Steve had been asking Jesus (or as some prefer to call him, Jeshua) a question, and an answer came through in a trance channelling on May 28, 2023.

He felt waves of energy go through his body, like currents of air or water. Coming up from his feet moving towards his head was the Divine Feminine energy carried by Mary Magdalene, while he felt Jesus coming through him from the crown of his head down. The two energies met in his solar plexus. Jesus spoke first:

Why 2000 years?

Steve has been asking me, ‘How could you see that 2000 years down the road, things would mess up again and I’d have to come back?’ And I’m going to try to answer that.

Let it be known that I did not do it alone. Mary Magdalene was there with me all the way. The reason things are happening the way they are now with Mother Earth is because Mary Magdalene was there. She represents the Divine Feminine, and Gaia, as a spokesperson for Gaia. 

So we could see that 2000 years down the road, those dark clouds of mental slavery would cover you again.

Why was I aware of that cycle in particular? That’s a subjective matter because it was my own projection into the future, with Mary Magdalene. We weren’t following any tables that were published in some famous university or temple. No, we just figured it out ourselves.

We could see your time as a giant curve starting to curl up on itself, after a number of things that we could see were going to happen, and now have happened.

In my time [in my life as Jesus/Jeshua], it would not have been appropriate for Mary Magdalene to speak in public. She could speak with my disciples, but she would not have been able to speak safely in public. She might have been stoned if she dared speak in public.

I could see that the patriarchy was not being at all kind with women, even those that I protected, and that I ordered my disciples to protect. There were others besides Mary Magdalene, but she was the first among the women. It was too early for women to speak in public. So I had to go about doing my work alone, with her support.

But she’s the one I was actually hoping would be able to speak in public about the upcoming changes. Because the patriarchy has to give women their rightful place in spiritual matters and in political matters, which was the preserve of men in those days, and had been for a long time. And it looked like it would be the preserve of men for a long time ahead, too.

You may ask why I was not able to change that when I was amongst you 2000 years ago. That would be a good question.

[At that point in time] I’m a man incarnate, like anybody else. I don’t have special earthly powers. I have the power of persuasion, and the power of love. The power to speak with truth. When nobody listens, that’s no power. I don’t have any power of coercion, like your priests and your leaders have. The power of coercion is not an attribute of the divine. It’s an attribute of earthly powers.

So you ask me what I saw down the Earth’s timeline that would compel me to come back and finish what I started.

A lot of progress was made so that women could take up their legitimate role in society. In that age, you had women who were queens, as in Egypt; women who by birth were powerful.

But try to find a woman who came out of nowhere, like Joan of Arc in France [c. 1412 – 1431]. She was not born of noble extraction. And yet she was able to sway political powers and military powers. But she came at a time when duality was still too strong for me to do my work with Mary Magdalene. Joan of Arc came at a time when things [conflicts] were settled militarily. And she was a soldier and a commander. She had to be; she had no choice.

I waited for all that to progress and then settle, so that women would be recognized as having a voice independent of their military power or their status as queens, or regents. (There were many women regents, because leaders could not officially appoint them or recognize them as queens, but they had the capability to lead in government. That’s why they were chosen to train young kings who became better kings than their own fathers as a result.)

So progress was slow. But projecting the progress I was seeing into the future, I saw that your time, around the 21st century, was propitious. I could come back with Mary Magdalene because at least we wouldn’t be harmed right from the start, me for supporting Mary Magdalene, or Mary Magdalene for stepping up to her role on behalf of all women past, present and future.

The patriarchy is very hard to displace, not only from power, but from its attitude of being superior to women and therefore fully entitled to take command of all civil and military matters, and also religious matters where power was involved.

Where power was not involved, women had access to religious duties. As you probably know, there were women deacons in the early times of Christianity and elsewhere in the world, and they were well received. They were better at persuading people rather than forcing them to believe in any kind of faith, no matter how good that faith may have been. So it was encouraging for spiritual matters in the 21st century. Time to give it another try.

I have spoken enough. Maybe it’s time for me to let Mary Magdalene speak, and let humanity know how she’s looking at things past, present and future, all in one, in the Now.

Mary Magdalene on the patriarchy

Peace be with you.

I came for both women and men on Earth. I had been hiding behind the moon, symbolically, to stay away from the hot power of the sun that represented the patriarchy, you might say. That is to explain that I was quiet and discrete for a long time, but I was still shining. I was reflecting back to you the brilliance of the sun, because the sun is brilliant, if only it knew how to restrain itself. But the sun, as the patriarchy, didn’t know how to restrain itself. It got drunk on power. Power became an addiction, a blinding addiction. It became convinced that it would be foolish to give women power in matters of politics, economy, religion and philosophy.

And this is why I developed the Pistis Sophia, quietly, which is a philosophy seen from the woman’s point of view without patriarchal influence, where the power of the womb is a guiding force. You don’t find the power of the womb in male-oriented philosophy. It’s more intellectual power, power of conviction, intellectually, rationally, logically. I decided to change that, so I wrote Pistis Sophia, which was taken up by other authors, human authors from Planet Earth who made it more accessible. It was esoteric at first, and hard to understand where I was coming from.

But the news that I bring is positive. The strength of Jeshua and I combined, as your brother and sister, is much greater than our sum total. You would have a difficult time imagining the result, as it would be exponentially better than what we did before and after his crucifixion.

So rest assured that right now, events are unfolding as they should. I appreciate that some of them look scary to you. The patriarchy is resisting change. It wants to keep on persuading people through might and violence and threats, as can be seen in the world right now.

But the old consciousness has a hard time appreciating the alternative route of persuasion through the heart, the alternate route to accessing the truth, the light, energized by love. I can only say for now that if the patriarchy behaves the way it does, there must be some kind of historical justification. That justification has been outlived, yet the patriarchy has remained as it was. It was designed to act in the way it does for a very brief period of time, but it breached the limit and made itself permanent, displacing the power of the Feminine Divine.

Q. Jeshua mentioned how the timeline on Earth was like a giant curve spiraling inward on itself. Could you expand on that?

Yes. Because the patriarchy has little experience in creating other human beings and bringing them into this world, it is hard for them to imagine that there is something missing in their power. So they try to control, but not through creation, which is what women are good at, and nature as a whole is good at: creating new life with feminine power. So the patriarchy resorts to seek refuge in their own intellect. Abstract ideas. Because they couldn’t create anything out of flesh. They overrated the importance of their sperm, and underrated the function of mothers as receivers of the sperm, where life actually takes place. In fact, they were quite jealous of women and that power.

And the rest is history. You have the great divisions of power between men and women. Men tried to assume all the power under the guise of intellectual superiority, not that they were intellectually superior but they attained intellectual power [through which they exercised superiority over] the procreation powers of women. For them, to imagine something intellectually was much more powerful than to actually bring it into reality. As if a thought by itself, without any tangible result in the physical world, was to be cherished over and above the procreative powers of women. It was just a thought, an idea, that the patriarchy relished developing and putting out, and always in an incomplete form because the process was incomplete. The process of creation was missing. Why do you think men are such good engineers? Because they think that they create through engineering. It’s their revenge for not being equal to women as procreators.

My priority right now, in coming back with Jeshua, is to help humans achieve the level of consciousness necessary to shift with all other living species on Earth into a New Earth. The one species that’s creating problems is the human one, because of its – what do you call it? Superiority complex. (Chuckle)

Why not a physical incarnation?

Q: You speak of coming back. Many people have been feeling your presence. When you speak of coming back, is it through incarnation? Or through influencing many people?

I don’t think we would help anybody if we reincarnated this time. Because you need to discover – both women and men – you need to discover your own power of creation.

If I came and was fully embodied and showed my power, people would think that you need to have a body to have that power. I’m staying out of my body and I’m showing you, with my spirit, that I do have that power to guide humanity towards embodying both the Feminine Divine and the Masculine Divine, all in one, whether you’re a woman or a man. You can embody it all in one. You won’t be deprived of the other side’s power. There won’t be another side. There won’t be like men against women. Because some men will be like women and some women will be like men.

There’s a blurring of the sexes happening. The blurring of the sexes will be beneficial. It’ll prevent people from attributing to one sex or another the power to be able to do this exclusively or that exclusively, which encourages divisions.

Emotional intelligence, the intelligence of the heart, is more complete. It’s knowledge that includes your emotions that support that knowledge, and vice versa: knowledge supports emotions. And emotions are feelings, and feelings are from the heart.

Work, projects, and the timing of the Shift

Q: I have some books I want to write. My question is how quickly is the general outlook going to change? Will my stories become passé in the time that it will take to write them and promote them?

You won’t have all the people on earth, about 8 billion now, become wise for 5d overnight, and fully cognizant with all you’ve been through so far to gain the knowledge that you have. And it doesn’t happen overnight. So whoever says that 5d will be implemented in a matter of a few years, I think they’re deluding themselves. Jeshua and I are not in control of that, but all we can say from our point of view is that it’s not going to happen that fast.

What is happening fast right now, though, is the disintegration of the old structures to make room for the new ones. That’s important. It’s like you’re going from an old building to a new building, and you have to demolish the old building. If you intend to use some of the basic structure of the old building, the first thing you have to do is put a roof on it. And you are the roof, you and all those lightworkers who are getting ready. You are the roof that will prevent rain from destroying that old structure. It needs to be preserved to allow for the building of the new one inside it. It’ll come from the inside. But you’ll be the roof that protects it from premature rot and damage to the new one that’s coming up.

You’ll be tasked with maintaining the integrity of the new knowledge. There’ll be some people who are tempted to distort that knowledge to their advantage. You won’t be in charge of policing; your role will rather be one of inspiring. So what you’re doing as a healer now, in 5d will still be useful in that sense. There will still be people seeking to know, ‘How did we get here? What does 5d really mean? I mean, it wasn’t that bad in 3d anyway. So why all this trouble? I mean, this is fine here, we’re in 5d, but it wasn’t that bad in 3d, you know, I had this and I had that.’

So you’ll have to work with people like that. Some people who are eligible for 5d will not actually have completely reached 5d inside themselves by the time they’re there with you. The intention is to keep people together instead of separating too many people between those who are ready for 5d and those who are not. We don’t like to separate. Because those who did not make it to 5d fully in their heart, and are still sort of stuck in 3d or 4d at least, will need your advice. That’s where you’ll find clients, if that’s what you’ll be seeking. The ones that look a little bit lost, but they’ll still feel nostalgic for 4d, because they had it nice.

Some personal topics from our conversation have been left out of this transcript, and it has been edited for clarity.

Image: Detail from painting by Alexander Ivanov, Christ’s Appearance to Mary Magdalene After the Resurrection, 1835. Public Domain