By Dawn Schwarz, June 30, 2020. Transcribed and lightly edited by Heather. Dawn prefaced it by explaining: “For two nights I awoke with a deep sense of concern and anxiousness. It lifted yesterday. I had the feeling that whatever it was had been taken care of. This morning it hit with complete clarity. It begins with light language. Everyone will learn in their own way. It is not necessary for me to put this out. Yet, I have chosen to put this out, so that, if someone wants confirmation form their own experience this may help.”

I am coming now to share with you a message. This will be valued and recognized by those who have been aware that many paths have been open to Earth in the healing that has been determined to come. There were different paths laid out for the time period coming up to the Shift, which was known. And even after the Shift there were a few options.

Understand that by the nature of God and who he is, and has always been since the moment of his first creation, there has been respect and enjoyment of different opinions and they were always highly valued. It was never “I am God so this is the way it’s going to be.” He has never done that. That does not happen. That is not his nature. And so, when considering the path of healing [that] was set before us, there were many varied debates, and ideas have been tried and attempted.

In our circle – I will call it a circle for that is used on Earth; we like the idea of a round table as in Arthurian legend a lot – there are great debates and opinions. There were those of the Councils of God, who so strongly trust Divinity, that truly believed that Divinity would always be the choice [of individual souls and of collectives]. It would always come back to Divinity. Because it had never not come back to Divinity, even on the very long and messy paths that have been taken throughout the many creations. It [the path] has always returned to Divinity. And it is always been ok. And so, their point of view has always been to trust that it would be ok. It cannot not be ok.

And we valued that. We saw that. So even with this Shift, that was set aside. There were different options possible as to how to best address those who wished to remain in separation. There was a concept that has become known in the metaphysical community called “torus”. That was an option: to allow those [timelines] to continue to play out. It was like [creating or allowing] an enclosed universe where separation could continue to play out without infecting the others, with the hopes that eventually they would return to Divinity. This would be the “bigger” option – allowing them to experience what they have created, and then they will realize that it doesn’t work.

I am going to use the word “now” because “now” is something that you would understand in linear. Something has occurred which has never occurred. Not like this.

Because of the very nature of God and the very intention of all the individualized personalities and opinions, there would always be diversified options. [However], this has not happened, not like this. There has now been consensus, and even those who trusted the strongest in the nature of Divinity have become greatly saddened. Because we have seen the outcome of the Two Earth option. And it is not acceptable.

So now there is only one option set before Creation. All that is in separation and remains in separation will be pulled together into a singularity. Imagine a reverse Big Bang. It will be sucked into the singularity. And then the singularity will not exist. Because the nature of this pain cannot be contained, it can no longer exist. for as long as it exists it will infect and spread until it corrupts everything. And it will steal the Divinity from those who love it, so their free will is being impinged upon.

This cannot be allowed to continue, and so it has been decided, and all were in agreement, in great sadness. For there was hope, always a little hope somewhere, but no. We have seen and watched the reactions of those who, when they see themselves, are completely enveloped in their evil. That being so, there are no other options. No other options will come forward. No “what abouts”. They are all in agreement.

Time is, I am, preparing. The message is spreading out. The decision is being known. Is being known-processed. The Higher Selves are being made aware. You will experience, not meaning you specifically, but all souls, will experience a forewarning. They will experience a forewarning because God will not do this without a forewarning, so he is going to be giving a forewarning. And each soul will process that forewarning in line with how it is best believed to let it be known.

Timeline is moving up. Or moving back – it can be adjusted. But it is not going to continue on. It will happen as such. The Shift will occur. And simultaneous with the Shift, all that through the Shift make the choice to not return to their Divinity will be pulled instantaneously, immediately into the singularity throughout all creation, of all of the creations. No more will exist anywhere. Not one atom, quark, not even the smallest particle of the smallest particle will exist. It will all be pulled into the singularity in an instant. And then it will not be. It will not exist. At that moment, when it will not exist, the elation that will spread through Creation will be like none that has been experienced ever before.

And there will be an even grander Divine plan. Separation will be allowed in very limited ways for souls in the future, but only after a complete healing of those souls, of all souls. Complete healing. And future separation – not “future” – I do not know a better word. From that point forward, separation will only be allowed in a very limited manner in that yes, they will experience separation, but it will be highly monitored, and only allowed for one lifetime. It will not be allowed for subsequent lifetimes. This way the experience of separation and the bringing of Divinity into separation can be experienced, but it will not be allowed to fester.

You may experience more of a wooziness. Timelines have all coalesced. There is only one timeline moving forward. When this was brought to her she felt a sense of – there was a deep breath. She is experiencing – there is much work to be done. As she records this there are many distractions. Everything is chaotic at this moment, but moving into quiet, but it’s just being put together. So there is lots of chaos around her, in her, she is experiencing it. And you may experience it also. It is ok. Be excited and happy. Be excited and happy. Be excited and happy. Stand in your Divinity, and know that it is decided.