Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)

BQH evolved out of QHHT® regression hypnosis and other modalities.

It is a powerful, heart-based journey into the essence of self. We honour the client’s intentions, the energy of the session, the presence of Spirit in whatever form, and the opportunities that arise for understanding, healing and integration.

BQH was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman, a practitioner who assisted Dolores Cannon when she was teaching QHHT (more below). BQH permits practitioners to incorporate their skills and practices into a highly flexible framework.

Most of my sessions take place within the BQH framework, using whatever tools I feel are most appropriate for the client’s needs as the session unfolds.

One thing I love about the BQH framework is its attention to the energy of a session. We clarify and unite the client’s and practitioner’s intentions, and align our hearts and our minds as we create a safe, loving container to dive deeply into the subconscious world.

I was very pleased to be able to test the beta version of Candace’s BQH course. She crafted beautiful scripts and designed a flexible method that is open to the wide range of things that can happen.

BQH sessions can be done online as well as in person.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®)

QHHT was developed by Dolores Cannon over 45 years of regressive hypnosis work. Starting with past life regression, over time she found ways to reach what she called the client’s Subconscious (SC), the wise, all-knowing inner voice that can answer the deepest questions, overcome ingrained patterns and even heal ailments.

With consciousness expanding on the planet, Dolores’ clients and those of other QHHT practitioners have tended to experience more than just past lives in their sessions. Future lives, lives in other parts of the universe and in other dimensions have become common in QHHT sessions.

Dolores wrote many books based on what she learned in her hypnosis sessions, culminating in a series called “The Convoluted Universe” to share some of the more mind-bending sessions she was having. She travelled the world talking about metaphysical subjects, from what happens after we die to the nature of the universe. Many of her talks can be found on YouTube.

Despite the sensational nature of information that has come forth in some QHHT sessions, the main purpose of QHHT is to facilitate understanding and healing for the individual client. Most lives on Earth (or elsewhere!) have been mundane, “digging potatoes lives,” as Dolores used to say, but entirely relevant to the person who lived the experience. Which is to say, don’t expect your session to be like the ones Dolores put in her books!

Dolores was also clear that it was the client who was doing the healing, and she was just the facilitator. The Subconscious, or Higher Self if you prefer, is the one actually in charge of the session.

Since Dolores’ own passing in 2014, her method continues to be taught the way Dolores was teaching it in her last years, with fidelity to Dolores’ method as she was teaching it before she died, although she was always evolving herself. Officially, QHHT can only be conducted in person because Dolores never did online sessions.

QHHT logo
QHHT Level 1 certificate

Introspective Hypnosis

Meanwhile, Aurelio Mejía of Colombia had developed a powerful method called Introspective Hypnosis (hipnosis introspectiva in Spanish) to find the origin of psychosomatic symptoms and clear them in a single session. Mejía has thousands of videos on YouTube in Spanish.

Fortunately for us, Antonio Sangio of North Carolina, who has studied with Aurelio (as has his very good friend Alba Wienman whose videos were my introduction to this work) has developed a course in English which I was delighted to take.

Introspective Hypnosis provides a flexible framework for techniques such as Ericksonian hypnosis, forgiveness therapy, role change, past life regression and spirit assistance (a.k.a. spirit releasement).

By looking for the origin of symptoms, whether it be in the present life or a past one, underlying conflicts can be addressed and healing occurs.

Introspective Hypnosis sessions can be conducted in person or online.

I usually use techniques learned in Introspective Hyponsis within the framework of BQH according to what presents during the session. 

One of the main reasons I took the Introspective Hypnosis course after qualifying in QHHT and before BQH had come out) was to get a good grounding in spirit releasement methods. 

Introspective Hypnosis
Introspective Hypnosis certificate

Re-Evaluation Counselling (RC)

As I started studying and practicing the above modalities in 2017-18, I discovered that I already had a solid foundation in this kind of work.

For much of the 1980s, I had been involved in a peer counselling program called “Re-Evaluation Counselling” or “Co-Counselling”. Being in my early 20s when I started, this experience was formative for me. I gained a lot back then that I apply now in my practice:

  • knowing in my bones how unresolved emotional pain causes problems many years later and can even snowball if it is not released or healed;
  • the importance of connecting emotionally with the original experience in order to bring forth its elements for healing;
  • understanding the counsellor-client relationship from both sides;
  • being a really good listener;
  • able to accept the client’s experience and feelings without judgement, holding space;
  • getting to the root of issues;
  • experience with hypnosis and self-hypnosis. We didn’t call it that, but we were actually putting ourselves into a trance state in order to access feelings from the past and express them.

I learned much and healed many of my own emotional issues in RC sessions. However, I had a couple of frustrations with it:

  • It was a slow process: it took a very long time to identify and discharge or express all the pain from a past event.
  • There was no acknowledgement of the spiritual component of our being.

QHHT, BQH and Introspective Hypnosis overcome these limitations.

Do take note, however: depending on where you are in your life, Quantum Healing is to slower methods as surgery is to physiotherapy. It takes time to integrate the resulting insight and healing. Give yourself the love, space and time you need for integration to happen. Be gentle with yourself after your session – as always.

Sound and Prayer

In 2019, I inherited my sister’s crystal and brass singing bowls. She was a vocalist who channelled angelic frequencies with her voice as she played the bowls.

During the induction of my sessions, I play the bowls to help the client go into a deeply relaxed state. I may also use them during the healing parts of a session. In fact, a few times the client’s Higher Self has asked me to do so.

My lifelong interest in spirituality and comparitive religion, came naturally to a minister’s daughter who wanted to know more.

I started reading channelled and spiritual books in my teens. I’ve worked with channellers and done some myself. I have participated in a wide range of shamanic, healing and prayer circles, yoga and meditation classes, etc.

I am grateful for the flexibility the BQH framework provides for bringing all my skills and knowledge to each session.