An online BQH session, March 2022

I’m delighted to be able to share this entire session video, with a summary of what happened in the pre-talk below, then the video, and a summary of the main session below the video. It’s one for the books, featuring Ashtar, lots of ETs, a masterful and eloquent Higher Self, Archangel Michael and Jesus. Many thanks to my client for her gracious permission to share!

The client is in her late 40s. She has been suffering from painful fibromyalgia for a number of years, with weakness that requires her to use a wheelchair.

Because of her limited energy, we did the pre-session interview on a Friday, and the main session on the following Monday.

During the pre-talk, I usually ask clients to describe suggested scenes in order to explore their inner senses and get used to the process. In this case, the exercise became a mini-session!

Pre-talk: Ashtar appears

I asked her to imagine herself on a beautiful beach, and to stand at the edge of the water. She noticed that she was wearing a white robe in this scene, and she was male. When I asked for a name, the answer was Ashtar. He had a message for her: “Stay strong.” Then he instructed her to walk out on the water. The water felt solid underfoot, like ice. There were two possibilities of where to go next: upward, to “Home” which she longed for, or down into the denser place under the water, where there were buildings, people, lives. She “knew” that it wasn’t time to go Home yet.

Past life in Tibet

She was willing to continue, so I had a cloud take her to an important time and place. She saw herself as a male in the mountains of Tibet, wearing only a skirt or loincloth and carrying only a walking stick. He lived in a cave in the mountain and spent his days meditating, sending light into the world, physically alone and content.

Encounter with aliens on ship

When he left his body, s/he went upward, and encountered a spaceship. It did not feel right, but she ended up inside it, and encountered blue ETs which did not look like the Arcturians she knew and expected. They wanted her to lie down on a table but she didn’t want to. She left the ship, and next thing she knew she was in her present body. She was tired, so we stopped for the day.

Main session video

Main session: In the womb

On Monday, as the session started, she found herself in a tunnel, just energy and very light, then realized that the tunnel was her umbilical cord leading to her own baby body in the womb.

She was feeling unsafe as the baby. So, I asked to speak to her mother. Later she remarked how strange it felt to be in her mother’s young, slim, healthy body with the big belly. The mother was full of hope that the baby would make her happy and love her and solve all her problems. She was excited to become a mother and have a family. We went back to the baby who was also full of love for her mother, and looking forward to life in her family.

But she was aware that it was only part of what she had to do in her life. The main reason for incarnating would come later. There would be a lot of pressure on her for a while, a lot of pain and darkness. But when the pressure would be released, it would bring her to the second part of her life. “The suffering is necessary to open my consciousness to the light and God, so that I can grow faster than without it. It creates some kind of energy which is needed to push where I need to go.”

I said it sounded a lot like the birthing process, and she agreed: “I will be born again because of the pain.” The time of pain and pressure would be over when she forgave her mother, and understood that the mother is just playing her part in the play, and it could be that my client did the same to her somewhere else. In another play.

Release of entity attached by agreement

What’s in the way of forgiving her mother? Anger, located in the throat. I asked to speak to the anger. It turned out to be an attached entity, a man who had been hung for his beliefs in 1833. He had been with her since she was a baby by agreement. She needed to “pay” for the pain and suffering so the arrangement had been made. It was time to end the arrangement, he said, if she would let him go.

I brought in the Higher Self (HS) who agreed that it was time for them to tear up the contract, and described a soft pink light as the agreement was torn apart and released. The HS beautifully described the two of them thanking each other and exchanging light and love as they each proceeded on their higher mission in the light.

The HS brought in pink light to fill the space that the entity had been occupying. The head was now connected to the body as it had not been before, and healing would continue over the next hours and days.

I asked if she was ready to forgive her mother. Answer: The old patterns would need time to erase themselves. Repeated new experiences of deep love and compassion would readjust the energy centers, and it would happen naturally without the anger and hatred in the way. She needed to exercise the muscle of loving her mother. It would be a stretch at first. Now that she knows that her mother did not want it to hurt her, just pure love remained. It would affect all her other relationships, learning to love without hating at the same time.

She has had that light in all her lives, such as the one we had seen in Tibet. The light will shine even more stronger now.

As for her illness, the energy centers will all be affected by this new way of being, and the disconnection in the throat energy center, due to the entity energy which is now released, will unite her with her body. There were other entities to be released, however.

Other entities identified

I asked the HS to identify those other entities. There was a general entity, an alien, owning the whole energy field, and smaller ones which were also benefiting from her energy, as she has so much light. All of them were contracted to create what she called the pressure. She was now ready to tear up the agreements, and so were the entities. They were all getting very uncomfortable because her light was expanding.

Client’s drawing of the alien entity controlling her energy field, and a low dimensional parasite

Alien controller and ship commander

First, said the HS, we should deal with the alien. He was sucking everything that she had to give. He had been contracted, and was happy there, getting a lot of pleasure out of the situation. The HS said he would be “quite a challenge,” but he knew that there could be something better for him somewhere else, so I should try to convince him. This kind of alien likes to hold human beings as prisoners. They know their time is over on this planet, but it is very hard for them to let go. He’s used to the darkness and the lower realms, and afraid of going to the light.

I invoked the light of Source and Archangel Michael and other angels and asked that he be surrounded by light, then asked him how I could address him. “I’m the lord,” he said, “the lord of my world,” and challenged me. I let him know that he’d done a good job putting the client through a lot of pressure and pain, and thanked him for fulfilling his contract. But now, “You know that the Earth is ascending.”

“I heard about that stuff.”

“And the games of light and dark are over now, and you understand that now it’s time for us all to move on in our evolution.”

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while.”

It’s getting easier to release these negatively-oriented entities. They know what’s going on, even if most incarnated people don’t, yet.

But he was not in touch with his inner light. “I’m just part of my race. I’m not interested in your gods and in the light and all that stuff…. We are self-sufficient. The only thing we need is a bit of human energy here and there.”

“You’re not truly self-sufficient are you, if you’re relying on human energy.,” I pointed out. I explained that by claiming back his own inner light from the creator, he could be truly self-sufficient, and then he could expand on his own power. He resisted that idea, but said he would go to his ship for now. This was the same ship that the client had seen in our first session. It came from Sirius.

I asked to speak to the commander on that ship. He called me “Ma’am.” I repeated some of what I’d told his crewmember. He said, “We had to leave many bodies lately. It’s a common thing nowadays.”  I asked if he would withdraw from the other bodies that the crew is occupying, but he pointed out that “these are all agreements, Ma’am.”  He said he would look at each case, and consult internally with his own people and what they want to do with “what you call the light of God, and the light in general…. My team needs to agree with me and we’re still not sure if we really believe in this higher light god….We are happy in our own way. When we look at humans, we wonder who’s more happy. I think overall we’re better without believing in god.”  

I pointed out that humans are expanding greatly through all the suffering which they have helped to impose, and they were limited in what they could create without needing the energy of others. But he indicated that he would like the conversation to end, so I left him with things to think about, and he called me Ma’am again. He was polite but terse. It was like being on Star Trek.

Release of alien

I went back to the Higher Self, who described the release. “You can imagine a silver bubble around the being which was keeping her prisoner…. this bubble is slowly being swept away. It goes back to the spaceship where it came from, with the being it came from. These beings are not ready for the light. They will be in their own time, but Marie again will have to learn to live without this bubble around her which kept her captive, a prisoner. She might feel a bit naked for some time.”

I asked if she could be supplied with a new aura. The HS thought that was a great idea. One with rainbow colours. The HS could feel that in Marie’s heart, “she’s sending love to the being.… She knows that he’s suffering … and she surrounds this race with beautiful rainbow light and wishes them the best.”

Archangel Michael and the cord holding her to the planet

The HS also noted that there was still a very thick cord sucking life force from her which had been with her for many lives, a “cord which comes from the planet itself which keeps humans somehow in the low vibration, but it is now ready to be released so that they can move higher.” Archangels could cut it. I called on Archangel Michael and asked about this cord.

Client’s drawing of the cord holding her to the planet

“This is a release that is a little bit painful for each human being…. It keeps them somehow grounded to the planet…. It was necessary, but it is no longer from this day on. If the human being is able to ground himself or herself consciously, daily, it is better than being grounded via this cable which is just keeping them in the lower vibration realm.” Marie was now able to ground on her own, by her own will. “It is really something that must be done consciously. She would not have been ready to do that before. She wanted to go.”

I asked how many humans still have this cord, and he said about 70%. It is somewhat painful to have the cord, as it’s better to be here by our own free will.

“Does it slow down the ascension?” I asked.

“Yes, it keeps the people in low vibration.”

“What sort of things reinforce that cord?”

“Fear, hatred, lack of trust…. It is a way to keep a grasp on the old world, to not be a sovereign being, to still depend on a source. It is very important that each being starts to ground by their free will, by their own means, because they want it….Some people will do it [release the cord] unconsciously, when they will decide to give up the 3d world. At some point it will just happen that the tail, so called, is released. But in this case with Marie, we have to help.”

Archangel Michael then described using a sword to remove the cord, then putting light on the place where the cord was attached.

Release of parasites by 5d Arcturian friends

Then we turned our attention to the little beings around her knees and waist. The HS called them parasites. They were not actually part of the cord connection. They were there by agreement as well. They were a very low density form of alien also feeding on her. I asked to speak to them, but was told they were nonverbal. The HS said that the 5d Arcturians she is connected to could help.

So I called on Marie’s Arcturian friends to come forth. This voice had a fun, friendly tone. They have been removing a lot of these parasites from people. The little beings are not very conscious. Like kittens. “Innocent, but if no one knows how to remove them they stick and they stay there. You have to call on us. We address them from our heart, not with words, like pets. We send them love until they get all mellow and smooth, and then we pick them up and send them to the light. At some point they just start to ungrasp their tight hands and then you just take them and you send them to the light. But you need to call on us because we need our ship to do that.” So they proceed. “Just to give you an example, I connect my heart with them, and it sounds a bit like ‘Come here little nugget. Come here, just trust me. You’re lost. I will help you. We use our ship’s energy and we suck them in. They’re actually like little robots. They don’t even have eyes.”

“Do they have a god spark in them?” I asked.

“Oh yes, they do, like all beings.

“Even the ETs that we cleared already?”

“Yes, they just don’t know it. They don’t want to admit it, but they will also mellow at some point. We’re working on them.”

They also released the agreement these parasites had with the client. Because she was very conscious of what was going on in the session, to her dismay, as it was an effort to keep her conscious mind out of the way, she could release the agreement herself.

I asked the client’s question about whether she could channel the Arcturians. They said that she had a lot of anxiety and stress, and was fragile, so they were hesitant.  Her stress could distort the information. But they were with her daily, and communicating within the realm of what she already knows. Her main work is to hold the light. She could continue reading other channeled books.

Jesus speaks

They also noted that she was very much connected to the Christ energy as it was embodied by Jesus on our world. So I thanked the Arcturians and said good-bye, and invited Jesus to speak through my client.

The voice shifted again to a soft, very loving energy who addressed both of us.

“She is doing so well. I am with her all the time, but she knows this already. I am feeling so much closeness with her.”

I noted that she’d done a lot of work in this session so far.

“It was planned to be like that. She very much wanted that. She asked so much for communication. She asked so much for help.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m honored to be able to be the agent for that.”

“You’re doing very well.”

I asked for further advice, suggestions or messages.

“She needs to understand – and she got it this week; she received the information – that this universe, this earth plane is where free will reigns. This was not known to her before as clearly as it is now, and so there is a lot of information which cannot be disclosed to her for now. We feel her pain to not have access to all this information, but it is needed. She needs to be in the dark and to make her own choice following her heart and her light.”

I wanted to clarify what he meant. “So, the act of making those choices is part of why she’s here? To experience choices and consequences?”

“Yes, and to believe in her power. This is very important. Very, very important. When she grasped this week the concept of free will, she saw it under a new angle. And this is very important: the free will, which means the power to affect matter by choices, by being a commander and not just a victim. And that is why she is drawn by my energy, by the Christ energy.”

“To take charge of her life.”

“Yes, and to believe in yourself and the possibility that your choices can affect the outcome. That you are all magicians. It is just not common knowledge that each being on this planet, if he has faith, can move mountains. The words are not enough. Each has to understand this deeply. Your choice, I AM, I AM and I WILL, I AM choosing this. I want this and not that. And to just focus your energy on what you want, and forgive all the rest. Each of you can learn that. You are here for that. You already know it all, but you don’t believe it…. And so she has to believe. She has to believe like everyone else of you that she has this power. She can move mountains. And so do you. There’s so much love available. Connect to it. We are watching over you…. I’m always there for you.”

Final words from the Higher Self

I invited Marie’s Higher Self to return and scan the body for any more issues we should address at this time.

“It is very complete for today. The body cannot handle more and we’ve removed most of what was obstructing the energy fields.” In the next few days, she would feel a difference, and she should take care of herself, as she does already.

I ventured a couple of the practical questions she had before the session, about where she should be living and what work she should be doing, but the HS pointed out that these were free will choices that she needs to make for herself.

She needs to learn to follow her heart, like learning to swim.