From Archangel Michael in June 2019

People should practice cultivating their intuition, but in a relaxed way because it’s not something you should control. Your intuition is that voice of your Higher Self, properly used.

And your Higher Self is a very well-balanced entity. You don’t have to worry too much about it [having] extreme views or tendencies or anything like that. So when you get an intuition, if you know it’s the higher one, it’s safe. It will be the slow one, not the hurried one. Not the noisy one, but the quiet one.

So if what you think is your intuition is noisy, and fast and hurried, and wants to impose its views on others, it is not your intuition.

Just know there is a difference between your mind and your intuition. Pay attention. The mind is much more fickle. The mood changes from day to day. The Higher Self doesn’t.