created a safe space to take the journey and was an incredibly insightful guide in the process and in the debrief afterwards. With her guidance and support I was able to develop a much deeper understanding of myself and this life’s journey.


The session itself was a wonderful experience! I really loved the whole induction process and you did it so well, just like putting a baby to sleep. I found the whole process very relaxing and you allowed lots of time waiting for answers to come through, so I never felt rushed in any way. I also felt a vast open space of acceptance of anything that was coming up and your innate curiosity and sense of wonder made it fun to explore, not stressful at all.

I found that when answers were slow to arise that your questions really helped to guide the process. Sometimes I needed the prompt of a questions to be able to focus on something, rather than just “being there”.

I felt fantastic after the session and was very awake and energized. I remembered almost everything from the session. Upon viewing later, there were a few little bits I’d forgotten, but I had the gist of it.

I felt throughout the session (including the pre-session interview) that you were focused on creating as much clarity and healing as possible with the time we had together. I felt overall that the session offered a lot of both for me.

One thing that the session confirmed to me was that I was, in fact, in fairly good contact with my higher self and a lot of what I had been discovering was confirmed by what was shared.

The biggest difference between the session and just talking to my higher self on my own, was what I was shown inwardly in answer to some of the questions and how it affected me emotionally.

I found that I had about a 2 week period of integrating the experience where I did almost no inner practice and no dialogues with my higher self or inner guides at all. It was as though I’d had a really BIG meal and it took 2+ weeks to digest it before I wanted even one more “bite”.

I found when I watched [the video], I went much deeper and almost re-experienced my feelings from the session throughout. I will watch it a couple more times.

I definitely notice a difference in my solar plexus … I’m more expressive and less self-conscious now and I’m much bolder in speaking from my deeper truth rather than staying silent.

I would say I have a much deeper and more “felt” sense of trust in my guides and higher self and a deeper sense that I’m never alone and that Love and Help are ALWAYS there for me. And I do reach out and ask for help and guidance and healing a lot more often now.

I have also come away with a sense of validation about things I’ve had insights about in the past and hunches I’ve had about who I really am on a soul level. I would say that this session greatly enhanced my ability to live in remembrance of my larger Self while I’m in my day to day life. I’m less likely to forget or doubt the importance and meaning of my soul’s journey on Earth now and this brings a new vibrancy and a “spring in my step” to everything I do.

I HIGHLY recommend a QHHT session with you to anyone seeking clarity and healing and a better connection with their soul’s purpose and their inner guidance.