In the same remarkable BQH session as the 7d past life as a frequency holder, and the release of attached entities who had given up on God, there was yet another scene that gave an interesting view of what can happen between lives.

I asked the Higher Self if there was any other imbalance in the body that we could look at.

“The throat… Meaning what you say, and saying what you mean.” There was “resistance to allowing herself to speak truth. Fear of being punished.” The fear looked like “psychological torment.” In particular, her “toxic” family, with a lineage of narcissistic abuse, was involved.

“Is this an ancestral issue?” I asked.

“Some of it is karma. Some of it is suffering in the family.”

I have been involved in some ancestral karma work, and one thing I’ve learned is that one particular sibling may have taken on intentionally, as a soul contract, the task of dealing with the ancestors while another had not. So I asked whether my client had a role to play in releasing the ancestral karma. The answer was clear that no, she only had to deal with her own karma from a previous life. So we went to see the life that was the origin of the karma.

She was a priest in Ireland in 1901. Proud and arrogant, he misused his power. As the priest in charge of an orphanage, responsible for the spiritual redemption of the children, he used religion to justify treating them terribly. He would invoke St. Benedict to “hammer into the children moral goodness and spiritual wholesomeness. I see the children off alone, wondering why, bewildered, why, why I’m so cruel. They have no one to stand up for them. Harshness…seemed the only way to keep control.” He was physically but not sexually abusive, the same as the client’s father in this life.

“Is there any one particular incident that you regret?” I asked.

“Seeing them sitting somewhere, like a railroad track, and they’re alone in the world. They’re bewildered by the cruelty. And there’s no one there to tell them that it’s wrong. There’s no one there to tell them that they’re good children.” My client was crying. “There’s no one there to love them. They’re just love…. I feel so bad when I see what happened to them. But I was so arrogant. They’re just innocent boys.”

After his death, he went to the light. And then, “I lose all sense of who I am, of who I was. I’m being brought to a table. There are beings around the table. I’m called to the table to review.” This is a common experience in the between-lives part of a session. The deceased person has a life review with a wise council who can read the life they have just left and put it into perspective for them. It is not judgment. It is done with great love. This client’s description of the experience is quite lovely, which is why I am sharing it.

“Do you know these beings around the table?” I asked.

“I do and I don’t. It’s strange. I feel like I should know them, but I don’t remember who they are….My life purpose was explained and compared with my actions.”

“And what was your life purpose, in that life?”

“To acclimate to Earth.”

“Was this your first life on Earth?”

“No. To acclimate for a specific purpose. [I succeeded] somewhat. The purpose was to be segregated in a role to do with divinity, to acclimate for life connecting with the one Creator, for the raising of consciousness on Earth.” (To prepare her for her current life, apparently.)

“And in what ways did you succeed?”

“I established grounding Earth while approaching a bridge to Creator. Setting up a foundation. But I didn’t achieve any breakthrough.”

“What stopped you? Do you understand?”

“Distraction. Arrogance. Lack of focus. The power, to be able to abuse the power, to take it out on vulnerable children. Total egotist role-playing. I became blind to my own purpose.”

“What does the Council tell you then, as the consequence of that?” I asked.

“They see it all as an illusion. They’re just very lighthearted when they explain. ‘Here’s what you did right. Here’s what you did wrong. You grounded in Gaia, you acclimated yourself to Gaia in this role, where you were segregated to receive divine consciousness.’ But they’re not upset with me.”

“So they’re not punishing you.”

“No, we’re just talking. It’s all an illusion.”

“The life on Earth, not the Council?”

“Yes. I lose sense of who I was, like taking off a Halloween costume or something. Next, I see and feel everything that happened in that life, from all perspectives. Everything. When we’re done talking about what happened, during the review of the life, I see through all of their eyes. I am the little boy on the train track. I feel everything he feels. And how empty his heart felt growing up into the man that he was. He was a good man. They were good children. There was always a hole in their heart, where there should have been love.”

“What happens next?” I ask.

“I just feel very light. Everything is done. I just feel light, airy, full of potential. Like I’m waiting.”

The session continued with more off-planet experiences until we finally came around to her return to Earth for her current life as described in another post. I found it interesting that the karma created by the priest’s life waited for her to balance it in her next three-dimensional Earth life – i.e. her current one. She experienced the bewilderment and abuse that she had meted out as the priest. Between Earth lives, however, it did not affect her.

Karma is not punishment. It’s almost like a substance that flows and follows its own natural laws. It seeks balance, just as water seeks its level and gravity holds an object to the earth.