by Heather on August 9, 2020

I, Wakana Taka … bring forth messages from the Council guiding the Earth in her ascension and helping her lead her human people through their own awakening.

Your news outlets: there is much confusion about what is true. Logic is breaking down. Logic leads to distorted viewpoints. It leads past the truths. Logic on the one hand, scientific logic; logic on another hand, so called conspiracies; logic down the middle, combined with heart, there is still a role for. There is still a role for logic but only when combined with heart.

People have suffered. People have been hurt. Souls have been hampered in their growth. The directions of different streams, many of them do not rush forward. Being in the forward stream is where you can be most powerful, enhancing the forward stream that rushes on to the shift. Getting caught in the eddies of conversation: does this work, does that work, is there a virus, is there not a virus, all of these discussions, masks, no masks, these are side discussions. They are distractions. It is for others to question their sense of reality.

You must keep moving in the stream, in the centre of the stream and flow. Persuasion and discussion are not needed for you to be in the flow. Your awareness, so that you can avoid these eddies on the side, be aware of the eddies, but stay in the flow. Do not get caught up in arguments. Be in the flow. Do not caught up in arguing for or against. In flow, your effect will be felt more energetically. You do not need to engage in these arguments. Let others do that. Be aware but don’t squander your energy there. Be in the flow.

And yes, indeed, writing your fiction keeps you in the flow. That is aligned with your flow. And yes, doing sessions, healing, to help others, that is in your flow. Being in nature and garden and hiking, swimming, keeps you in your flow. Loving others keeps you in your flow. Music, singing keeps you in your flow and opens your throat chakra. Keeps you in the flow.

Avoid the eddies but know where they are, just as you would watch the scenery go by as you enjoy a train ride. But stay on the train, stay in the flow. If you get out into an eddy to rest, then you must know how to steer your boat back into the flow again.

I am Wakana Taka. And I am on the Council of governance of the Earth.