I am a science major. I’m also into all the woo-woo but I sure don’t believe everything I read or hear coming out of a channeller’s mouth or the New Age movement.

All the talk about “DNA activation”, “lost strands of DNA”, or people having 12 or 22 or 28 strands of DNA has been pretty puzzling to me since I heard of it. But the idea that once upon a time, humans had 12 strands of DNA and were dumbed down to just two is pretty pervasive in some circles.

I’m sure if you looked at the nucleus of one of your cells under a microscope, you’d still see your chromosomes in pairs. Two strands. Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes, except people with genetic conditions such as Down Syndrome who have an extra strand on chromosome #21.

Chromosomes are made of DNA, which stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. It’s a physical thing. It determines our physical characteristics. We all have slightly different DNA (except identical twins, triplets, etc.) so we all look different. We inherit our physical DNA from our parents.

In the last 50 years, science has made huge developments in mapping DNA. There are parts of our chromosomes which don’t seem to serve an obvious purpose. It’s called “junk DNA”, and maybe it’s just turned “off” and can get turned “on” under the right circumstances. Or maybe we just don’t know enough about it yet.

But when someone talks about activating more strands of DNA, they’re not talking about the “junk DNA” on your chromosome pairs.

Like the word “kleenex” which has come to mean any disposable facial tissue, whether it’s made under the Kleenex® brand or not, the term “DNA” has taken on a broader meaning. It refers to that which makes who we are, as distinct from other individuated beings, on whatever level – physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  

As long as you accept that we are more than our physical bodies and we have an existence after we die, then there must be some kind of determining structure that makes me different from you as a soul or spirit, whether or not we are in the physical bodies that kind of look like Mom and Dad. Once we’re dead, that’s what we’ve got, plus the memories of our adventures playing the physical game in a body. And all that is represented by what people are confusingly calling “DNA”.

Some say that the Akashic Records exist in our DNA. That means that the memory of our past lives is organized in a way that is associated with the individual soul. If so, which I personally know to be true, then there exists a level of “DNA” in a realm that is rather more difficult to access than what Ancestry.com does. It is also said that the Akashic Records used to be less accessible than they are now. So that could correspond to an activation of that part of our “DNA”.

As we heal karma and integrate our past lives, we’re activating more of who we are on higher levels. So that could correspond to an activation of a part of who we are, or our “DNA”.

As we gain higher perspectives on life on the planet, feel more galactic, connect with lives we’ve had on other planets, identify with higher aspects of ourselves at monad level, oversoul level, etc., then we’re activating more and more of what makes us who we are. If “DNA” is a handy word for that, ok. But it’s just a handy word that has expanded out of its original meaning.

It’s unfortunate, because the use of “DNA” in this way probably turns off a lot of science majors from pursuing spiritual studies. They’ll question your credibility if you talk about activating multiple strands of DNA. I certainly had to push past that obstacle and come up with an interpretation of “DNA activation” that I could live with. 

Suppose you’ve had many existences in different universes since you were spawned from the Great Cosmic Womb. Well then, you might have a lot more “strands” of “DNA” available to activate than someone who came to Earth on a more direct path and has had gazillions of lives at the bottom, middle and top of the food chain. Or as rocks, or spring breezes, or artistic muses. The latter person might have fewer “strands” but they’d be much richer, perhaps occupying many long shelves within the Akashic Records for Earth. What would you call that? “Longer DNA”? And what if you had no past incarnations anywhere and came directly from Source? (There are some people like that on the planet, serving unique roles.) What do the other “strands of DNA” look like for someone like that? None of these folks is any better or more important than the others.

It’s all metaphor for things that are hard to relate to while we’re in physical bodies, or even for spirits who are trying to communicate with us through channels in terms we can understand. But we keep trying because we have a drive to understand and describe our experiences.

My own sense of myself has expanded so much in the last number of years that I appreciate the need to find words to explain it. Just don’t take these terms too literally – or scientifically.

Image credit: Diagram of DNA in a eukaryotic cell from Wikimedia Commons:

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