Here’s more from my September 2020 session with Daniel Scranton and the 9d Arcturian Council (AC) he channels (continued from a previous post).

This part was very interesting because they say that the entities we find attached to people are [usually, I think] merely fragments of the soul created by trauma, very often the trauma of the death itself, as I’ve seen. The rest of the soul has ascended to the spirit world.

When we talk of soul retrieval (a term used in shamanism), and there are other terms depending on your modality, this is what we’re talking about – integrating the part of the person’s energy that is entrapped in a traumatic experience. That experience could be an unexpected or traumatic death in another lifetime, physical and/or sexual abuse, a traumatic loss, or anything that might cause what psychiatry now calls PTSD. It can be circumstantial, unconsciously inflicted on the person by someone else, or it can be intentional through hostile intentions, black magic, ritual abuse, MK-Ultra soul fragmentation, etc. Because of the holistic nature of consciousness, the fragments can function like a full personality, except that they’re stuck in the traumatic experience. 

NOTE: This is a simplified description from the perspective of beings in a higher dimension. From our perspective, there’s a process that the soul takes after death to get to 7d (which must be what we refer to as “Seventh Heaven”). A very few shoot up right away, but others take some “time”. Souls can get stuck in false heavens or hells depending on their belief system and the pain they carry. They may also choose to stay closer to the Earth to be with loved ones in a positive, supportive way. I’ll write another post with a subsequent conversation I had with the Arcturian Council on the subject.

H: I have some questions about the spirit world around the Earth and how it’s affected by the Earth’s ascension. Where people go between lives, or after they die, or while they’re coming or going: how it is set up, and how will the ascension affect it?

AC: Very good question. So the 7th dimension is where beings go after they depart their physical bodies, although there are of course those fragments of a soul that can be left behind and operate as ghosts or lower vibrational beings that need help in order to return to their oversoul. But the vast majority of the soul goes into the 7th dimensional realm, which is a realm right now where you can have a type of physicality, and where you can be non-physical. So when a person dies, and they want to have a chair and a body and a table, and things like that, they can create those experiences for themselves to help transition into knowing themselves more as a consciousness, non-physical being. 

H: So when we find attachments, spirit attachments, often troubled, in our clients, these are just fragments of the soul?

AC: Just fragments that are left behind through trauma, yes. Because they haven’t evolved, they haven’t been able to release enough of the lower-vibrational energy in order to ascend with the rest of the soul. Instead of thinking of it in terms of when you reincarnate you bring something with you, you can see it as when you reincarnate, those fragments of the soul come back to you and attach. It can seem like something outside of you. 

H: So fragments of your own soul can attach …

AC: To you. Yes.

H: So that’s kind of like karma …

AC: It’s kind of like karma, yes.

H: But they can attach to other people too?

AC: Yes, in between the life cycle, so in between incarnations for that person, the soul fragments move around, they look for someone else who is similar enough to perhaps be of service to them. 

H: As I’ve seen many times.  So that spirit world, is that the higher levels that are in 7d? I’ve seen my mother, for example, progress from a state of doing her life review, or spinning out her unmet desires, and then she goes off to study and finally she got to the point where she could travel anywhere.

AC: Yes! That’s actually exactly how it is, yes. 

H: So will it be affected by the Earth’s ascension?

AC: Yes. Indeed.

H: Will it go to a higher dimension itself?

AC: Yes. Indeed.

H: And there have been many beings or fragments of beings who are getting cleared out of the 4th, the in-between dimensions?

AC: Yes, they are, in fact, more and more are being reabsorbed into the oversoul now than ever before in the history of humankind, because the energies are just too intense for them to stick around.

H: So when you say “oversoul”, as opposed to the higher self….

AC: Correct. The higher self is the 5th dimensional self and the oversoul usually exists on the 11th dimension, sometimes the 10th or 12th but usually the 11th for each soul and higher self. 

H: But you’re a collective, you’re not an oversoul?

AC: We are not, we are 9th dimensional. We’re a collective, not an oversoul.

H: Do you all belong to the same oversoul?

AC: No.

H: So as you ascend, will you stay in your collective?

AC: No. But what’s going to happen is we will become an oversoul. Our oversoul will re-ascend back to Source by the time we are in the 11th dimension. And so then we will be an oversoul. Yes! 

H: So as you descended, you belonged to different oversouls.

AC: Yes. We did not all come through the same oversoul. 

H: And as you ascend, you’ve come together by choice, I imagine. 

AC: By vibration, by intention, yes. By association, yes. 

H: Based on your experiences.

AC: Yes, and desires. 

H: So you’re more united in experience and desires than the other individual souls that were part of your original oversouls?

AC: Well, the intent is always for the oversoul to have variety, you see. So the oversoul wants different experiences, not all the same experience with all of the many different souls that are a part of it.

The conversation continued a few months later….