Have you wondered what it would be like to exist in a higher, lighter dimension? Occasionally, hypnosis sessions give us such a glimpse, usually not on Planet Earth.

There are different ways of referring to dimensions. My analytical mind likes the convention of referring to the 9th dimension and higher as completely non-physical. Descending from 8d to our familiar 3d, physicality becomes progressively more solid.

This is part of a BQH session I did with a friend in February 2022, in which we explored an environment in the barely-physical 8th dimension.

As the session started, my friend found herself in a cave with a pool of sacred, ceremonial water. She saw me there with her. For a moment, she saw my head and torso just so that she would recognize me.

We didn’t have human-type bodies, she said. They were more vibrational, green to brown in colour, and suspended in the air. We could move at will. The shape of our bodies changed constantly according to our desires or requirements. “It’s almost as if the body responds to the needs and wants of the being, as opposed to the being having to adjust to the body. It’s quite magical.”

“Is that a way of communication?” I asked.

“It’s everything. It’s a physical extension of the being that responds instantaneously to whatever is desired or required. There’s a subtle difference there [between desire and requirement], but I’m not sure what it is.”

I asked about the water. “It’s very clear, and it’s almost as if there’s light coming up through the water. It’s almost as if there isn’t a single source of light. The light exists, even though the cave is not brightly lit up. There’s light everywhere – in the water, outside of the water.”

Then she realized that by looking at something, she could call light to whatever she was looking at. It responded to her need or desire to perceive it. When she was looking at the water, she could see through it all the way to the bottom or the edge, and wherever she looked, it was more illuminated. She found it interesting that the light was connected to the act of looking, rather than stationary.

The walls of the cave were rough, natural, organic, with lots of curves, as if at one time it had been carved, and now it was very old. As she looked at the walls, the area she look at would light up so she could see it. The longer she stared at something, the more the light intensity would increase. But she could see things far away just as well as those nearby.

I asked if there were any sounds. “Not a lot, kind of like wind but not exactly. It’s like the cave is breathing. There’s breath in the cave.” Then she realized that the air was a part of life force that’s accessible all the time. This life force coexisted with the little physicality we had in this place. “It’s so far beyond the concept we have of breathing that I’m not sure what words I have to describe it. It’s hard to say whether this – I use the word ‘air’, but that’s not quite the right word – whether it passes through the being, or the being passes through the air. They’re completely intertwined. It’s like it’s not a conscious thing like putting your attention on your breath. It’s just a coexistence. Intertwined coexistence.”

So I asked how the air and the water coexisted. “There is a separation. You can see the water and you can’t see the air. The water isn’t dense like we’re used to it here. It’s almost like it has a life force that we have eliminated. It’s like everything responds to everything, and I can’t quite say how it works.”

Her voice changed to her slow channelling mode with carefully chosen words. “In our vain attempts to control our production, we have eliminated its dynamic changeability.”

(As I interpret this, the beings who left Source to discover what worlds they could create, desired to produce more controllable forms to play with. So they (we!) produced more and more solid physicality, and thus descended into lower and lower dimensions. In the third dimension, energy is slowed down so much that it has become very rigid matter. In many cases, it does not interact with the forces around it in a perceptible way. For example, radio waves pass through walls without changing them. The paint on a house may fade in the sunlight, but very slowly. We sit on a park bench, and walk away leaving it as it was, unaffected by our presence, at least in its 3d manifestation. If a person sits there a few minutes later and picks up some emotion we were carrying, it is only because they are sensitive to energies beyond the 3rd dimension.)

Back in the 8th dimension, where everything is more fluid and interactive, I asked my friend, “When we focus on each other in this space, what happens?”

“Instant knowing, giving, receiving. The sense of separation is almost non-existent. It’s very subtle.”

“So why are we here? What is our purpose?”

“I’m hearing something about ceremonial voyaging. Bringing in new knowledge. Sharing. I hear ‘curiosity’. Even if there’s two beings there, everything is so interconnected, it’s amazing. If the other being has a desire, the first being is not only aware of it, but it becomes shared. It’s not like, ‘Oh, you want this. What can I do?’ It’s like this constant ‘we’. It’s fascinating. Borderless.”

“So,” I asked, “what do ‘WE’ want to do now?” We both laughed. Assuming that my desire to explore this space further would thus become our shared desire, I asked, “When you get closer to the water, what happens? How does it feel?”

“It’s like there’s no change. The temperature is perfectly matched to what my temperature is. But it has a different density than the air. If I slide in, it’s – funny; it’s so bizarre! When I’m not in it, I feel connected with the air, and everything around me. And then when I go into the water, I just feel like it’s an extension; it’s the same experience of intertwined coexistence. There might be something you could call the edge of my body, but it’s not something that I physically perceive. I don’t feel it.”

“So being in the water is a different experience than being in the air. How is it different?”

“More fluid, ha ha. And it’s interesting, because when I’m in the water below the surface, there’s light everywhere. It’s fascinating! There’s light everywhere!

“There are many of these places that are connected through underground channels of water. If the caves were like what we’d call a human body, the water is like blood vessels, except it’s water. It doesn’t just sit in one place. It moves around.”

“You mentioned the word ‘voyaging’ before. Is this a portal to go voyaging through the water?”

“I just heard I can go anywhere without going anywhere.” So a portal was unnecessary. “There’s some energetic reason that this is all connected. It’s part of something much larger.”

“Let’s find out what the larger thing is,” I suggested. “Expand into the larger, because you can. Expand into the thing that this is part of.”

After a pause, she said, “So I heard ‘planet’ and then I heard something about ‘asteroid’. A living sphere. It’s a place of repose and restoration. And regeneration. People, beings, come for all these RE words: REnewal, REbirth, REgeneration, REstoration.”

“When you’re in the water,” I asked, “does it feel restoring, regenerative, renewing?”

“In the water, I feel even less boundary, or edges of existence. There’s a quality of almost dissolving into something, and with the dissolving comes all this restoration, regeneration – it’s just… being there, it all kind of….” She trailed off.

“Well, since we’re here, let’s take advantage of this spa. Let’s be in the water, in the rejuvenation and regeneration, allow that energy to permeate every cell of your beingness there and your beingness here.

After half a minute of letting go into the water, she spoke again. “There’s a subtle thing in my head that goes, ‘Question time!’ And then the answer came for one of my first questions, which is really interesting, because of the way I’ve been describing this.” The first question she had brought to the session was about life purpose, and she had just received an answer.

“One of the purposes of this life is to transcend structures, whether they’re physical structures or – not philosophical, but something like that, like all these different religions, all these different movements, all these different things that explain why things are the way they are, and why they’re going to be a certain way. And I came to transcend that. Structures are difficult in my life because my ultimate goal is to transcend them. To see life beyond. So I had a certain fascination with structures for a while.”

“Hmm,” I said, knowing my friend’s history. “Computers, marriage, home ownership….”

She sighed. “That’s a big structure. And now it’s as if I can just exist. I need a place to put my head down, but the structure is becoming immaterial. It’s importance is becoming immaterial to me. It’s more about the lives: my life, other lives, humanity as a whole, animals, but not seeking any kind of comfort or security in structures. For a long time, I thought, ‘Oh, if I could find the right structure, it would be easier.’ But all along, my searching was to reach a point where the structures became immaterial.”

I brought up the personal questions she had about her family, and she brought through clear, satisfying answers from that state of awareness.

Then I checked in, “Do you still have a sense of being in this water?”

“Let me put my attention on it. Because of the way this place is structured, there’s no question about how do you breathe underwater. The physics aren’t the same. Things are dissolving. It’s more like a purification. The water purifies the being. Regenerates the being. Washes it, nourishes it, replenishes it.”

My analytical mind had a question, but I hesitated as I don’t always get answers to such analytical questions from spirit. “I want to ask you what dimension this exists in.”

She listened. “Okay, I gotta tell you, Heather, I got a word, I have no idea what it means. What is arc-tu-rus? What is that?”

“Arcturus, yes. It’s a star system, and an ancient civilization. So this is in the Arcturus system.”

“If you want to make the word that pops into my head, that I don’t know about, mean something, yes, okay.”

“See if you see a dimension,” I said. “A number, if it’s relevant.”

“Well, I see the number 8, but if I turn it this way,” she gestured, rotating her hand 90 degrees, “it looks like infinity, so I can’t tell you which one it is.” A bit like turning a key in a lock, I thought. Is the 8th dimension indeed a gateway to infinity, a gateway to the non-physical?

“Do you feel any other energies in this space, besides yours and mine? Other consciousnesses?”

“When I’m in the water, I don’t even feel mine. It’s like whatever weight, whatever density is associated with existence, disappears for a while.” She laughed. “It’s light years beyond the flotation tank! No wonder we get these ideas from other places.”

My step-sister runs a floatation tank facility, and last summer I got to experience floating alone in a pod containing warm Epsom salt water, where you can forget your body even exists, and just be for a while. People say they float in order to “press the reset button.”

My friend continued to describe being in the water in the 8d cave. “But yeah, it’s just like a dissolving. So there’s like a consciousness, but it’s not an individual consciousness. It’s just pure consciousness. And then when one leaves the water, there’s the re-forming of the shell, or whatever the thing is.” She was referring to the energetic body described earlier. She described the body. “It’s functional, but it’s not limiting. Whereas these,” she gestured to her physical body, “tend to be limiting, and not always functional.” We laughed, thinking of her body’s long medical history.

Back to the 8d body out of the water, I asked for clarification, “But you have a sense of individuality….”

“There is individuality, but very fluid. Fluid individuality. The sense is there, but without any fear or needing to protect or anything. Oh, that’s interesting,” she said as she got another piece of information about the cave. “It’s not a place to live, but a place to go and regenerate, and then go back and do whatever.”

“So, where do you go from here?” I asked.

“Mission. Back out.”

“What is the next mission, in this vision of places? Once you’ve healed, where are you drawn to go?”

“I won’t know till it’s time.”

I asked if she had a history on Arcturus. She listened for an answer. “I hear ‘yes’ and ‘no’, because every time I come, there’s something that’s erased, and it starts anew. In other words, if I go there, I don’t need to hold on to whatever identifies me.” She added, “These are concepts beyond what I’m used to thinking about or contemplating.”

“Is this a place to go between missions, then?”

“Yeah. It’s also a place to re-member. Like all these RE words, right? It’s also a place to remember,” she switched to her channelling voice, “that the mission identities are necessary fabrications. Even some of the memories are not real; they’re fabricated to create the being in order to perform the mission.”

This statement reminded me of what Dolores Cannon called “imprints” of lives that one might carry into this incarnation, that feel like past lives but are like books simply borrowed from the Akashic Library to provide needed background to help with one’s life.

I wondered what a ‘mission’ entailed. “Does each mission correspond to what we on Earth would call a life? An incarnation?” I asked.

“Not necessarily.”

“Can a mission be several lives? A sequence of lives?”

“They say that our sense of time is very different and cannot be compared in that way. Earth time seems long to you. To us, it’s the blink of an eye. When the soul requires this rejuvenation, the soul itself or the guides help it to return for this cleansing, for this releasing renewal. It can be used in whatever way is necessary.”

“Can it help her let go, detach from her old structures and lighten her load?”

“I heard something like ‘day spa’, like I’ve been making some trips, and that I shouldn’t worry about the physical stuff here while I do that work. It will all work out. Cleansing myself of attachments, of beliefs, of many, many things. I just heard the word ‘dreamtime’. Maybe sometimes it’s dreamtime.”

In another post, I shared a different client’s experience in a 7d body in a world that was ascending from the 6th to the 7th dimension.