The forces of darkness want to keep us separate from Mother Earth so that they can control us and also control Mother Earth.

It’s the same dynamic as the church inserting itself between the people and God.

So the dark forces are always trying to put themselves between nature and people.

They want to keep us away from nature, locked in our cities, in our dwellings, so they can interpose themselves between us and the forces of nature.

The dark forces within governments and corporate interests (which isn’t everyone in government and business, but a powerful stream within them) see danger in humans being too close to nature.

They don’t want us to get the direct benefits that Mother Nature gives.

The patriarchy doesn’t want the Divine Feminine that Mother Nature represents to reach us.

They want to control all the benefits.

Always. Always. That’s their goal.

(This is what gets in the way of governments cooperating to solve issues like climate change.)

Photo by Aitor Olaskoaga on Unsplash