The Cosmic Wiki Database or Repository is “connected to the Akashic Records in some ways but it’s a separate structure in the sense that it’s not so much focused on individual lives, like the Akashic Records, but on the evolution of information and how it affects the evolution of the beings that are using the information – or misusing the information.”

The Akashic Records are of your own experience as a soul, your impressions, emotions, acts, etc. The Cosmic Wiki database is not so personal. Instead, it explores broader situations and tendencies. Suppose you had a person’s biography, or autobiography. That would be like the Akashic Record of the person’s life. Then you could have another book that talks more generally about the times they lived in, the influences on the times, how the culture evolved, the wars and the peace, and the rulers. The two books are intricately linked, but they’re separate.

When we approach the Akashic Library, we are met by a spirit who is like a Guardian or a Reader, who is mediating between us and the records. For us incarnated on Earth, is there any similar kind of system for approaching this Cosmic Wiki database?

“Not in the same way. In the Akashic Records you would be overwhelmed if you tried to access a lifetime without the aid of the [Akashic] Librarian.”

When doing some work in the Akashic Library, it was explained to me that the Roman Catholic church had had a “Book of Life” that they had set up as a Catholic version of the Akashic Records. I’ve been told more than once that the Catholic church would no longer be permitted to operate this diminished “copy”. There may be many reasons, but as I learned, (a) it was deficient in scope as they only recorded things that fit into the church’s belief system; (b) there had also been instances of tampering by those who had things to hide, and were able, which suggests to me that those records were kept in the Astral (4d) realm rather than the much higher Akashic field. The dispensation that had been given to the Church to operate its own records had been rescinded quite “recently” – and my sense of that was the last generation or so. I asked if there was any such lesser version of the Cosmic Wiki.

K said, “I’ll tell you what I was just getting. It was like being in a library and you had a section for children. And then you had a section for adults. And it was like really dumbing and dumbing things down. It was like it was simplifying things so that a child could read it.

“So is there any such version or children’s section of this repository?” I asked.

K answered categorically: “No. It contains it all. Simple, complex, it is all there.”

People often imagine the Akashic Library as looking like the Prague Library. Photo of Prague Library by Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash