The Cosmic Wiki Repository of Knowledge “has a potential predictive context, like when people say history repeats itself. It has a predictive quality, based on history but also current energy.”

“Human beings love to predict. And we do too, but not in the same way. Human beings desire to predict for reasons of security, greed, power (which is linked to greed), finances, control, fear. Whereas our interest is more dynamic. We’re really curious. ‘Where will this go? How does this evolve?’ Sometimes we think we know how something will turn out and even we are surprised. Which is why we are constantly learning about how things affect each other: events, people, everything.”

“Do not forget that you [humans on Earth] are a huge experiment. We see possibilities based on our Repository of information. We see all these possibilities. But we are not choosing for you. We are not even influencing you. We are offering our Repository of knowledge and experience for those who choose consciously or unconsciously to access it, to perhaps further a raising of the vibration of your planet. But we cannot influence the decisions that you individuals make.”

“Again, we don’t have the same need to predict as you do. We are observing. We are documenting. We do not know where this will go. Certain circumstances might go this way and can be changed (snaps fingers) by one person. One act.”