To access the Cosmic Wiki, also referred to here as a Database or Repository, you do not need to go through a Librarian, as you do in the Akashic Library.

K: In our Repository of Knowledge, everything is connected. Therefore you can enter from almost any opening, portal, and very quickly find the links that you are looking for.

H: So one thing leads to another?

K: Exactly.

H: So by a portal, would that be like a question …?

K: A question, an observation, a particular subject. It’s all-encompassing.

H: So if I were to do this on my own, how would you suggest I go about it? Should I meditate on a particular subject and allow the connections to come?

K: The secret, the best technique is to either choose your area of interest, your question, nothing at all even; but to not think about it for a while, to empty the mind in order to receive, to enter and then it becomes almost like a dance, where your probing, your questions, your curiosity, is dynamically interfacing with the Database. But it is important not to have a preconceived determinant of what you will find or what you will discover.

K: Some people can access it consciously at will. They understand what it is, and where it is, and how to connect. Other people, perhaps not as efficiently, but not necessarily, access it through contemplation, reflection. But it allows one to see the connections and the evolution and growth of humanity over time.

Impediments to clarity

H: So I can see that people who hang on to conceptual structures in their thinking would have a harder time. They have to escape that conceptual structure.

K: It’s like being in an intellectual cage. And ultimately, they are the only ones with the key, even though they are on the inside [of the cage]. There may be much influence from family, religion, work environments, governments, for them to willingly go into the cage. But it requires an uplevelling of awareness sprinkled with curiosity in order to leave. Some people find a false sense of security in believing that they have all the answers, though these answers may have been provided by outdated and unnecessary structures and institutions. In order to work with the Database in a fulfilling way, one must be at ease with not knowing, with uncertainty, with change.

H: And to do that I think one needs to have a sense of self that is strong, and separate from the idea of one’s thoughts, or what one knows.

K: That is correct.

H: So that requires a certain level of – evolution I guess, or healing.

K: To see yourself as an extension of divinity without fear. Also without an inflated sense of ego.

H: I would think whatever prejudices and mental constructs we still have are going to affect what information we’re able to receive. Would that be correct? Even if one were able to partially receive; to engage in this dance.

K: It is correct that what you call preconceived notions can inhibit or impede the flow of information and knowledge coming from our Repository. Open curiosity without these preconceived notions of right and wrong and fact and non-fact leads to a more refined and appropriate flow for the subjects at hand.

H: What about emotion? Emotions held in in the subconscious of a person, emotions of anger or fear?

K: The emotions would also impede the flow, acting as almost like a wall or a screen of varying density, so that if the emotion is triggered, the fear is triggered, then the human consciousness turns toward that, and away from the flow of information.

H: So are they likely to perceive information then that confirms their fears?

K: We cannot say, but it is not rational.

H: No it’s not rational but a lot of human beings are not.

K: They can distort, they can pervert, they can almost take what we have provided, take it hostage, which is not ever the intention of what we are offering. They may use the initial offering to distract from the uncomfortable emotion. It is very unique to each individual how they choose to do this but it is a form of intellectual hijacking.

Hypnosis does not eliminate fear. A human in which much fear resides keeps that fear even if they are moving into a slightly higher state. The fear must be transcended. Not eliminated: transcended, in order to have uncontaminated transmissions.

There are humans who have had access to this. Einstein was one. Carl Sagan another. There are people who through their own gifts and openness were able, are able, to plunge in.

Later I got a text from K. Note that she has practiced automatic writing for years, and now she has a better idea of where it comes from.

I was just querying the “monastery” about the ideas I receive. I wanted to know if I am solely receiving or also contributing.

The answer was something like this – and is similar to what was said during the first session on the topic.

“On Earth you see so much from a dualistic perspective. When we join with you, we are connected in such a way that all flows in all directions.

When two people love, do you try and measure the flow of love from one person to another? Well, some people do, but it is not love they are measuring.

When two people love, their love combines and expands and dances on the waves of the ocean of life that surrounds them.

It is not unlike what we experience when sharing with you – what you may call “working”, but we do not make that distinction.

It is all existence. It is all flow. It is all love.

Where love is not, fear closes doors to the light and you hide in darkness. You may find your way to opening your own door, or another may open it for you. Then you may emerge into the light that has been there all along. That is your final, most important decision. To emerge into the light.”