A transcript of a channelling by Dawn Schwarz, September 24, 2020. Dawn lives in Georgia, USA, where polarization is pretty intense right now, and lots of people are having their beliefs shaken up.

That which we hold as dear and true, and is at the core of what we believe we are, so God is already realigning and He is doing it in line with your requests and your needs. He is realigning everyone and that is why you are seeing all the chaos. As He is realigning to the Divine we are experiencing a bit of a panic kickback. As He is trying to pull us in the direction of Divinity, our habits, our tendency is to try and pull back to that which we knew.

We also have a lot of mind bombs. Those things which, when we hear or experience them, set off an intense reaction. These mind bombs are beliefs: cultural, religious, political, social, educational. These beliefs we have pulled into our very selves. They may have distorted us, but we didn’t realize it because we considered them as wonderful beliefs that are truisms. These are being pulled apart. They are being pulled apart because it is not of our soul, of our Divinity. We are seeing that as people are finding these beliefs and truisms coming apart, they want to defend them.

That is why we are experiencing chaos in every aspect of our lives, not just the political system. We are seeing people becoming defensive of their values, of the way they see things as positive. Seeing everyone who has a differing viewpoint as though they are attacking or are going to undermine these truisms, and our very souls.

They do not realize that that which is taking them apart is God Himself. If you hold on to an idea as though, “I know this is true. I know this is right,” and then you feel it is being pulled away, as if someone is attacking it, breathe. Just breathe. You might find that everything you held as true and real actually wasn’t. You might say, “No, I know this is, because….” If you feel it happening, if you feel that surge coming up, don’t try to fight against it. Don’t try to defend it. Don’t try to stand up for this truth because you might find yourself fighting against God and not even realizing it.

Right now, do not try to figure out what is true. I know this sounds bizarre. As I’m saying it, it feels like – “That’s bizarre! What do you mean?” Okay, as soon as you believe something is true, you start to close. You close in around it and you become defensive of it.

So, right now, do not worry about trying to figure out what is going on. Do not try to figure out what is true. What is true will become all that is standing when the dust clears. It sounds easy enough, but you never know what is going to fall that you thought wouldn’t even be an issue. Right now, to make sure that as you realign, you realign as smoothly as possible, don’t fight for right.

I don’t believe I’m saying this, “Don’t fight for right.” I am like, “What? What? What do you mean? How could that possibly be true?”

Right now, do not fight for what is right. Do not stand for truth. Do not look for truth. Do not define truth.

Right now, just breathe. Just be. Allow everything to settle. Allow God to realign and when everything has settled, truth will become evident and clear.