The warning now is that the forces opposing the shift are changing their tactic. They are using confusion as a weapon. They try to confuse you. They throw information at you. They open up areas of awareness that just confuse you. They make it difficult for the individual to grasp what’s going on. It keeps people in one of the favourite weapons of the dark matrix, which is to spread confusion. So if people cannot do evil, at least they cannot do good either, because they don’t know which is which. So they sit uncomfortably between two chairs. This is a tactic that’s developing right now, this confusion, mixed with fear and uncertainty. It’s getting increasingly difficult for people to integrate information because of the confusion, to see where they’re going and to see where the world is going. And that’s part of the plan to slow down or stop the shift.

Confusion is to make people unable to make the right decision. The best people who are confused will refrain from making a decision. Whereas some of the darker people will make a decision that suits them, personally, the best. So you’ll have a mixture of responses.

The advice I got is, Hold your course, don’t get too involved in debate at this stage, because the purpose of public debate right now, unless you are with people who can meditate, is to spread confusion. This is what the so-called apocalypse is about, is to spread confusion. The shift will prevent that if people will cooperate by not spreading confusion. Cause it will just delay the shift. First individually and then collectively.

Confusion is a weapon. It’s a weapon they’re using when violent action is less and less possible, like the war in Ukraine will peter out. Because it’s just too mixed up. It’s a proxy war, right? It’s not even an honest war between actual arch-enemies. There’s too many go-betweens in there and it just confuses everything. More confusion, right? People do not see the real issues. That’s what confusion does. It’s the name of the game right now.

So – take advantage of the confusion period to catch your breath, learn to breathe deeply, line up your ducks quietly…. you don’t have to take positions right now because it will not be very successful anyway. People are too confused.

But if you zoom out, it’s a good sign, because it means there’s less planning for violent or destructive actions.

Confusion puts the ball in the individual’s court to do something or not do something. So here the action to do is just steady the course, don’t pay too much attention to contradictory statements, just go with your heartfelt intuition, quietly. Cause the more noise you make, the more confusion it’s going to create, so just go quietly. Don’t add to the confusion. It’ll pass, but in the meantime don’t add to it. Even the best arguments sometimes, in this situation, will lead to confusion.