March 2019: Steve had been channelling for a couple of years, sometimes in full trance and more and more often in a conscious state. One day as he meditated, he felt Spirit close to him. What followed was this light and gentle mix of his observations and Spirit messages, on the edge of trance. I typed as he spoke. It’s slightly edited to remove some personal information, and I’ve used italics for his comments.

Spirit wants to speak, but we’ve been suppressed for centuries and are shy. We need to trust you. To channel, it depends on keeping to the truth. Don’t anticipate the flow. Set your personal needs aside when you try to channel. There’s always interference from the mind that you have to be aware of. Know when your mind tries to interfere. It’s always looking for reassurances. It’s self-serving. Be aware of that. Know thyself. Then you’ll be entrusted with greater gifts.

They see me as cleaner now. They can’t see our bodies. They’re not equipped. They see us from across the Veil as we see them. Spirits who haven’t incarnated for a long time are shy. They don’t know fear.

We are shy because we are afraid to disrupt the realm of physicality. It has to remain untouched by us. We can only suggest, nudge, point this way or that. We have principles that guide us to not interfere with the human experience, with physical reality.

I’m getting better guidance. They can see my self-doubt and navigate around it. I have to recognize that spirits are shy to interfere with the physical realm, the same way people put sacred objects in glass cases in museums.

We do no touch your experience. We just fly around it. We can feel you but we can’t see you. We see you just like you see us.

When I was young and discovered masturbation, I was afraid that I could be seen by dead people. Spirits are telling me, “That was needless. We can’t see you. We can only feel you.”

We are their eyes and ears on earth. That’s why they’re so interested in us.

I can see better. It’s clear, better defined.  That’s a bonus of getting lighter. The lighter the person, the better they can channel.

Self-doubt is like a gate keeping thoughts from getting across the Veil. Once you open up to spirit, it starts to change. They’re filling a hole with certainty. If there’s a gap in knowing that’s being transmitted, I’ll have a dot-dot-dot rather than self-doubt. Self-doubt is of the mind, an effort to seal the mind in its own physical sphere and prevent it from crossing the Veil.

I’m open to more teachings now because I’m lighter. I’m seeing the workings of it.

The greater certainty means they can reach me with a softer voice. They have no need to be loud like [some spirits he channelled earlier] who had to shout to get through to me. Now they can whisper, like the wind. They’re removing self-doubt as I requested a while ago. They have other protections; they go softer and there is more accuracy.

Accuracy depends on how quiet you can keep your mind. Then you can catch the steady flow more clearly, but it will be a whisper, so you have to maintain sensitivity to it. We cannot be loud. We used loudness before because you had too much business in your mind.

So now they can whisper. Who has seen the wind? Listen in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind. It has always been there.

I can ask questions and get answers more readily.

Do spirits hesitate, stop the flow, search for words?

Before, we had to push the flow into you. You have a carrier flow, an underflow, like radio frequencies [which have a strong carrier wave and another frequency which contains the sound information – speech or music]. The carrier wave is solid as long as you keep the channel flowing, but there will be hesitations as they think over your questions to answer them. Spirits too have to think before they speak, find out, decide what to say. They hesitate also. They’re not machines, especially not where they are. Spirits look for inspiration too. That interrupts the flow on the message plane, but not on the carrier plane. You first establish the carrier frequency and on top of that goes the message frequency. Message frequency is just above the carrier frequency. That’s where you’ll find the flow with meaningful messages. The other is just a supporting flow to maintain connection between two consciousnesses.

[I have often noticed a channelled spirit pause after a question. I have learned that they are often connecting with other sources of information at those times, other spirits or memories that are not immediately available.]

The membrane between the worlds is permeable one way only.  Because spirits are so compassionate, they’d be tempted to cross every time a human feels pain. So their protection is that permeable Veil that makes you able to go to spirit world when you seek it, but keeps them from interfering in the human experience. You need some autonomy.

There is also the negative spirit realm where fights occur. But the realm that you access is the peaceful one.

With the new flow of channelling, will my eyes still water?

Not always. The watering of the eyes is to show you that spirit is there. Once you know it, trust it, you can talk normally and channel. Otherwise your eyes would be watering all the time.