Continued from The Richness of Gaia’s Story. Channelled November 13, 2018

We would like to guide you along a path of investigation into the forthcoming energy wave that is forecast to reach – or not even reach because it is unfolding – forecast to unfold, manifest upon the Earth – upon your level of Earth, on the surface of the planet – yes, the surface of the planet is a good description of where it is to unfold, where it has to unfold in order for a jump in consciousness to take place.

So if you look at the interpretations given through certain channels, you see a lot of variety, of course. These transmissions are very dependent on the channel but also the source – the speaker, the entity being channelled. And so there will be great contradictions because the perspective varies according to their point of view, their dimensionality, who they’re in contact with, which of the council meetings they attended last time, whether they skipped any or whether they … it’s more than just council decisions; but things are hashed out there, and believe us, this is a subject of great conversation and a meeting of minds is not always as easy as you would think, coming from earth. If you think that we all just agree in our oneness; we don’t, we are very, very different, and there are many, perspectives being worked out.

It’s a truism, perhaps, to say that what’s good for humanity is good for the Galaxy, but the Galaxy has many, many different beings and planets and civilizations and histories and interaction with different dimensionalities, and there are so many perspectives that it makes your UN look like a cakewalk. Ring around the rosie, pocket full of posie. Your situation on Earth is so simple compared to balancing the outlooks coming from different parts of the galaxy.

So what has to happen on the Earth is a natural phenomenon in that when certain conditions are met it will just happen. And it’s not that Source “knows” as if Source were an entity. It is that the conditions have been set, and there is a formula to it, and as you have been told in the Akashic Records, there is a formula I could give you. But the math of it, and the variables, are probably beyond your perception. But the variables include: the amount of light being held by the surface population, structures of the matrix of control being held by […] those beings which we don’t even wish to name…. Those are one set of dynamics, so the lightworker population is one thing and more beings holding more light on the planet will at some point trigger the Event, and since that is increasing exponentially, then it’s a matter of time. But it’s more than time because they’re looking for ways to press their advantage. So it’s a game. Is it a war? It’s a chess game. We know it’s going to work this time. This go-round.

It has to happen. And we want it to happen in such a way that the greatest number possible will remain on, with as much ease as possible, maintaining the best of what exists that has been so worked for by so many generations of beings incarnated on the planet. All that effort, all that work, all that energy going into creating structures, many of which are excellent such as your universities – and the one your son attends is exemplary in that regard. It is wonderful that he is able to take that program [the Foundation Year Program at the University of King’s College in Halifax, NS, Canada]. Because it really does bring forward into the minds of the students the evolution of human thinking and the best of academic devotion and interest. It’s a mirror, a beautiful mirror, a very sweet mirror of the learning that takes place in the higher realms in the spirit world proper [belonging] to the Earth.

Institutions like that are to be preserved and cherished. The more of such good things that humans have built on the Earth that can be maintained through the shift, the better for all concerned. We would also point out that there are institutions that are built using much coercion and psychological control – and we speak, of course, of the religious institution of the Vatican that has become quite corrupted. A tool of domination and distortion. Some of these institutions are on their way out. It is happening.

And yet there are good people in those institutions who will have to pick up the pieces on the ground and with their insights and with local input in local circles, they will seek for truth; the best of them will lead locally in ways that help people to come together in harmony. The best of the people with that training will re-evaluate everything: the things they’ve been taught that do not jibe with reality, and the new reality that they will be able to perceive. They will have the skills to act as leaders, and there are many of these people in place. But the institution itself, the distorted aspects of it, will not, can not survive. And the perceptions will have changed so much that the priests, as it were, the clergy, who will simply be people with the skills that they have, the deeper understandings, the truth that they hold, will carry forth. Many will be able to act and lead, but without the hierarchy, and no doubt they will let go of the other strictures of the church, such as celibacy. That will become irrelevant. So there are many in position to lead and guide those who are questing.

As for the timing, [at this time, late 2018] you are in the space of possibility, of imminence. It is indeed an exciting time. So we would only encourage you to keep doing what you do, to live life normally and joyfully, to help those you can, to continue your pattern, meditate and be joyful and love each other. It is a time of waiting. You may celebrate. You may be joyful. You may pray for those in trouble, pray for them that they may come out of trouble and you may bring them to your circle [a weekly prayer circle we attend] with your intention and with their permission. Bring the attention of your circle to the kind of situation that many people find themselves in, in order to free the world of even more darkness and lift it even more. It is a powerful circle that you have. We watch this and we are very pleased to assist and to contribute our light to your intentions to make them more effective.