Angels have more arrows in their quiver than that of giving love. The role of lots of freshly-minted incarnated angels is to absorb pain on a battlefield that’s not theirs. Rather than give out love, you can absorb pain. [You are serving.]

A healer is someone who’s been wounded and healed. It cannot be otherwise. How can any university teach that? If an angel wants to experience healing, it must be wounded in the first place. You have to go out in the world and take a few punches and learn to get up on your feet and carry on. Accept your wounds instead of seeking revenge. Of course those punches weren’t directed at who you are. They were just unloaded on you. That’s what angels do.

This channelling may be challenging for you to read. But how many innocent people do you know, or have heard of, whose lives have been difficult beyond understanding? Sure there may be karma involved, but not necessarily.

However you want to define them, angels are beings without karma, and some do incarnate. They take on great challenges with their pure and willing hearts.

So if you have felt a lot of pain in your life, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have some terrible karma to work out. And let us not judge others by how perfect or how awful their life appears to be. These are old religious ideas that linger among New Agers. There is always more than meets the eye. – HH

Image: The Wounded Angel, by Finnish painter Hugo Simberg, 1903. Public domain.