When someone experiences sexual assault, we think about physical and emotional trauma. But what harm is done on a spiritual level? And how can it be healed?

The client in the video below had been sexually assaulted by a close friend a couple of years before. She had done a lot of healing work but was still feeling shaken by the assault, and wondered if there was more healing to do.

She is willing to share the video because her Higher Self offered important information about sexual autonomy and sexual assault, and because she is committed to using her experience to teach others. That will make sense when you watch the video.

You may find the idea that a soul might have an agreement or “contract” to be harmed by another person difficult to accept. This is a common theme in regression and healing work. In such cases, there are always lessons to be learned, not for revenge or punishment, but for understanding. Earth is a difficult place and the lessons are hard, as you probably know. All the world’s a stage, and the roles we act out do not always reflect the magnificence of our true being. That statement, however, in no way condones such an act as rape. As her Higher Self explains, we must evolve to the point where such violation of a person’s sovereignty is unthinkable.

This is just a segment of a powerful QHHT session that took place in February 2018.