A woman from England contacted me a little while ago. Her younger sister had died unexpectedly in hospital a few months before, and she was hoping that in a BQH session she could connect with her sister and sort out her own feelings around her sister’s death.

I wrote back, explaining how interesting it was that I was the practitioner she chose, as I had lost my own younger sister Pam just a few months before that, in similar circumstances. I also explained that mediums are taught to wait six months before trying to contact a deceased person (unless the deceased makes the first move), so we should wait a little longer.

We exchanged a few emails, telling our respective stories. Normally I would not disclose so much of my own experience as it’s not the “professional” thing to do, but this case was different. I had had a little more time since my sister’s death than the client had, as well as some other healing opportunities for myself, and had learned some things about my own grieving that I hoped I could use in a general way without projecting my experience onto the client. I knew that I also had my sister, who was and is a healer, to help me.

During the interview before the session, I could feel that my client was weighed down with a great mix of feelings, including guilt, sadness, and regret. As we talked we identified and named these feelings. She asked me about mine, as well. (Shock had been a big issue for me, as well as regret and sadness, though not guilt.)

Before the session, in meditation, I had connected with Pam as well as with my client’s sister. I’m not very psychic like my husband, or like Pam was, but I work at it. I showed the client a photo of Pam, and let her know that Pam was with us. Pam’s eagle feather and her quartz crystal ball were talismans that gave me comfort.

Partway into the session, my strongly visual client found herself on the edge of a lavender field in the night. She had recently visited some lavender fields in France, and Pam loved lavender, as I had told her. She saw her sister there, looking slim and healthy, but she said that the energy of her hand felt weak. As we talked, her sister’s appearance took on the look she had shortly before she died, suggesting to me that that trauma had arisen in the client. I was able to ask the sister – or at least this fragment of the sister that was earthbound – some questions – had she gone to the light yet? No. I explained the advantages: that she could choose a younger, healthy body memory to identify with, do a life review and go on to higher levels in her evolution. I asked if she was ready. She said yes, but that she needed the client’s permission to go.

You’ve probably heard stories about dying people waiting for a particular relative to tell them it was OK for them to go. In this case, the sister was already on the other side but still needed my client’s permission to complete her transition. I had called in Archangel Michael and asked Pam to bring in any other archangels she wished to have present. We worked on the cords and hooks that were binding the client to her sister, and finally she was able to release them to the light and give her sister permission to go.

The client saw her sister dressed elegantly in clothes she didn’t recognize, rising up in the company of two great lights.

All this time, as the client told me later, Pam had stood near her on one side, smiling and observing like a matchmaker. Pam was the last to leave the scene, walking leisurely through the lavender field, humming, very light and happy, discovering the landscape, brushing against the lavender bushes as she went.

Later in the session as we addressed other things, the client smelled perfume and identified it as her sister’s. It came with a sense of celebration and joy. She had been wondering if she was making the whole thing up with her vivid imagination, but the perfume and the celebration vibe were completely unexpected, and confirmed to both of us that something wonderful had happened!

The day after the session, she reported that she was feeling light, and people were telling her that she had her old radiance back.

As for me, given that the healing energies touch the practitioner as well as the client, I felt that some sadness had been lifted from me as well, and I could feel a stronger more nuanced connection with my sister.

I would not be surprised if Pam had arranged the whole thing. Matchmaker indeed!

(Photo montage credits: Pamela Holm photo by Karen Runge, and lavender field photo by Leonard Cotte, Unsplash.com.)