It was explained to me that the battle that’s going on is really about free will. It was very clear.

The agreement on Earth is to endow humans with free will. (In this discussion, no comparison is made with other living species and their free will. We’re just talking about humans on Earth.)

Suffice it to say that free will starts before incarnation. Wherever they reside, souls freely choose to incarnate on Earth, always.

Free will comes at a price. Most people don’t realize this, and expect “free will” to mean that they are able to do whatever they want; to follow the whim of their own ego, that is.

Free will is more than that. It’s much different from entitlement.

If you like to think in terms of opposites competing with each other, you might consider free will to be a test of the power of the ego over the power of the spirit.

But God endowed humans with free choice. In its wisdom, God provided opposites that people can clearly choose between – if they believe in duality.

Or if they believe in Oneness, they can resolve the differences between these opposites through alchemy.

These two processes are not mutually exclusive.

Humanity needs to accept the burden of free will. The burden is to face opposites and choose what to do with them. If the decision is to destroy one of the opposites, do they know that they’re destroying part of creation?

That is how creation was designed for humans. The presence of opposites is an opportunity to exercise free will.

Humans have come full circle. They have to face their privilege over the rest of creation, and assess the impact of free will on creation as a whole.

Lots of people believe that the cost of entering into and surrendering to spirituality and Creator is the loss of free will, because then they will have to become spiritual activists. Spirituality, contrary to some religions, is by definition action, not just words and thoughts. You are spiritual by your actions, especially towards others. And “actions” also means abstinence from violence and excesses. It’s all free choice, free will.

Your life, your journey, appears to you as a series of forks in the road. You have no choice but to exercise free will each time you come to a fork. It’s up to you to choose which direction is most compatible with the choice your soul made at the very onset of your life on Earth, with adjustments based on your experience of life so far, which entices you to integrate your experience and apply it. That’s where wisdom is born.

(So you could say that we’re compelled to exercise our free will!)

What is the source of this information?

Raphael, although he didn’t announce himself as such. Raphael (as well as the archangel of healing) is also the archangel of general downloads, meaning those that aren’t custom-made to the individual recipient. Gabriel works more with personal downloads for individuals. You may assume that Raphael is the source of anonymous downloads. Raphael downloads are integrations of many messages that matter. These are sometimes amalgamated from individualized messages where he finds commonalities. Raphael broadcasts, Gabriel comes to the individual.

Painting of Saint Raphael the Archangel by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo (1617–1682)